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Indy Transponder 23-MAR-10 1030z

Virgin Galactic's VSS Enterprise's First Flight from Indy Transponder | VSS Enterprise's first 'captive carry' flight! - Virgin Galactic [Home page has an exclusive video] Virgin Galactic announced today that VSS Enterprise has completed her inaugural captive carry flight from Mojave Air and Spaceport. This very first captive carry was a huge success and both the mothership and spaceship looked absolutely stunning against….

Virgin Galactic: Momma Takes Her Baby For Her First Ride! by Martt | Virgin Galactic's WhiteKnightTwo mothership left the ground from the Mojave Air and Spaceport carrying VSS Enterprise for the first 'captive-carry' test flight. The 2-part space vehicle launch system flew for 2 hours 54 minutes and reached an altitude of 45,000 feet.  This is the first of many flight test hours that will be put on the system leading up to the first independent glides tests sometime later this year.

SpaceShipTwo Gets Airborne from The Launch Pad by William - Did you wake up this morning with an urge to replace the boring old wallpaper on your desktop ( laptop, tablet, et cetera) with something a little bit more exciting? Perhaps you were looking for something you might describe as really, ridiculously good looking (in the manner of Derek Zoolander), but also something that shows off your love of cool technology and of human spaceflight? Well, you are in luck!

SpaceShipTwo Completes Inaugural Captive Flight from Military Photos by Panchito12 - The dream of privately-operated, civilian-accessible space flight took another step toward reality today when Virgin Galactic-backed Scaled Composite's SpaceshipTwo successfully completed its first captive flight attached to the twin-hulled WhiteKnight, reaching an altitude of 45,000ft over the Mojave.

VIDEO: WhiteKnight Two-SpaceShipTwo take-off and landing from Hyperbola by Rob Coppinger - Virgin Galactic Space Vehicle Takes First Flight - San Fernando Valley Business Journal | Commercial space vehicle VSS Enterprise made its first flight on March 22 at the Mojave Air & Space Port. The craft, built by Scaled Composites and owned by ...

Virgin Galactic takes flight - TG Daily | The Enterprise, Virgin Galactic's exclusive spacecraft, was created by Scaled Composites' Burt Rutan. Rutan was also the man who built the first ...

Blue Angels to soar over harbor - Charleston Post Courier | Other units and attractions that may be featured during Charleston Navy Week include the Navy Leap Frogs Parachute Team; Navy rock and ceremonial bands; ...

In Loving Memory of Alfred Goss - Aviation Airshow Air Race Photography Discussion
from http://www.aafo.com/ | In Loving Memory of Alfred Goss Air Racin'

March 22, 2010 - Just a quick note to let you know that the current issue of the "P38 Lightning Newsletter" is now available for viewing. You can find it at our website here: http://p38assn.org/newsletters/current.htm  (Don't forget to cast your vote in our new poll.) Enjoy and, as always, we welcome your feedback. Blue skies, Kelly B. Kalcheim

Furias on track - Aviation Airshow Air Race Photography Discussion
from http://www.aafo.com/ | Hey there race fans. I thought I would drop in and give a Furias update. All is well and proceeding at light speed. We swung the gear and flaps Thursday. Everything worked great. Cock-pit is going back together with new race canopy. Wiring is in full swing with engine delivery right around the corner. Outer wing panels are on and tanks are fabricated and ready to install. Tail cone fabrication is completed with that going off for paint. Oil tank is in fabrication now as well as the boiler tank. Should be putting those systems in after tail is painted and back next week. Bottom line is plane is on fast track to completion. Fortunately all previous stumbling blocks have been removed and plane is being swarmed by the Sanders team. Pretty awesome sight to see the activity around the plane, so focused. What a beauty she'll be. All I can say is Furias should be awesome!!!!I'll post more updates next week after more work is accomplished. We are on track for late July early August testing. Matt J

Intrepid aviator aims to set world record - Press and Journal | AN INTREPID entrepreneur who defeated cancer took to the skies yesterday in a bid to be the first person to fly round the world in a gyrocopter. ...

Poster chosen for 2010 air show - Register Pajaronian | Thanks to a group of students at Aptos High's Regional Occupational Program, a new poster has been created for the 46th annual Watsonville Fly-In & Air Show ...

Pioneer Aviatrix, Elinor Smith (Sullivan), Dies at Age 98 - PR Newswire | A contemporary of Amelia Earhart, Lady Mary Heath, and Evelyn "Bobbi" Trout, Smith championed the rights of women in aviation's golden age. ...

Tumlinson: Virginia is for Spaceport Lovers from Spaceports by jack@jackkennedy.net (JackKennedy) "Since its founding Virginia has always cut its own path to the future. Virginians have always had their own ideas about right and wrong, and their own understanding of what was best for their own children and the destiny of the state. And yes, although many of its people work there, several times the state has stood strong against the prevailing tides of the palatial city on its northern border," Rick Tumlinson, Founder of the Space Frontier Foundation writes in the Sunday edition of The Richmond Times Dispatch

On This Day in Aviaton History: March 23rd by Phil Derner Jr. | FedEx Flight 80 crashes in Tokyo, 23 soldiers die on a C-141 that catches fire on the ground, space station Mir burns up while re-entering the atmosphere, Gemini 3 launches narrowly avoids a sandwich disaster, Aeroflot Flight 593 crashes when captain's kids take controls, and much more!

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