Monday, March 15, 2010

New Format for NORDO News Coming Soon

NORDO News is Changing
NORDO News is switching to a new service provider.  

We are trying to make this as transparent to you as possible.  However, anytime an online service switches hosts or providers, there is a complicated and concerted effort required to keep everyone connected.  The problems arise from the extreme levels of inbox blocking that was created to combat spammers.  Unfortunately, much like freedom and safety, you typically get only one or the other.  With the internet you either get email, or you block most of it.  Therein lays the dilemma.  To combat this issue, we have generated this list of helpful hints to help you to continue to receive NORDO News.

Here's a schedule of what to expect with the switch:
Today:                         Email notice being sent out about upcoming conversion
                                   SAVE THIS EMAIL - you may need it after March 20th
March 15th thru 20th:     NORDO News will be switching over to the new service. 
March 19th thru 20th:     An email from the new service will be sent with the subject line
                                   "NORDO News has changed newsletter delivery services." 
March 22nd thru 23rd:    New edition of NORDO News to be sent out from the new service

What do you need to do after March 20th?:
1) Check your inbox for the "Nordo News has changed..." email noted above.
*  If you received it, go to Step 3. 
*  If you did not receive it, go to Step 2.

2)  Check your SPAM MAILBOX/FILTER. 
A) If the "Nordo News has changed..." email noted above is in your SPAM MAILBOX/FILTER:
    (Read them carefully and save them)
*  Go to Step 3
B)   If the "Nordo News has changed..." email is not in your SPAM MAILBOX/FILTER:
*  Sign up to receive NORDO News by clicking here
*  You should receive an automated message within 2 hours with the subject line
    "Thank you for subscribing to NORDO News". 
*  Go back to Step 1 using this new message to verify your whitelist is set up correctly.

3)  You are done.  Sit back and wait for your latest edition of NORDO News to arrive. 
     In the meantime, you can find us on FACEBOOK.

The Staff at Lee Bottom Flying Field
Rich, Ginger, Ace, Sky, Meatball, and Bair

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