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Thunderbolt pilot selected for Thunderbirds - F-16.net
USAF Air Demonstration Squadron 'Thunderbirds', no. 8 jet taxis down the flight line on January 5th, 2010. The Thunderbirds, the Air Force's F-16 aerial ...

Airfest 2010 at MacDill Air Force Base - 10 Connects
Airfest 2010 at MacDill Air Force base in South Tampa return on Saturday and Sunday March 20 and 21, 2010. The event is free, open to the public ...

Warbird Airshow March 12th to 14th Titusville, Florida - Companion Blog For Fairs and Fun
Warbird Airshow | Titusville, Florida | March 12th to March 14th
Warbird Airshow, this years show theme is "Honoring The Memory" and is dedicated to those that served and sacrificed in the Vietnam War, the show also includes wide variety of vintage warbirds from other eras as well. There will be exhibits, displays including USN FA-18 Super Hornet Demo team, USAF A-10 Demo team, the USN FA-18 Demo team; the F-86 Sabre Jet, the F-104 Starfighter, the T-33 Shooting Star , vendors, WWII re-enactors, a terrific airshow and plenty to do for the whole family.

Arizona & Aerospace Days - March 20-21 - Arizona Reporter
Nationally- renowned air show performer, Tim Weber, and his GEICO Extra 300 will be featured at this years Arizona & Aerospace Days 2010 on March 20-21. ...

New Air Show Comes To Hollister - KSBW The Central Coast
A new air show is coming to Hollister.
Organizers jumped at the chance to hold an air show after the Watsonville Fly-In moved from Memorial Day weekend to the Labor Day weekend.
More than 50 vintage planes will be on display with some of them performing aerobatics. ...

Wyo. Guard grounds annual air show from Air Force Times - News
The Wyoming Air National Guard won't host its annual air show this July because of deployments, construction at the airfield and other issues, but the performance by the Air Force Thunderbirds will go on as planned July 28.
Both shows usually run during Cheyenne Frontier Days.
"It was a tough decision, but we would not have been able to provide the top-notch air show the community deserves this year," Col. Dennis Grunstad, commander of the 153rd Airlift Wing, said in a press release. "We decided to not lower the bar."
Other factors cited in the decision to cancel were several major inspections of the field this year and less money available because of military assistance in Haiti. ...

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Rob Reider New AirShowCasts are up at AirShowBuzz!
Episode 4 - Interview with Golden Knights member Paul Sachs
Episode 5 - Interview with Golden Knights Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Tony Dill
Episode 6 - Interviews with Blue Angel #5, LCDR Frank Weisser and ICAS Operations Director, Dan Hollowell

Reno Air Races: Six Months to go, who's gonna make the big show? - Aviation Airshow Air Race Photography Discussion
So we are just a little over the six month mark till game time. October of 2009 there was a lot of talk about 2010 being a landmark year for the big dogs. How is that all looking now? ...
Flying high on adrenalin - The Australian
The former air-force fighter and part-time aerobatics pilot is embarking on his second year in the Red Bull Air Race, but his first at the controls of his own aircraft, a 380-horsepower high-performance carbon-fibre MX-S that he flew for the first time this month. After some fine tuning, the aircraft will cost him around seven figures. ...

Racing pilot loves extreme norm - London Free Press
There's no arguing Pete McLeod's workspace is unique.
Just as there's no arguing what he does and where he does it are much different than what most people do to earn a buck.
But what he does comes as natural to him as, well, as walking does to others.
"You don't remember learning to walk. I don't remember learning to fly," McLeod said. "It's something I always did growing up. My dad had me in a plane when I was six weeks old and starting giving me lessons at three years old.
"That environment is very normal. I've always had a passion for speed, performance and competition to measure myself against people at a high level."
McLeod races planes. The native of Red Lake, Ont., and University of Western Ontario graduate is entering his second year on the Red Bull Air Race World Championship circuit. ...

Air Racing: by guest contributor, Linda Street-Ely - Life on the Road as a Pilot
...Eight years after my grandfather's third place finish in the Indy 500 (he is pictured at left), twenty chick pilots with a sense of adventure challenged each other in what was dubbed the "First Women's Air Derby," and became affectionately known as the "Powder Puff Derby" when Will Rogers saw lady pilots powdering their collective noses prior to starting up the props. ...
Great Oakley: Air race set for Tendring's sky - Harwich and Manningtree Standard
EYES will turn to the sky over Tendring next month for the first air race in the district. The first of the Royal Aero Club's six races ...

Female WWII Pilots: The Original Fly Girls - NPR
... Henry "Hap" Arnold, said that when the program started, he wasn't sure "whether a slip of a girl could fight the controls of a B-17 in heavy weather. ...

Dayton aviation heritage was on stage in Texas from AviationDayton
Wright "B" Flyer Inc. volunteers showcased Dayton's aviation heritage in San Antonio, Texas, last week by deploying two of the organization's Wright Model B Flyer lookalikes for the Military Flight Centennial celebration on Fort Sam Houston.
WBF volunteer pilots flew Wright "B" Flyer No. 001 overhead in the March 2 celebration while others taxied the Valentine Wright Model B Flyer on the parade field where Army Lt. Benjamin Foulois made the first military solo flight 100 years earlier. ...

