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Air show to feature Virtual Army Experience - Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base
Attendees to the Maxwell Open House and Air Show on March 27 and 28 will have the opportunity to lace up their boots and take part in a virtual mission as ...

Behind the scenes - Fighter Country [video]
with USAF Thunderbirds pilots and crew from the Ambassadors in Blue at Nellis AFB in Nevada. The Thunderbirds will appear at Aerospace & Arizona Days at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base on March 20-21, 2010.
NAS Kingsville ready for 'Wings Over South Texas' air show March 27-28 - Kingsville Record
But we've also got some exciting new acts this year like the Commemorative Air Force's Tora, Tora, Tora, and aerobatic performer Jack Knutson, ...

DAV Flight Team Kicks Off 2010 Airshow Season
AirSupport's DAV Flight Team kicks off its eighth airshow season this weekend, March 20-21, at Thunder in the Valley in Columbus, GA. It's is the first of approximately 25 shows that the DAV Flight Team will attend this year as part of the Disabled American Veterans Aviation Public Outreach Program.
Developed to increase public awareness of disabled veterans and to serve veterans in communities across the nation, the program uses a World War II era B-25 bomber and a fully-interactive display — reaching over 2.7 million airshow spectators each season. AirSupport LLC Event Coordinators work with each show to maximize media exposure and visibility for DAV. In addition, DAV representatives are on hand throughout the event to talk to veterans and their families.
Disabled American Veterans is a 1.2 million member, non-profit organization. Founded more than 80 years ago, DAV is dedicated to a single purpose; building better lives for America's disabled veterans and their families.
To download a copy of the DAV Flight Team 2010 Schedule, click on this link then scroll to the end of the page.

Free Fly Days at Flying Heritage Collection -
Enjoy the beauty and precision of vintage warbirds as they are returned to the skies during our summer Fly Days! The complimentary price does not include ...

Boeing set to bring 787 and 747-8 to #FARN10 from FlightBlogger
July's Farnborough Air Show is likely to feature a pair of new Boeing aircraft, says a report by Andrew Doyle, Flightglobal's head of content. Naturally, a visit by 787 and 747-8F is dependent on the state of the flight test programs, but there's certainly a strong desire to bring one or both of the aircraft to this summer's show. ...

Air show action plan needed to avoid chaos - Mercury
In just four years Wings Over Illawarra has become one of the region's biggest attractions, but it is not without its growing pains.
The event, enjoyed by a crowd of more than 35,000 this year, is jointly run by Shellharbour City Council and the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society, based at Illawarra Regional Airport.
After last month's show concerns were raised about traffic volumes and the day's classification as an "open day" rather than an "air show". ...

Mayor Seiler on air show cancellation: Not city's fault - Broward Politics
I'm still getting calls about the air show. As most of you know by now, it was canceled for 2010. Whether it comes back next year or any year in the future ...

Hannes Arch: talent at work - Red Bull (International)
Red Bull Air Race pilot Hannes Arch has a new plane and ambitious new goals for this season. We talked to the 2008 champion ahead of the first race in Abu Dhabi on March 26-27 to find out what makes him tick. ...

Second Annual Red Bull Air Village Brings Exhilarating Events to The Walk at ... - Eye of Dubai (press release)
... a mock up of the Abu Dhabi Air Race Track, and a photo gallery displaying 30 images from the most exciting Red Bull Air Races worldwide. ...

Vintage plane crashes; fatalities reported - KGET TV 17
A World War II vintage airplane has crashed near the Frito Lay plant west of Bakersfield, and first reports indicate two people have been killed.
It happened at about 11:30 a.m., and emergency crews are still on at the scene, so details were sketchy in the early afternoon.
It was reported as the crash of an AT-6 Texan, a training plane used by pilots in World War II and a standard feature in modern-day air shows. ...

WWII, Korean War pilots share first-hand accounts of high-flying, heroic history  - KVUE [VIDEO]
History is most vivid in tales told first-hand, from generation to generation.
"You always hear stories that your dad tells you," said Paul Kiessling.
But the generation who witnessed World War II and the Korean War first-hand is slowly dying. Pretty soon there won't be anyone around to share that history.
"We are all going away, all us old guys," said Bill Wright, a Korean War veteran. ...

Widow of WWII plane crash survivor will fulfill last wish - Press Tribune
Mugs that commemorate crew will be sent to former airfield in England. 
Tom Parker was the last one of his kind.  He was the keeper of a story about eight men who survived their plane being shot down during World War II. The last living member of a group of friends bonded by a traumatic experience.
But Tom Parker died March 6, just weeks shy of his 90th birthday and the anniversary of the event that forever changed his life.
And now his widow will complete the story and fulfill one last wish.
In her home off Cirby Way near the Placer County line, Joan Parker displays eight silver mugs — one for each of Lady Luck crew. The Lady Luck was a B-17 bomber that flew in the 401st Bombardment Group. ...

93-year-old aviation enthusiast from Kansas dies - KSNT
Until her 90th birthday, she volunteered at the Experimental Aircraft Association's annual AirVenture Oshkosh. After selling tickets by day, she would camp ...

