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Branson Air Show Celebrates Opening of Branson Airport - Associated Content, CO
Branson, Missouri -- The Branson Air Show took place over the weekend of May 8-10, 2009, ushering in the official opening of the Branson Airport, which is scheduled to begin taking commercial flights Monday, May 11. Thousands upon thousands of people ...

Planes wow visitors, traffic annoys drivers -, MO
The supersonic Air Force Thunderbirds, headliners at the show Saturday and today, provided striking contrast to the earthbound travelers, who needed about two hours to cover the 10 miles between US 65 and the new airport. "We didn't give up," Thomas ...

Major Delays at Branson Air Show from
The wait to come and go is two and half hours.

Moms spend Mother's Day at Air Show - KTBS, LA
Day Two of the Barksdale Defenders of Liberty Air Show got off to a rainy start, but it didn't stop the crowds of people from coming out! The day started with a concert by singer Aaron Tippin. The skies didn't look promising, but once the rain cleared ...

Friday Night Gala. from Windsor International Air Show by Century of Flight
We will be having a Gala dinner on Friday August 28, 2009 at the CH2A hanger at the Windsor Airport. There are limited tickets available. You will be able to speak up close and personal to these fine aviators who will be performing in the show and as well as the pilots who came here to display their flying machines as a static display. Bring a camera as you will be able to be up close and personal with the Snowbirds, Red Bull Pilots, Skyhawks parachutists, and many, many more.Tickets are on sale now and they will sell out quickly. Email Ticket Sales or call to reserve these tickets as it will be an exceptional night to rub shoulders with some of the best pilots in the world, including our own. Tickets will be $75 each and proceeds will go to help restore the Lancaster Bomber. ...

From dogfight enemies to unlikely friends - Air Force Times
... Cherry, a major, went on to command the Thunderbirds, the 8th Fighter Wing and the Recruiting Service before retiring in 1988 as a brigadier general.
The road to the adversaries' reunion started with Cherry's June 2004 visit to the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. ...

Boulder veteran, detective make historic connection - Colorado Daily, CO
Almost every day, Bower gets mail from around the world — stiff airmail envelopes with photos of the Doolittle Raiders and polite requests for his autograph. In the past few months alone, he's received mail from the Czech Republic and China, ...

SA pilot poised to break aviation record - The Times, South Africa
CHALKIE Stobbart is expected to touch down at Cape Town international airport at lunch time today — having broken a 70-year-old aviation record. Stobbart, 60, left Cape Town in the early hours of Friday in his small, home-built Osprey GP4 aircraft. ...

World Record Helicopter Team Adds 3rd Triumph from AviationBull
We don't get to hear much about records being set in aviation these days. Sometimes it seems that either past aviators set all the records to unbreakable levels or it is just too expensive to make record-setting flights. One group, the World Record Helicopter Team has found a way to overcome these obstacles and is in the business of breaking records. As mentioned by the AOPA, the Team recently set their third world record by flying a Robinson R44 from coast to coast and back in 59 hours and 19 seconds. ...

FAA/RN Flypast 7-5-09 London UK. from Stick and Rudder by Gary Watson
Having made the trip down to London for what was said to be on other forums a 50 aircraft flypast over the River Thames London, over the 'moored' H.M.S. Illustrious at Greenwich next to the Royal Naval College there. The time set for the flypast was 12.00pm GMT to which it was carried out to the second by my watch. Although there was not 50 aircraft in the flypast, but 21 instead. Helicopters were the first 'wave' followed by four Jetstreams then four marked Hawks who gave a nice formation pass. My own view was that it went very well and was glad I made the effort to go down to see it. In the grounds of the Royal Naval College, there was on display a Sea Harrier, Lynx, Gazelle and Sea King. The public were allowed to speak/meet the aircrews of these aircraft except the Sea Harrier ...

Fly like an eagle - Nashua Telegraph, NH
Licensed pilots will donate time for the flights, which are offered through the Young Eagles program. The program aims to provide introductory flights to 100,000 young people each year. ...

PHOTO: Taking flight - Jacksonville Journal Courier, IL
Five-year-old Mick Hallock talks to pilot Dennis Jarman while flying above Jacksonville Saturday at the Young Eagles event held by the Jacksonville chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Associaton. Pilots volunteered their time and fuel to take kids up ...

Atlantis' Launch Window from How I Am Becoming An Astronaut
For the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis tomorrow, a 62-minute window will open at exactly 1:41:56 p.m. EDT and close at 2:43:47 p.m. EDT.
NASA is targeting the actual liftoff of Atlantis 20 minutes into the window. Currently, the launch is scheduled for 2:01:56 p.m. EDT. But this could change tomorrow and is all based on final radar tracking of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Preview Video: Shuttle Launch LIVE On Spaceflight Now Monday May 11, 2009 - 2:01 pm EST
from Mogulus Blog by Max Haot

Today In Military/Aviation History 11 - 17 May from Warbirds Online

Milestones of Flight: 5/9 from Cut and Paste Aviation

My Favorite F-117 Pictures Evah! from Parrothead Jeff
I stumbled across the first picture in this post again while I was working on the all black and white picture post. It's one of my favorite ever pictures of the F-117. I figured I'd share the rest of the pictures from that series here
These pictures were taken at MCAS Miramar during the night time airshow. I think it was back around 2001. I used my Canon AE-1 Program SLR with my Kiron 28-210mm F3.8-5.6 zoom lens and Fujichrome Provia P1600 color slide film. I exposed the film at ASA 3200 and had the lab overdevelop it to compensate which is known as "pushing" the film. Yes, it comes out grainy, but sometimes that's what you're looking for ...

USAF F-22A Raptor Stealth Fighter from Military Pictures by Scott
Afterburners! from FenceCheck Forums
Collings Foundation from FenceCheck Forums
Pic of the week (12 May 09) Dutch demo F-16 from Flight Image of the Day
Defenders of Liberty Open House & Airshow 2009 - Barksdale AFB, Boss from FenceCheck Forums
N\'awlins Air Show 2009 - NAS JRB New Orleans - 05/01/09 from FenceCheck Forums

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