"Spirit of Edmonton" Bi Plane back in action - Connect2Edmonton
So the boards of the Alberta Aviation Museum and the Edmonton Aviation Heritage Society have agreed to call the "Spirit of Edmonton" aircraft and team back to duty to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the British Commonwealth Air ...

Flying a B–24 from Planenews Aviation News
In 1957 Lloyd Nolen, a former World War II Army Air Corps flight instructor, and four friends purchased a war-surplus P–51 Mustang, Red Nose. They paid $1,500, which included whatever fuel was in the tanks. A few years later the group decided to obtain other World War II aircraft but was dismayed to learn that although America had produced almost 300,000 airplanes for the war effort, most were gone—stripped of armament and instruments, and then either abandoned or demolished. Only a few remained airworthy. What started as a hobby evolved into an urgent mission to preserve history. ...

One Tough Airplane Video - Air & Space Magazine
In her film One Tough Ride, The Story of the OV-10 Bronco, Jami Mari Clayman tells how two Marine aviators challenged the U.S. military procurement system to create one of the most valued aircraft of the Vietnam War. This excerpt includes Clayman's interviews with OV-10 pilots as well as inventors William E. Beckett (who died shortly after the video was made) and K.P. Rice. It also shows the OV-10 triumphing over one of the roughest taxi tests ever devised. (02:51)

'A thousand things could have happened,' Destin pilot recounts plane crash ... The Northwest Florida Daily News
Five World War II era planes took to the skies over Topsail Hill Preserve State Park on Saturday for a routine flight, but only four Warbirds ...

Race to Dayton's Amazing Aviation Places - Dayton MostMetro
Wilbear invites you to an embark on an exciting tour of Dayton's aviation heritage locations. The Race to Dayton's Aviation Places is your opportunity to truly experience aviation history. Have you walked onto Huffman Prairie, ...

Taiwan donates decommisioned jet fighter to US air museum - Focus Taiwan News Channel
Taipei, March 9 (CNA) Taiwan has donated a decommissioned F-5 jet fighter to an air museum in the United States for public display, the Ministry of National ...

March Hangar Happenings from hosted.verticalresponse.com
Saturday, March 13th at 11 am | Women of WWII
Come listen to the experiences of Alice Wamsley and Beth Chaves, who took part in the United States military effort in the war.  The President of the National WAVES Association, Dassa Carvey, will talk about the navy veterans group for women. ...

Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum - Travel in Alaska
A tour of this place was very revealing of aviation history. You can see aviation artifacts and also get information abut career in the aviation industry. If you are interested in getting into the aviation industry this is the place to ...

Virtual Aircraft Museum from General Aviation News
Want to check out almost any airplane ever built in the world? Then check out this Virtual Aircraft Museum, which includes information on hundreds of aircraft, as well as aircraft manufacturers, cockpits, the basics of flight and more.

2010 National CFI of the Year and other GA Awards Recipients Named by Max Trescott
The General Aviation Awards program and the FAA announced today the four national award recipients for 2010. I'm proud to count two of the 2010 recipients as friends I've known well for a number of years. Both richly deserve the recognition as I'm sure do all of the recipients. As the 2008 National CFI of the Year, I'm always interested in new GA Awards recipients. ...

Turkey accepts first Aselsan-modified F-4E Phantom from Military Photos
Quote:  The Turkish air force has received its first of 16 McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantoms to be upgraded under a $24 million deal with local supplier Aselsan.
Dubbed Simsek (Lightning), the project will equip the strike aircraft with new avionics, navigation and secure digital communications equipment, plus replacement flight software and improved mission planning equipment. Related structural renovation work is being conducted by the air force's 1st air supply and maintenance centre in Eskisehir.
Farmers plan charter plane for trip to the Wanaka Warbirds - Taranaki Daily News
A Taranaki couple is again organising a charter flight to Easter's Warbirds Over Wanaka airshow – and this time they ...

I'm Alive: by AMS Pictures by Rand Peck
Are you familiar with the book ALIVE, by Piers Paul Read? Or the Movie ALIVE, starring Ethan Hawke, released in 1993? They're based on the true life story of Nando Parrado and his Uruguayan rugby teammates, who crashed aboard an FH-227 in the Andes Mountains in 1972. Given up for dead, they endured 72 days in the mountains before Nando decided to hike out and seek help. Sounds easy huh? But it took ten days of hiking in freezing temperatures, with little food to find civilization. Nando's mother and sister died in the crash and having resorted to cannibalism to remain alive, 16 of these young men survived to tell their tale. Click here to learn the details of this unbelievable story of courage and perseverance. ...

Buzz Aldrin Gears Up For 'Dancing with the Stars' from SPACE.com
Buzz Aldrin, 80-year-old veteran of the Apollo 11 moon landing, is gearing up to compete in the new season of TV's Dancing With the Stars.

Jet Fighters and Lenses: The ISAP Photographers Meet in Las Vegas from NYCAviation.com
The International Society for Aviation Photography were out in force at this year's second Red Flag training exercises at Nellis Air Force Base outside Las Vegas. Alberto Riva takes you there with coverage from both sides of the camera. ...

Videos: Homebuilt Jet Engine from Diamond Pilots
incredible photos of the Russian Lun ("Hen Harrier")... from x planes


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