Emily Howell Warner - request to rename an airport after her from You Fly, Girl
... Much as Hank Aaron broke the color barrier in baseball, Emily broke down barriers to become the first female captain of a major airline. It was not easy — it took persistence and a thick skin to thrust herself into a man's world. Today, female pilots have a much easier time.
She is known and respected nationally for her accomplishments but just as importantly, she is well known within the Colorado and Granby pilots associations. If not Granby, I predict that her name will be used to honor another airport in Colorado.
But, why not Granby? This has been a home to her for many years and I suspect that she is as close to a national aviation hero as Granby will ever have. ...

Book Bag: 'Almost Astronauts' celebrates brave women - Advocate Weekly
... crushing opposition expressed in congressional hearings from the heroes of the Mercury and Apollo missions, as well as renowned aviatrix Jackie Cochran. ...

Two vintage aircraft remain in pieces in a warehouse, waiting for someone to restore them. The community and protective services committee rejected a proposal to restore the two planes to "static" condition. It only found itself in this position by default...

"Wings of Time"…# 04 from AeroHub
Our first amphibian; the Supermarine 'Walrus'. | Whilst there had been flying boats and floatplanes operating in NZ since the Walsh brother's Boeings, followed by the NZPAF's DH-60 and Fairey IIIF floatplanes, our first true operational military amphibious seaplane was the Supermarine Walrus.
The line of Supermarine 'boats began when Noel Pemberton-Billing started the company during WWI. He sold to Hubert Scott-Paine who was then bought out by Vickers in 1928. Vickers inherited a range of 'boats, one of which was the Seagull fleet spotter. In 1925 the Australian Navy ordered nine Seagull III amphibians which were deployed on their Cruisers; HMAS Albatross, Australia and Canberra. The Seagull III was a 450 bhp open-cockpit biplane with a tractor-mounted Napier Lion.
After a few years, the Aussies discussed, with Supermarine's Chief Designer, Reginald Mitchell, an improved ...

Above and Beyond: An Extra Two Seconds - Air and Space Magazine
In the cockpit of the sleek, black aircraft slung underneath the wing of the B-52 bomber, my interphone crackles. "Ah, Robert, it's a lovely morning," says Jack Allavie, the commander of the B-52 launch aircraft. ...

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (NASM) Udvar-Hazy Complex I — Boeing ... Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
A second post to complete the overview of this museum, Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum (NASM) Udvar-Hazy Complex II — James S. McDonnell Hangar, ...

Airport Authority takes step toward air museum - Salina Journal
1 in establishing the Wings Over Salina Air Museum occurred Wednesday morning when the Salina Airport Authority board approved the funding mechanisms to ...

Civil Air Patrol always on watch - Record-Eagle
TRAVERSE CITY -- If needed, they are ready.
Volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol hone their skills constantly, training so they are poised to act on minimal notice -- analogous to volunteer firefighters of the air.
The official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force, Congress chartered the organization four days before the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941. Originally part of the Army Air Forces, in 1947 the Civil Air Patrol moved to the newly chartered Air Force.
Civil Air Patrol members are charged with three tasks: emergency services -- such as disaster relief or search and rescue -- aerospace education and cadet programs. More recently, the organization's scope has expanded to include homeland security and courier missions. The local squadron also conducts drug demand reduction missions during the summer. ...

Aero club launched for students - Times of Malta
Diamond Flight Training and the St Nicholas College Mtarfa Boys Secondary School today launched a new aero club, an extrac-curricular activity for students. ...

Purdue alumnus and astronaut featured in IMAX film - Kokomo Perspective
Two of the six Americans who have flown on the Russian space station Mir - John Blaha and Dr. David Wolf - are Purdue graduates. ...

'Hubble' blasts off on March 19 at National Museum of the U.S. Air Force from National Museum of the USAF Top Stories
For nearly 20 years, the Hubble Space Telescope has dazzled us with unprecedented views of the cosmos--from the splendor of our celestial neighborhood to galaxies billions of light years away. Now on March 19 at National Museum of the U.S. Air Force's IMAX Theatre, audiences will blast off alongside the Atlantis STS-125 crew, witness up-close some of the most challenging spacewalks ever performed, and experience firsthand Hubble's awe-inspiring imagery, from the heart of the Orion Nebula and our Milky Way to the edge of the observable universe. Recounting the amazing journey of the most important scientific instrument since Galileo's original telescope, Hubble will immerse moviegoers in the great wonders and astounding beauty of our universe. ...

Heli-Barbie comes to life! from The Adventures of Chopper Chick! by Desiree
It was three years ago on a fire that I was referred to as the "Heli-Barbie" by a female captain actually. We both got a good laugh over it. I thought that was cool she said that to me. I was flattered of course. Thought about keeping the new nickname of course, but Chopper Chick was first and had to stay. lol. Barbie represents the ....

'Thunderheads' premieres from General Aviation News
Explore the power of "Thunderheads," premiering on DVD March 23 from Infinity Entertainment Group.
In a quest into the eye of the storm, a group of scientists, researchers and top-gun pilots – in seven planes and armed with the best high-tech gadgets money can buy – embark on a treacherous journey in a struggle to understand the role of thunderstorms in the global warming puzzle.
In this documentary, an international force of 250 experts who comprise ...

Airplane Geeks Podcast
Amy Laboda joins as the guest for this episode. Amy is an aviation writer, Editor in Chief for Aviation for Women, the official publication of ...

Built by Germans - Pixadus >>>>>>>>>
Vought F6U Pirate from Planeshots
T-28 Trojan from FenceCheck Forums
AcroCamp camper Michelle Kole and her dad at KJXN. - StephenForce 


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