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Businesses step in to save Portrush air show - BBC News
Councillors in Coleraine have voted to hold the International Air Show after local businesses agreed to finance it. Last month, the council said it was ...

Nova Scotia International Air Show Returns to Shearwater from News
Lieutenant Robert Hampton Gray, a Second World War naval aviator, has the distinction of being the last Canadian to be awarded the prestigious Victoria Cross. This summer, an expected 30,000 to 40,000 spectators will have the rare opportunity to...

European Airshow Convention 2010 : improving airshows from Sky-Lens'Aviation'. News
There are several tactics to attract visitors in airshows and raise their interest in the many different aerial and festive activities an event can provide. That's what the Convention is all about : inventing the future of these shows, a hard job mixing air safety experience with specialists, marketing, sponsorship, and a bit of creativity to get people in and have them come back the year after. It explains why public care became a main topic for this year's EAC forum, and most airshow organisers are rather more interested in those matters than they used to. There has been ongoing reduced military airplanes participation in airshows during the last ten years, but public attendance kept going up during the same period. Though Display Safety issues are always one of the EAC's core interests, new topics appeared in 2010 such as crisis management with big crowds. The 2010 EAC Convention also centered on another theme that - to my own opinion - is the most important thing to do in airshows : making emotion.

Remembering the "Aztec Eagles" from National Museum of the USAF Top Stories (USAF Photo)
In a dedication ceremony held Feb. 26, 2010, the museum revealed their newest feature, "The Mexican Air Force." This exhibit is dedicated to Mexico's Escuadrón 201, commonly referred to as the Aztec Eagles, which fought alongside the United States forces during World War II. It is part of the growing display of "Airmen in a World at War" exhibit located in the Air Power Gallery.
It is a little known fact that Mexico, which declared war against Japan, Germany and Italy on May 28, 1942, fought alongside the United States in the South Pacific during World War II. The President of Mexico, Manuel Avila Camacho, accepted a U.S. invitation to provide Mexican air force units in the war against Japan after breaking off diplomatic relations with those countries shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  more...

IAF carries out firepower exercise - Chandigarh Tribune
Despite yesterday's crash-landing at Jaisalmer, the Sarang team performed with its ALH Dhruv helicopters. A chopper of the team had crash-landed due to loss ...

Flying with the Air Force, with Drucker and Willem, Sardou, Mae ... - Le Blog TV News
The show will also honor the military parties in Haiti, the Patrouille de France, Marcel Dassault and will highlight the latest technology ...

UNOFFICIAL START – 2010 - Mike Goulian Airshows
... Watching the race plane move on down the road and going flying in the ASB.TV EXTRA has put a bounce in my step. It's just great to get the new season underway because it has been a long and cold winter in Boston.
The new season is always exciting for me. After more than twenty years of flying aerobatics, and more recently racing, I love it today as much as I did when I was still dreaming of flying in my first air show.

Team Goulian Photoshoot from
Last week Team Goulian was honored to hire award-winning Boston photographer, Michael Indresano to photograph our ASB Air Show Team and our Red Bull Air Race Team 99. His work speaks… ...

India's biggest civil aviation expo to begin today from The Kathryn Report
The stage is set for the commencement of India Aviation 2010, the second edition of the international civil aviation exhibition and conference, at the Begumpet airport here on Wednesday. As many as 190 companies, including 115 from abroad, representing the who's who of the aviation industry — including Boeing, Airbus, Cessna, Bombardier, Beechcraft and Bell — are participating in the five-day event from March 3 to 7 to explore business opportunities with prospective customers. After the success of the first edition in October 2008, India Aviation 2010 will include static and flying display of over 40 aircraft, providing an ideal platform for companies to further their commercial aircraft activities and support services. ...

Deerfield Beach's Noland flies into the wild blue yonder - Broward Politics
Inclement weather put the kibosh on tandem jumps with the US Army's Golden Knights parachute team for some of South Florida's mayors, who had hoped to leap ...

GVSU president's son uses F-18 to drop by for surprise lunch -
The fighter is a key component of aircraft carriers, but previously appeared in the skies above West Michigan as part of the Navy's Blue Angels ...

March 9, 2010 Meeting Speaker: Rob Reider by Indianapolis Aero Club
We are happy to announce that Rob Reider will be our speaker for the March 9, 2010 meeting of the Indianapolis Aero Club.  ...

Daily Headlines from the IndyTransponder can now be heard on...

Flying Fortress flies in, brings history to life (Video and Photos) from Diamond Pilots
The 25th mission Bill Archer flew as co-pilot of a B-17 "Flying Fortress" also became his last. Archer and members of the 447th Bombardier Group were en route to Mainz, Germany, in 1944. The airplane lost two of its four engines. Then a third went out. "It was hard enough to fly on two engines but one was impossible," said Archer, whose daughter, Susan Chiarito, is a Vicksburg physician. "We had one engine left and 300 miles to go." The plane lost altitude steadily. A pair of P-38s accompanied the injured craft to fend off any attackers. The normal flight level for such bombers was about 24,000 feet, but Archer's plane was nearing 2,000 feet. At that level, there was barely enough time to jump and allow a parachute to open.  ...

Liberty Belle: Restored B-17 Bomber to fly over Long Beach and LA - Everything Long Beach
The fully restored World War II Boeing B-17 Bomber is doing her final flight check before taking flight over Long Beach and Los Angeles in March. ...

