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Airshow Traveler's - May 27, 2009 Newsletter

Airshow Traveler's Air Show Weekly

Volume 5, Issue 4 

May 27, 2009


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Welcome to Airshow Traveler Magazine's Newsletter, Air Show Weekly, where we take a look at upcoming airshows and showcase current aviation topics.

All air show information listed is accurate as we know it.  Still, it is best to check with the individual air show to see if there are any changes.  Even then, scheduled aircraft may not appear due to bad weather en route, or because of mechanical breakdown.


In This Issue

Southern Wisconsin Airfest

Legends over Madera

Rochester Air and Sea Show

Dakota Thunder at Ellsworth

Thunder on the Rio Grande

Museum News

Special Events

Looking Ahead


Southern Wisconsin Airfest, May 30-31


Location:  Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport, Janesville, WI

Admission, Adults:  $12

Admission, Ages 6-12: $6

Admission, Under Age 6: Free 

Gates Open:  9AM


Though we have never been to this show, it has a stellar lineup starting with the headliner Blue Angels.  And it has a reasonable entrance fee at $12 for adults, which is something we like to see in these tough economic times.


Joining the Angels are Viper East with their F-16 Fighting Falcon, Vlado Lenoch and his P-51D Mustang, and two parachute teams, the US Navy Leap Frogs and the US Army Golden Knights.  On the aerobatic side is Greg Poe, Mike Wiskus, Susan Dacy, and the lovely Patty Wagstaff who doesn't look a day over....uh....22.


Screaming up the runway will be the Shockwave jet truck, while those explosions you see are provided by Rich's Incredible Pyro.  This outfit must love Mythbusters.  On the static side is mostly military aircraft with a few warbirds thrown in.  Would like to see more warbirds.


Vlado Lenoch and his P-51D Mustang 'Moonbeam McSwine' (44-12473 marked as 44-14237, NL2151D) are due to team up with an F-16 from Shaw AFB in the Heritage Flight.  This photo was taken at the 2007 Gathering of Mustangs in Columbus, OH.  And you still owe me a ride, Vlad :)

Heritage Flight P-51 F-16





Blue Angels

C-130H Hercules

Mike Wiskus and his Pitts

KC-135R Stratotanker

US Navy Leap Frogs

Gulfstream IV

Vlad Lenoch and his P-51D Mustang 'Moonbeam McSwine'

T-6A Texan II

F-16 Fighting Falcon Demo

P-51D Mustang

Greg Poe and his MX-2

T-45C Goshawk

Susan Dacy and her Super Stearman

T-34C Mentor

USAF Heritage Flight: P-51, F-16

T-1A Jayhawk

US Army Golden Knights

C-47D Skytrain

Patty Wagstaff and her Extra 300


Shockwave Jet Truck


Rich's Incredible Pyro

PT-17 Stearman


Pitts S2B


F/A-18D Hornet


F/A-18F Super Hornet


UH-60L Blackhawk


F-16C Falcon




TH-57C SeaRanger


F/A- 18C Hornet


Legends over Madera, May 30-31


Location:  Madera Municipal Airport, CA

Admission, Adults:  $16 in advance, $20 at gate

Admission, Ages 6-11:  $9 in advance, $12 at gate

Admission, Under age 6:  Free 

Gates Open:  9:30AM


The show in Madera is headlined by the Patriots jet team.  We've seen this team many times and they are terrific.  Also on tap is Bill Reesman and his Red Bull Mig-17.  Gotta hand it to Bill.  Last weekend he was at Jones Beach, NY.  Now he flies 3,000 miles to another air show.  What a trooper.


On the warbird side is Chuck Hall performing with his Mustang, Six-Shooter.  Chuck may have been retired out of the Heritage Flight program, but that doesn't stop him from showing off his P-51.  He's still got it.  And a real nice guy.


If you like aerobatics, there's Blll Cornack, John Collver, Spencer Suderman, and the still-going-strong Julie Clark.  Julie is very much a classy lady.  And while you're not watching the show, stroll around to check out the plethera of warbirds in attendance with four Mustangs and two Mitchells on static display.

