Thursday, May 28, 2009

TLP 2009

Frederic Cottin sent us the pictures in the slideshow below.  He said that the Belgian Air Force organized a "spotterday" last week to celebrate the last Tactical Leadership Programm (TLP) that was held at Florennes air base (related article).  

Despite being a NATO exercise Frederic shared that watching the air traffic was a real treat because he was able to see planes that he doesn't normally see in France, like the Polish and Greek fighters.  He said many call this the "F-16 Show" because they see planes from Belgium (normal) Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Greece and the U.S. (USAFE mainly).  
Frederic also shared:
French air force came with two Mirage 2000N and two Mirage 2000D, French navy arrived with two Super Etendard (one of us was a veteran of Afganistan with symbols of bombs raids against talibans), Czech air force came with four L-39 albatross and Italy in bonus of her F-16ADF (ex Air National Guard aircrafts!) came with a sharkmouthed Tornado!
For the little story this spotter day was sponsorised by Shimay, a very good belgian beer company
So, again the Indy Transponder thanks Frederic for his submissions.  Enjoy!

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