Historic B-17 flies into Long Beach from LGB - Long Beach Airport Spotting and News
The B-17G "Liberty Belle" N390TH/297849/O-J (c/n 8643) will be on display at Signature Aviation this coming Saturday and Sunday(March 6/7). For tickets to fly on the plane, call (918) 340-0243. For more information on the Liberty Belle and the Liberty Foundation, check out

CAF WWII Mitsubishi Zero to arrive into Long Beach from LGB - Long Beach Airport Spotting and News
On TUE-02MAR, the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) will be flying their Mitsubishi A6M - one of only three flyable worldwide - into AirFlite. The aircraft is going to be shipped to New Zealand for an airshow. The Zero is expected to arrive between 1230-1300 depending on wx. The CAF will arrange to defuel and prep the aircraft for shipping.
A trucking and crane company will arrive at approx 2200 to load the plane onto a lowbed trailer to be trucked to the port. The plan is to stage the trailer on Globemaster Way around 2200 and to have the Zero towed by AirFlite to TWY B just north of the Wardlow Gate. The crane will pickup the aircraft OVER the fence and place the aircraft onto the trailer. CHP will escort as an oversized load, starting at 0100. ...

Purdue Team To Compete June 23-26 In Women's Air Race Classic
Two students in Purdue's Department of Aviation Technology will compete June 23-26 in the 33rd annual all-female Air Race Classic. Juliana Lindner, a senior from Hanover Park, Ill., is captain of t… This entry was posted on Tuesday, ...

The Women in Aviation, International Pioneer Hall of Fame from WAI Connect Blog
Here are just a few clips from the Women in Aviation, International Pioneer Hall of Fame Ceremony, held Saturday, February 27, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. Those inducted were: ...

Women pilots of WWII to receive Congressional Gold Medal - AOPA Pilot
AirTran announced at Women in Aviation International February 27 that it will fly a WASP and companion for free to the event; American is offering discounts ...

Navy Women in Aviation Show Diversity is Rising from U.S. Navy News Headline Stories
Navy women were out in force at this years 21st Annual Women in Aviation International (WAI) Conference held Feb. 27 in Orlando, Fla.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: WASP members honored for service - Crossville Chronicle
She was educated in the school of hard knocks but by 1932 she had earned her first pilot's license and in 1934 she entered her first air race. ...

State-funded museums take hit - (Photo WLFI)
The Grissom Air Museum in Peru saw its funding eliminated. The state had been contributing $75000 per year. Interim Director Roger Bitzer said the news did ...

Soaring into history - The Leader Newspapers
So important was the contribution of Teterboro Airport in aviation history that it is at times referred to as "the cradle of the golden age of aviation. ...

T-28 from Neptunus Lex
T-28 Trojan was an outgoing primary trainer when I started flight school. It hosted a Wright R-1820-86 Cyclone radial engine with 1,425 hp under the cowl, and was thought to be a real handful for your first flyer. You could volunteer for T-28s, but I went with the simpler T-34 as more sedate and "jet-like."

Academy graduation to be held after Memorial Day - Annapolis Capital
The Blue Angels, for example, will practice on the Saturday before commissioning, and will perform on that Sunday. Also, the Color Parade, the last parade ...

From high school dropout to fighter pilot: Air Force officer to retire from Air Combat Command
Sometimes when life deals you a life-altering blow, it's hard to rebound in a positive way.
But Col. Michael Hare, who is preparing to retire this month from a long, distinguished and quite diverse Air Force career, ultimately responded well to one of life's serious upsets ? the tragic death of his father when Michael was just 16.
The teenager not only survived the devastating experience, he was eventually able to understand that despite it, he could still move forward in a constructive manner. ...

New RV Gold Class - VAF Forums
Mike Thompson announced recently that a new Gold Class will be opened for SARL cross country air racing this year. It is for RVs powered by engines over 360 cu. in. 540s are allowed for RV-10s only in this new class.

Norwood flight student flying high after three-decade break - Norwood Bulletin
Back in his twenties, in order to tell what the weather was like, Jon Roberts would have to decipher code from a piece of paper he had just torn off from a Teletype, a predecessor of the fax machine. Reading weather conditions was an important part of learning to fly and Roberts was ready to learn all he could in the hopes of becoming a pilot. ...

Fenwick teen is the first Young Eagle to pass FAA written exam - The Daily News
A local teenager has become an aviation pioneer after becoming the first Experimental Aviation Association (EAA) Young Eagle in the nation to pass the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) private pilot written test through the new Sporty's Online Pilot Training Course now offered to all Young Eagles.
Tyler Whitney, 16, the oldest son of Craig and Angi Whitney of Fenwick, is the first in his family with an interest in aviation, an interest that was only fueled when he enjoyed his second flight during the annual Young Eagles flight at Greenville Municipal Airport in June 2008.
When the online training program became available last April ...

Video: CAP - Civil Air Patrol Cadets Take Orientation Flights from Diamond Pilots
First Lt. Derek Metcalf, standing on the step ladder, commander of the Civil Air Patrol's Greeneville Composite Squadron, prepares to refuel a Civil Air Patrol Cessna 182 airplane moments after it returned from taking local CAP cadets on an orientation flight on Saturday at the Greeneville-Greene County Municipal Airport. Watch Video

Jerrie Cobb, Almost the First American to Orbit the Earth - findingDulcinea
But in spite of her vast experience and astronaut training, Jerrie Cobb was denied the opportunity to fly in space, and continues to rally for the chance ...   

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