Greg Colyer and his Canadair T-33A Shooting Star (306, N933GC) are due to perform at Madera.  Photo by Mike Leister, director of the AMC Museum, Dover, DE.  Mike took this shot at the 2008 Aviation Nation air show at Nellis AFB.








Patriots Jet Team

B-25 Mitchell 'Heavenly Body'

Julie Clark and her Mentor

B-25 Mitchell 'Executive Sweet'

Bill Reesman and his Mig-17

P-51D Mustang 'Ridge Runner III'

Bill Cornack and his Super Pitts

P-51D Mustang 'Straw Boss 2'

John Collver and his AT-6 Texan

P-51D Mustang 'Speedball Alice'

Chuck Hall and his P-51D Mustang 'Six-Shooter'

P-51D Mustang 'Comfortably Numb'

Spencer Suderman and his Pitts

SNJ Texan 'Warlock'

194th FIS F-16 Fighting Falcon Flyover

P-40E Warhawk

Greg Colyer and his T-33 Shooting Star

F4U Corsair

Skydive Madera Skydiving Team

Hawker Sea Fury (2)




C-130 Hercules


A6M3 Zero


F6F-5 Hellcat


T-28C Trojan


PT-22 Recruit


Jet Provost


A-4 Skyhawk


Extra 300


L-29 Delfin


Waco QDC


Lockheed 12A


L-39C Albatross


Cessna 400


'Jelly Belly' Stearman






Rochester Air and Sea Show, May 30-31


Location:  Ontario Beach Park, Rochester, NY

Admission:  $10

Admission Children 14 and Under:  Free with paying adult

Gates Open:  8AM


This year's version of the Rochester show takes place over the water at Ontario Beach Park.  Gotta love the entrace fee of only $10 while the kiddies get in for free if accompanied by an adult.


Headlining is the Canadian Snowbirds jet team.  Always a treat.  More jet fuel with the F-15E Strike Eagle, A-10 Thunderbolt II, and the US Navy's F/A-18F Super Hornet.  Parachuting from the sky will be the US Army Golden Knights and the Red Bull skydiving team.  For aerobatics there's Rich Volker and Tim Weber.  And since the show is over water, you get to see some jet ski action and a Coast Guard rescue demo.


Our resident Rochester photojournalist, Pete Pellegrino, took this photo of the F-15E Strike Eagle (89-0483) from Seymour Johnson AFB at last year's Langley AFB air show.  Look for the F-15E to perform at this year's Rochester show.  Pete and his lovely wife Andrea will be covering this year's show for us again.  Thanks to Dave Deffenbaugh for his generosity.


Strike Eagle 




Coast Guard Rescue Demo

Jet Ski Demos

F-15E Strike Eagle Demo

F/A-18F Super Hornet Demo

Red Bull Skydivers

A-10 Thunderbolt II Demo

USAF Heritage Flight: P-51, A-10, F-15

US Army Golden Knights

Tim Weber and his Extra 300

Rick Volker and his Sukhoi 26


Dakota Thunder at Ellsworth, May 30-31


Location:  Elsworth AFB, Rapid City, SD

Admission:  Free
Gates Open:  8AM


Ellsworth AFB is home to the 28th Bomb Wing flying the B-1B Lancer bomber.  Only 60 of the 100 B-1Bs produced are still active with the majority being stationed here and at Dyess AFB, TX.  Swept wing aircraft like the B-1 have been maintenance nightmares.  Parts for the existing fleet sometimes have to made from scratch as the current crop of retired aircraft in the boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB have already been stripped of usable parts.


Boeing has proposed a replacement aircraft for the B-1B dubbed the B-1R which would be a Mach 2.2 aircraft, which coincidentally was the speed of the original B-1A.  To meet the proposed 100 bomber production, some B-1Rs would be modifed from existing B-1B airframes and some would be made from new airframes.


