Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A New FW 190

I received an email from Frederic Cottin in France. Regular readers may recall I met Frederic at the Reno Air Races last September. Frederic was kind enough to send the following pictures with a summary of what has taken place. I've paraphrased Frederic's summary below. Credit to Frederic for the photos also!

There is a new Focke Wulf 190 flying in the skies of France and Frederic was there to see the first flight. This Fw190 was not build during WW2, instead it is one of the "new" Fw 190 builds in Germany. The aircraft arrived one year ago in France at Darois airport unassembled. A three person team worked through numerous challenges to get her put together, and last Saturday she made her maiden flight. This aircraft is equipped with a Russian engine (same as the Lavochkin LA-9).


Thank you Frederic!

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