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Airshow  star Greg Poe helping kids - AOPA Pilot
Greg Poe is using his position as an airshow star, and a personal tragedy in 2002, to help kids stay off drugs. At the same time, he is introducing ...
Photo: Greg Poe Website

Aero-TV: Aerobatic Ambassadors - The Canadian Snowbird Demo Squadron from Aero-News Network
Team Lead Lieutenant Colonel Bard Discusses the 2010 Air Show Season Almost 70 years after their inception, the 431 Snowbirds continue today bolstered by the tradition of excellence, discipline, and dedication that started in 1942. In response to the onslaught of World War II, the Royal Canadian Air Force formed the 431 Bomber Squadron in Burn, England. ...

80000-plus attend Maxwell air show - Montgomery Advertiser
The two-day event was headlined by the Air Force's Thunderbirds, the elite aerial demonstration team, and the Army's Golden Knights, the parajumping team. ...

The Milwaukee Air & Water Show
June 12-13th | Air & Water Show: Starts at 10:30am
The Milwaukee Air & Water Show is in conjunction with Navy Week 2010 Milwaukee. We would like to extend our gratitude to Vist Milwaukee.
Event Location
The Milwaukee Air & Water Show is located at the beautiful Milwaukee Lakefront, between Bradford Beach and McKinley Beach, with the show center-point located at 2272 North Lincoln Memorial Drive, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Wings Over Baker air show returns in July - Statesman Journal
Following a one-year hiatus prompted by the recession, the Wings Over Baker air show and Durkee Steak Feed will both return to Baker County in 2010.
For the first time, the popular events will be combined. The steak feed is scheduled for Friday July 23 at the Baker City Municipal Airport — the same weekend as the air show.
Before it was canceled last year, residents in the small community southeast of Baker City had gathered for the annual dinner every summer since the mid-1940s.
Mel Cross, president of the seven-member air show board, says he hopes the steak feed will become a permanent part of Wings Over Baker.

Toronto Travel: Air Show – WWII bomber - Band Group Travel
This video clip was taken on September 1, 2007 during my cycling trip to see the Canadian International Airshow which is always.

Warbirds Over Wanaka - MSN NZ News
Central Otago foods and wines will tempt your palate as the non-stop Airshow continues overhead. Onsite parking, disabled facilities and a children's area ...

Red Bull Air Race Abu Dhabi -Team 99 Video Recap 2010 from Mike Goulian Airshows
Quick video recap of Mike Goulian's 2010 Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, March 2010. A 4th place finish is a great start to the season.

MCAS Cherry Point Air Show from Mike Goulian Airshows
May 22, 2010    to    May 23, 2010 | Join us in Havelock, NC for the Marine Corp Air Station Cherry Point Air Show. | Click here to see the air show website.

Abu Dhabi Highlights from Aerial Sports Feed
Red Bull 2010 Season Opener Highlight Video - Brits Take 1st & 2nd! by Martt
Actress and model Mehreen Raheel enjoys breathtaking flight

Woman sues MoD after low-flying Red Arrows 'scared her horse to death' - Daily Mail
An MoD spokesman said the Royal Airforce Aerobatic Team tries to avoid livestock or horses. 'Aircrew do not fly over livestock or horses deliberately and ...

Jimmy Stewart: An American patriot, actor and flying ace - St. George Daily Spectrum
... found some fulfillment when he obtained a pilot's license and began accruing flying time, even competing in a coast-to-coast air race as co-pilot. ...

WACs: Selected Collections from VHP—Dispatch March 29, 2010 from Dispatches from the Veterans History Project
To mark Women's History Month, VHP Reference Specialist Alexa Potter will give an illustrated account of selected collections of the Women's Army Corps (WACs) from the Veterans History Project.
The first women other than nurses to serve within the ranks of the United States Army, WACs played a vital role in WWII and helped to shatter stereotypes of what women could accomplish in the workplace. From the cold and mud of Fort Des Moines, Iowa to the jungles of New Guinea, WACs served the Army and their country in a variety of ways.  ...

Spreading her wings - Decaturdaily.com
Nancy Swanner of Athens carries on the 100-year tradition of women in flight. Swanner, who has had her pilot's license for 23 years, uses her wings for business and pleasure. "There weren't many other women flying around here when I started, but now there are a lot," she said.

Self-taught 100-year-old Harmar pilot put wild in blue yonder - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Amelia Earhart may have given him a few rides to the airport, but he didn't need to ride her coattails to fly into a world record position.
John Hicks of Harmar celebrated his 100th birthday on Friday and reminisced about his courageous adventure across the United States in a one-passenger Aeronca C-2 plane, a k a, a "Puddlejumper."
His plane, which tipped the scales at a measly 398 pounds before gasoline and pilot, was -- and may still be -- the smallest plane to make the trip from New York to Los Angeles and back.
Hicks, who before his 1936 trip didn't have even five minutes of flight time, taught himself to fly through reading. ...