Look for a B-1B Lancer to be on static display like this one (86-0095).  Seems a shame to have two active squadrons of Lancers based here and not fly one at the show, but as of this writing, none are scheduled to perform.  Mr. Red Flag himself, Jim Cardi, took this photo at Nellis during this year's Red Flag exercise.


B-1B Lancer 



USAF Thunderbirds

C-17A Cargomaster III

A-10 Thunderbolt II Demo

B-1B Lancer

Black Daggers Parachute Team

B-52 Stratofortress

Jim Peitz and his Extra 300

KC-135 Stratotanker

Kent Pietsch and his Cadet

C-130 Hercules

Warren Pietsch and his Taylorcraft

F-22 Raptor

B-25J Mitchell 'Miss Mitchell'

F-15E Strike Eagle


F-16 Fighting Falcon


T-38C Talon


T-39A Sabreliner


T-6A Texan II


UH-60 Blackhawk


T-1A Jayhawk


Thunder on the Rio Grande, May 30-31


Location:  Las Cruces International Airport, NM

Admission, Adults:  $10 in advance, $15 at gate

Admission, Military and Seniors:  $8 in advance, $12 at gate

Admission, Ages 10 and Under:  Free if accompanied by an adult, otherwise, $4 in advance, $5 at gate 

Gates Open:  9AM


Aside from the headlining Viper West F-16 Fighting Falcon demo, this show is mostly aerobatic and specialty acts.  That's not to say it won't be a good show, but there are no warbirds or other military acts listed as of this writing.  And a static display list was unavailable.


You won't see an F-16C Fighting Falcon (88-0420) like this one at the Las Cruces show.  It's another photo taken by Jim Cardi at this year's Red Flag exercise at Nellis AFB.  It's fully loaded with armament for the target range.  An awesome amount of ordinance.





F-16 Fighting Falcon Demo

Melissa Andrzejewski and her Edge 540

Franklin's Flying Circus

Jet Powered School Bus

Jet Powered Outhouse

Tim Decker and his Pitts

Bob Carlton and his Jet Glider

Dan Buchanan and his Hang Glider


Museum News


Note:  Clicking on the Museum Name will take you to their website.



March 31-May 6:  Berlin Airlift Exhibit

The museum will host a traveling exhibit honoring the 60th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift.  When a blockade of Berlin was imposed by the Soviet Union from June 1948 to May 1949, the US and Great Britain began an airdrop of much needed food and supplies to the city's residents.  US aircraft included the C-47 and C-54.  The two countries managed to fly 278,228 missions delivering 326,406 tons of food and supplies.  Though the blockade ended in May, flights continued through September 1949.


June 14:  Flag Day Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Cruise-In

This free admission event will be held from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. All types of vehicles are invited to cruise in for no charge and awards will be presented for "Best Patriotic Vehicle Display." A professional photographer will be available to take vehicle photos in front of the B-1B for $20.


The museum will open up the interior of its C-141 cargo plane which was the last C-141 to go through Programmed Depot Maintenance at Robins AFB in 2003.  The C-141 Starlifter served as the backbone of the nation's airlift force for nearly 40 years and could carry 200 troops, 155 fully-equipped paratroops, 103 litters or 68,725 pounds of cargo.  The bomb bay of the giant B-1B Bomber in front of the Museum will also be open for inspection.

The Ocmulgee Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution and their color guard in Revolutionary War uniforms will conduct a flag ceremony at 2:00 p.m. in Hangar One.


The Museum's Mission Quest Flight Simulators will be open for inspection and people can take the controls for 15 minutes for $10.  Food will be available in the Victory CafĂ© and snacks will be sold in the outdoor Freedom Park picnic area.

July 18:  Auction, Raffle, and Taste of Local Cuisine
The evening opens at 6:30 p.m. with hundreds of items in a silent auction and a one-hour open bar.  The live auction begins at 8:00 p.m. and a Taste of Local Cuisine starts at 7:00 p.m. featuring signature food items from 30 local area restaurants and caterers.


