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Blue Angels performance anchoring and bridge restrictions - Annapolis Capital, MD
The Blue Angels will perform over the Severn River. See the map for approximate flight times and restrictions for vehicular, pedestrian and boat traffic during Tuesday's rehearsal and Wednesday's performance. If you encounter other problems, ...

Baltimore homeschool field trip of the week - see the Blue Angels ... -
Last year, we went to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis to see the Blue Angels fly. The Blue Angels, the Navy's flight demonstration squadron, are famous around the world for their precision in-air maneuvers and high-speed fly-bys. ...

Vintage planes join air show - TeleText, UK
Nearly 20 aircraft - including the Eurofighter and Spitfire - were due to take part in the celebration at the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. Thousands were expected to attend the air show, which will also feature ground displays of aircraft.

Air show soars over Cherry Point -, NC
HAVELOCK, NC – Rain couldn't dampen spirits Saturday at the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point Air Show where thousands converged to see airplanes perform tricks and show off their speed. About 150000 people from across the state and the country ...

Pilots Give an Inside Look at the Beaufort Air Show from
The Beaufort Air Show had a record breaking turnout this weekend. Officials say more than 110,000 people came out on Saturday and thousands more were on hand Sunday to watch the Blue Angels take the skies again. This was the first time the Blue Angels performed in Beaufort since a deadly crash two years ...

Postcards from MCAS Beaufort from Patty Wagstaff
MCAS Beaufort hosts a great airshow every two years. The last time I flew here was in 2005 and it's very nice to be back. I've always enjoyed flying USMC airshows because the Marines have a great "get it done" attitude. Nothing is too difficult and everything is done with ease and a smile. El Toro used to be one of the huge (they called it "The Mother of All Airshows" - I wish I still had one of those t-shirts) USMC Airshows in Southern California and we would see crowds up to 2 million in a weekend.
At the show I'm joined by performers Skip Stewart and my old friend, Jurgis Kairis (from Lithuania). Skip and Jurgis each do their solos and then their "Tinstix" show with pyro by Rich's pyro. I am having fun flying a show with two aggressive and creative performers like Skip and Jurgis. It ups the ante for me, inspires me and makes me want to go out and kill snakes!! That's what Duane Cole used to call it when I was flying well - "She looks like she's out killing snakes". Unfortunate phrase because I like snakes and don't believe in killing them needlessly, but it does make a point.

Chino Grummans - video from Another Time by Dan Linn
Just found this video posted on WIX of the Grummans flying at Chino!

Tallahassee Residents Explore Aviation At Tallahassee's Airfest - WCTV, FL
Chapter 445 of the Experimental Aircraft Association hosted the 6th annual Air-Fest at the Tallahassee Regional Airport. Around thirteen hundred people got a first hand look at modern and antique airplanes including some that were used in World War Two ...

Jones Beach Air Show Live By Sprint from
Live Media Now is working with Ustream TV to provide a live media broadcast of the New York Jones Beach Airshow May 23-24, 2009. For questions and ideas please contact Tom Bendien at

Jon Melby Airshows: Official Site of Jon Melby Airshows from
Welcome to the website of Jon Melby Airshows! Jon is a 30+ year highly experienced pilot and also an eight year veteran airshow pilot. You can participate by becoming a member of the Jon Melby Airshows Extreme Flight Team! There are multiple benefits of being on the Extreme Flight Team.

WWII bomber to fly into SD this week - KMEG 14, IA
A recently restored Boeing B17 bomber -- "The Liberty Belle" -- will fly into Joe Foss Field tomorrow. 1 of only 15 flying bombers of its type, it will be on display through next Sunday at Landmark Aviation with flights on the craft available from 10 ...

College wants to shed aviation relic - Victoria Advocate, TX
The retired EC-121, a version of which transported President Eisenhower from 1954-61, flew here 28 years ago for use in aviation maintenance classes. The military adaptation of the Lockheed Constellation taxied now and then, but mostly it has stood ...

Schumer says Intrepid should host retired shuttle - Newsday, NY
NASA announced that it will send three soon-to-be retired space shuttles to institutions around the country, and New York's Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum would like to get one of them. Schumer said Sunday he is supporting the Intrepid's bid for a ...

Forget Lindbergh, Augusta watched Agnes - Augusta Chronicle, GA
The identity of the young woman was kept secret until after the event when it was revealed that 19-year-old Agnes Holliman of 2562 Wheeler Road was the daring ``Augusta Aviatrix.'' A crowd of 10000 watched all this along Broad Street that Saturday ...

1-handed pilot wins aviation award - News On 6, OK
Eric Gaffney was honored last month with the Department of Aviation's Stick and Rudder Award, which is presented each year to the student who demonstrates "the most readiness for flight." Gaffney, whose father is an American Airlines mechanic, ...

How to land an F-16 with a spinal injury - Air Force News
Flying above the Gulf of Mexico in the early afternoon, Maj. Booth Johnston steered his F-16 Fighting Falcon upward at better than 500 mph.
The 9-G turn pushed Johnston, who stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 200 pounds, into the fighter's seat, a sensation not much different from hundreds of other times during his 2,500 hours in F-16s.
Then something snapped.
Near the top of Johnston's spine, the disk between the fifth and sixth vertebra suddenly popped out of place, pinching the nerves that connect his brain with his feet and hands. ...

Havin' Fun In The Sun III - Aviation Podcast #160 from The Finer Points - Aviation Podcast
This week on The Finer Points we listen in on select highlights of a live radio broadcast from the broadcast headquarters of Sun N Fun Radio.

DH 98 Mosquito NF 30 RK952 from
Air show photos by (Karen Johnson)
What flying boat is this? from PPRuNe Forums by Self Loading Freight
Pics from my day at the RAF Mildenhall Air Show 2009... by funkyimage
Here are 2 pics of the Osprey today. #1 & #2 pretty cool military aircraft! by (Peggy)
USAF F-16XL Delta Wing Test Fighter Aircraft from Military Pictures by Scott

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