PROFILE 41: "OLD CROW" update from WWII Fighter Plane Profiles
If it weren't for insomnia, I wouldn't make any progress'tall.
More than a few eyes are on this project, so I thought to post this newest update.  I'll mask in a new wing later this week and make whatever changes/suggestions that Bud says need to be done.
But, I did get some input from my friend Jim, an armorer who worked on B model Mustangs in England during WW2.   Unfortunately, his comments had nothing to do with the art, but with the structure of the actual airplane.  Specifically, the gun mounts in the wing.
The P-51 series featured a wing design strategy that created "Laminar Flow."   Without getting too geeky, on a traditional wing, turbulence between the surface and air flow creates drag at the bulky leading edge.  Laminar Flow philosophy moves the thickest part of the wing back towards the middle, creating a smoother surface for air to flow across, reducing drag and maintaining efficient lift at various speeds. ...

Remains of missing World War II flier from Carver found - Taunton Daily Gazette
Loring, who was born in Brockton and raised in Carver, was a member of the 2nd Fighter Squadron, 52nd Fighter Group when the B-25 type aircraft he was in ...

New director named - Wapakoneta Daily News
... A former archives assistant and a former curator and exhibits designer is to be the new executive director of the Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum. ...

Flying the Nimrod with Guernsey's own - BBC
Mike has flown more than 8,000 hours in the Nimrod
Mike Seward piloted the Royal Air Force's Nimrod maritime reconnaissance air craft until the year 2000.
In his time he built up 8,000 hours flying the planes all over the world and called the announcement of the their retirement "a sad day".
Mike said he could "personally vouch" for the Nimrod's nickname of the "vomit comet" thanks to the disorientating feeling it gave those on board.
But, he added: "It always felt very safe."
The original mark one Nimrod first took to the air in 1969 and was used in maritime reconnaissance, which Mike explained mostly involved "monitoring the Russian fleet" as this was during the height of the Cold War.  ...

USAF Museum Series: Part 5 from A mile of runway will take you anywhere
We now enter the third hangar at Wright Field, which houses the Cold War Gallery. I'm going to split this gallery into two posts since I took quite a few photos. First up are the incredible spy planes that provided us with invaluable intelligence and some other favorites. ...

August Bellanca dies at 83 from General Aviation News
August Bellanca, president of AviaBellanca Inc. died March 16 in Annapolis, Maryland due to complications arising from chemotherapy being used in treatment of colon cancer.
Bellanca was the son of aviation pioneer Giuseppe Mario Bellanca, one of the first to apply aerodynamic principles to the design of aircraft — a number of which went on to break records for efficiency and endurance. ...

Pastor helps teens take flight - Juneau Empire
Also, the Thorp 211 light sport aircraft that Hooper Bay students are helping build should be ready to fly in May, he said. Assembly began three years ago. ...

TeenFlight!: Day 22- March 20, 2010 by TeenFlight Crew
Details of the EAA Young Eagles program and future scheduled Young Eagles flight days being held by EAA Chapter 105 were presented to our team members. Many of them are exceeded at the prospect of free access to the private pilot online ...

NASA, Girl Scouts and Girls With Wings from Life on the Road as a Pilot
Last Saturday I went to space. See?
Ok, ok. I went to the Space Station Science Day at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH, that was put on for about 200 Girl Scouts. Close enough? Trust me, at the end of the day I FELT as if I had completed an intergalactic trip. These girls have serious energy! Girls With Wings was invited to teach the girls about becoming a pilot because one of the requirements of commanding the spacecraft is having experience piloting a jet.
Because of the set-up of the day, we did not do our usual presentation, shown here. Instead, we fell into the ...

NASA Partners With Idaho For New Student Aerospace Program from Aero-News Network
Pilot Program For High School Juniors To Participate In NASA Curriculum NASA has partnered with the Idaho State Department of Education to implement the Idaho Science and Aerospace Scholars Program, replicated after Texas High School Aerospace Scholars. This will be its pilot year.

See WK2 and SS2 fly in New Mexico this October from Personal Spaceflight
Well, at least flyby overhead. The organizers of the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS) announced today that the two vehicles will put in an appearance in the skies over Spaceport America in New Mexico on October 22, the day after the two-day ISPCS. "This will be the first long distance test flight of the VG spaceship and mothership system as part of the celebrations inaugurating the completion of the runway at Virgin Galactic's future home – Spaceport America," the announcement states. The two vehicles made their first captive-carry flight last week. ...

NASA Sets Space Shuttle Discovery Launch Date from Planenews Aviation News
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.: Space shuttle Discovery is scheduled to begin a 13-day flight to the International Space Station with a launch at 6:21 a.m. EDT on April 5 from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Warbird Radio Presents – The Edward Cassidy Story from WarbirdRadio.com
WARBIRD RADIO PRESENTS – Take flight with A-20 pilot Edward Cassidy.  Find out what it was like for the men of the 388th.  They fought in some of the most remote areas of the world with only the basic necessities and their airplanes.  Hear their story first hand this week as Warbird Radio Presents – [...]

Propaganda from Planeshots [at right - more on the Planeshots sight]
Carrier Mishaps from TAKEOFF TUBE
The OV-1 Mohawk from TAKEOFF TUBE
Roulettes with A380 from Military Photos
California - Riverside Airshow 2010 - Riverside - 03/27/10 from FenceCheck Forums
Alabama - Thunder on the River 2010 - Maxwell AFB, Montgomery - 03/27/10 from FenceCheck Forums
Pic of Day:Black Team over Maxwell AFB,AL this weekend from armygoldenknights's
Movie Monday - March 29 - Engine Failures 101 from FlightBlogger


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