Raffle tickets are $75 which includes Auction admission for 2 people and a chance to win a new car or truck or $20,000.  Second Place is a $2000 cash prize and the Third Place winner receives $500.  Several $100 cash prize drawings will also be held throughout the evening.


We are going to have some great items this year," said Auction Chairman Steven Davison.  "We'll have things like vacation trips, furniture, sports equipment, lawn and garden items, artwork, appliances, house wares and fur coats. The Auction is one of the major events each year which helps the Museum sustain its outstanding exhibits and education programs."


A large volunteer Auction committee includes Raffle Ticket Chairmen Rick Drury and Co-Chairpersons retired Colonel Brian Grady, Shirley O'Neill, Linda Shingler and Tim Dupree. Auction tickets are available for purchase on the Museum web site at or by calling the Museum of Aviation Foundation at (478) 923-6600.


June 7: Fly-In Pancake Breakfast

Wow, pancakes, eggs, ham, sausage, juice other beverages for $6 adults and $3 for kids 6-10.  If only I were closer to Geneseo.  Hey it's a six-hour drive.  Any way, it's June 7 from 7-11AM.  For more information click on the link above, or by phone at (585) 243-2100, or send them an email at


Special Events


The National Museum of the United States Air Force has announced their dates for their annual Dawn Patrol Rendezvous.  What started out to be a bi-annual one day affair has turned into a three day annual event.  This year's dates are September 25-27.  As Event Coordinator David C. Thomas puts it, "...we honor the memory of our WWI troops with the same spirit and patriotism that these early aviators displayed in defense of our countries."  For more information click on the link above.


Osprey Publishing to Host D-Day Veteran Ed Shames

Osprey has published a new book titled, Tonight We Die As Men.  It's a story of one of the forgotten battalions on D-Day, the 3rd Batallion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment (3/506 PIR).  To promote their new book, they will have a booth at WWII Weekend in Reading, PA, June 5-7, with Ed Shames in attendance.  Shames was a staff sergeant for the 3/506 during D-DAY and then received a commission to 2nd Lieutenant.  Mr. Shames is a veteran of the 3/506 and wrote the forward to the book.


Navy Theme at Geneseo This Year

A Navy theme this year at the 1941 Historical Aircraft Group museum is keeping with this museum's efforts to refresh itself every year.  The museum is located in Geneseo, NY, and is better known as simply the Geneseo show.  Or as they tout it, the Greatest Show on Turf.  Not only are they expected to have four Corsairs, two Avengrs, one Hellcat and one Wildcat at its July 11-12 show, but they have also booked the world's only flying Helldiver.  If that doesn't tickle your warbird fancy, there is something wrong with you.  For more information, click here.


Looking Ahead


Next Week:

Jun 5-7:  WWII Weekend, Reading, PA
Jun 5-7:  Indianapolis Air Show, IN

Jun 6-7:  Hill AFB Air Show, UT

Jun 6-7:  Central Texas Air Show, Temple, TX

Jun 6-7:  Thunder on the Lakeshore, Manitowoc, WI

Jun 6-7:  17th Wing Canadian Forces Day, Southport, MB
Blue Angels:

May 30-31:  Janesville, WI

Jun 6-7:  Indianapolis Air Show, IN

Jun 13-14:  Denver, CO

Jun 20-21:  Davenport, IA



May 30-31:  Ellsworth AFB, SD

Jun 6-7:  Hill AFB Air Show, UT

Jun 13-14:  Ocean City, MD

Jun 20-21:  Dover AFB, DE



May 27:  Kingston, ON, Canada

May 30-31:  Rochester, NY

Jun 6-7:  Portage, ON, Canada

Jun 13-14:  CFB Bagotville, PQ

Jun 17:  Baddeck, NS



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Thank you for reading the latest issue of our newsletter.


God Bless Us Everyone,


Wayne Matusiak, Publisher
Airshow Traveler Magazine

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