Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maj. Billy Werth to fly at Indy Air Show

Grayout Aerosports

Press Release

Local pilot Maj. Billy Werth to fly at Indy Air Show at Mt Comfort June 5-7


Indianapolis, Indiana - April 14, 2009 - Grayout Aerosports announced today that Maj. Billy Werth will be one of the A-List performers this year at the Indy Air Show.

“Having just returned from Saudi Arabia, I'm looking forward to performing in Indy this year..we embrace being the home town performer!” Billy flies the KC-135 Stratotanker out of Grissom Air Force Base and does mid air refueling for the Air Force Reserves. Billy also is a Captain for a regional airline and performs in air shows all over the mid west in his Pitts S2C.

Billy Werth and his Pitts bi-plane will be on the roster of performers with The Blue Angels who are the headliner at the 13th Annual Indy Air Show at Mt.Comfort June 5-7th.

Billy's plane is full of patriotic spirit with its red, white and blue theme design with stars on the wings. His performance at the Indy Air Show will be a mix of rock and roll bone crushing corkscrews, spins and tumbles that will blow your mind.

The Pitts S2C bi-plane that Billy flies cranks out 260 horsepower that lets him go almost 2500 vertical feet straight up in the air. It can pull +6 and -5 G's and has a top speed of 212 mph. that gets him around the sky in a hurry. It even has two seats so Billy can take folks along for the ride of a lifetime.

Media rides will be available on Thursday June 4th and Friday June 5th, 2009 at the Indy Air Show. Please refer to contact information below for media interviews and booking.

Grayout Aerosports offers specialized pilot training, air plane rides in our Pitts S2C bi- plane and Air Show Performer Services. Grayout is based out of the Hendricks County Airport on the west side of Indianapolis.


Haley L Norwood


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