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Lakeland's Air Show: Sun 'n Fun - Ylakeland
First off, the U.S. Air Force is sending it's premier aerial acrobatic squadron, the Thunderbirds, to the show. The F-16 demonstration team "returns to SUN 'n FUN to amaze & awe audiences by their precision choreography on both the ...

Free Fly Days - Flying Heritage
MAY 15 - General Aviation Day - P-47 Thunderbolt and Fieseler Storch fly!
MAY 22 - Early War Fighter Day - Spitfire and P-40 Tomahawk fly!
JUNE 5 - Mustang Day - P-51 Mustangs from the Flying Heritage Collection, Historic Flight Foundation and Heritage Flight Museum will take to the sky. Maybe more!
JUNE 19 - Eastern Front Day - Bf 109 and I-16 Rata fly!
JULY 10 - Packard Merlin Day - P-51 Mustang, Hurricane fly!
JULY 24 - Biplane Day - Po-2, Curtiss Jenny, Beech 17*, and Waco UPF* take to the skies. * Flown by the Historic Flight Foundation.
AUGUST 7 - Battle of Britain Day - Spitfire, Hurricane fly!
AUGUST 28 - Round Engine Day - P-47 Thunderbolt, F7F Tigercat*, and F8F Bearcat* fly!
SEPTEMBER 11 - American Fighter Day - P-47 Thunderbolt and P-51 Mustang fly!
SEPTEMBER 25 - Luftwaffe Day - Fieseler Storch and Bf 109 take to the skies!

Wings Over Baker air show returns in July - Baker City, Oregon ...
Following a one-year hiatus prompted by the recession, the Wings Over Baker air show and Durkee Steak Feed will both return to Baker County in 2010.

Gold Demonstration Team meets with JROTC Cadets in Brownsville, TX - armygoldenknights's
Between air shows Gold Demonstration Team stopped by to speak with students and JROTC Cadets from Harlingen High School in Brownsville, TX.  The Team conducted several other visits like this one at five other high schools in the area.  Team members were able to spend quality time with students telling them their Army Story.  High school visits like these are a great way for us to showcase the Army's unique skills and connect America with America's Army.

F-22 wows Chile air show - The DEW Line
The US Air Force dispatched the F-22 earlier this week to the Chilean air show FIDAE. I normally look for hidden agendas as the F-22 trots around the globe -- ie, is the Dubai appearance a show of force to...

Air show tickets booked out -
STAR ATTRACTION: One of the RAAF F18 fighters that will be appearing at Warbirds Over Wanaka this weekend. ...

Rare Bear dot Com - John Penney's 2009 Report Online - Aviation Airshow Air Race Photography Discussion - John has a very nice, updated report on the 2009 "week at RENO" for the Rare Bear team... Thanks "Bear Driver" | Wayne Sagar / "Pusher of Electrons"

P-38 Combat Pilots Panel from P38assn
If you love P-38s and World War II history then reserve this Saturday, April 3rd, for the experience of a lifetime! A panel of P‐38 combat pilots will each tell their personal stories about their experiences flying our favorite plane. The Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino, CA is hosting the symposium in conjunction [...]

World War II ushered women into the military to fulfill workloads 'equal to any man': World at War -
The pain of countless rivets pounded into B-29 bombers still lingers in the right shoulder of Dorothy Bernstein, 84, of North Olmsted.
For two years she braced that shoulder against a "bucking bar," providing counter-pressure to rivets driven home by another woman on the other side of a bomber's horizontal stabilizer -- one part of the massive assembly lines in the Fisher Body Aircraft Plant No. 2 (now the I-X Center)
She shoved tissues in her ears to block the rivet-clamor and toughed it out. "You didn't think about injuring yourself," Bernstein recalled. "You just did the work."
She made $1.19 an hour, working nine hour days, six days a week, among some 15,000 workers laboring in multiple shifts to meet war demand. Nationally some 65 percent of aircraft industry workers during the war were women.  ...

More Hustler Details As 'B-58 Week' Continues! by Martt
I always find the 'design process' to be fascinating, and getting a chance to see what was in the mind of the designers along the way is very cool.  The graphic above shows some of the configurational concepts that were considered for the Convair B-58.  They're all pretty similar to what was eventually selected, but they also show some definite differences.  As it often winds up in aircraft development, the final design is the one that really looks best overall, and I'd say that's definitely the case with the Hustler.  The clean yet aggressive look of the 4 engines mounted in separate nacelles is pretty much perfect… and the coke-bottle fuselage shape is beyond awesome.  I'm thinking the look of the airplane alone was probably enuf to strike some serious fear in any potential enemy! ...

Warplanes: U-2 Forever from
March 30, 2010: Five years ago, the U.S. Air Force planned to retire its 33 U-2 reconnaissance aircraft by 2010. But that didn't happen. Congress blocked the retirement plan, believing that U.S. troops in Afghanistan needed all the recon aircraft they could get. It turned out that the U-2 could, indeed, be very useful to the troops below. Equipped with very powerful sensors, the U-2 pilot, while cruising at 22,500 meters (70,000 feet), are able to see tiny details (smaller than an individual man) on the ground below. The U-2 pilot, in direct radio contact with air force ground controllers who accompany army combat units, can quickly shift their sensors, and aircraft, to areas of interest, or need. If ground troops run into some Taliban, and a U-2 is in the air, it can be quickly overhead, relaying detailed descriptions of what the Taliban are up to. ...

Flight International 30 March-5 April: Nimrod MR2 Retires from Flight Image of the Day
This week Flightglobal publication Flight International looks back on the highs and lows of the Nimrod MR2, the last of which gets retired from the UK's Royal Air Force tomorrow, 31 March. The Nimrod flew for 41 years and was derived from the deHavilland Comet, the world's first jet airliner. We find out what is was like to fly on one of the "Mighty Hunters" and look forward to the new-generation MR4 as BAE Systems prepares to begin "convex" training for the first four squadron pilots. ...

Saying goodbye to the 'Mighty Hunter' from Flightglobal Events
The UK's Nimrod MR2 fleet will bow out of service on 31 March. We look back at the type's operational history, and fly on one of the type's final training sorties ...

Ladies Love Taildraggers
Sun n'Fun in Lakeland, Florida is coming up April 13 - 18 (Tues thru Sun) and will be a great opportunity for us taildraggers to finally meet - in person! My husband & I plan on being there early on the opening day and departing as the weather dictates later in the week. As always when ...

Air museum set to take off - Salina Journal
Salina also made aviation history twice in recent years. In 2005, Steve Fossett flew the first solo nonstop airplane flight around the world, starting and ...

New Air Force History Web site now live from National Museum of the USAF Top Stories
U.S. Air Force organizations dedicated to sharing the history of U.S. military aviation with the public launched a new Web site to assist in their efforts.
The new site,, is a collaborative effort between the Air Force Public Affairs Agency, the Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA), the Air Force Historical Studies Office (AFHSO) and the National Museum of the United States Air Force. The site provides the public with an overview of Air Force history related organizations, heritage news, and links to the appropriate agencies for commonly asked questions. ...

Analyst: Space tourism poised to blast off - USA Today
Since then, she adds, "(t)hanks to recent technological achievements such as Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne in 2004, Bigelow's Genesis I in July 2006 and Genesis ...

U2 forced belly landing from TAKEOFF TUBE
Helicopter Warfare: Vietnam from Military Photos
Mildenhall 26/03/10 from PPRuNe Forums
Break And Roll! from
F4F-3S Wildcatfish at Bethpage Feb 1943 from Warbirds Online


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