Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gathering Foundation Newsletter - Spring 2009


Gathering Foundation, Inc. Launches Initial Website

You’ve probably noticed a different look to this issue of our newsletter. As promised, we are transitioning information from the Gathering of Mustangs & Legends website to www.gatheringfoundation.org.  The Gathering Foundation, Inc. (GFI) is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) corporation working to preserve the legacy of the remaining vintage fighter aircraft throughout the world by sustaining their history and contribution to aviation.

Most of the information at www.gml2007.com will become part of the P-51 Mustang portion of the GFI website.  But the GFI will focus on many fighter aircraft, such as the P-38, P-40, Spitfire, Zero and Corsair to name a few.

All current email newsletter subscribers will automatically become part of the GFI’s database. And we hope that you will forward our newsletters to other friends of historical aviation so we can continue to build our community.

Phase One of the GFI website is live and features general information about the Foundation, its mission and items “On The Horizon”.  Click here to visit the new site. We expect to have Phase Two completed later this year!

Gray Eagles Foundation Releases DVD

Using thrilling, vibrant, aerial photography, “Gray Eagles” shows the reunion between a humble WWII Mustang ace, Jim Brooks, and the historic plane, that after 60 years, he never thought he'd see again. Inspired by the flood of memories triggered by this unimaginable encounter with a long lost friend, the 88-year old pilot finally breaks his silence, sharing his stories and experiences of war with the grandchildren who never thought they'd hear them.

Click here for more information on purchasing the tax-deductible “Gray Eagles” DVD. 

Air Show Benefits AeroShell Team Pilot Alan Henley

A benefit air show was held at Cecil Field in Jacksonville, FL., April 18-19 for Alan Henley, AeroShell team pilot, who suffered a severe spinal injury last summer in an accident at his home.  An all-star list of performers graciously donated their time and performances to help raise money for Alan’s medical costs and his wife and two children.

With no marketing or financial support, the show organizers managed to attract a crowd of 28,000 during the weekend, raising in excess of $110,000 for the Alan Henley Foundation. 

Alan has given generously to the world of aviation and is longtime friend of The Gathering Foundation.  If any of our community members are interested in making even a small donation to help Alan and his family, please click here.

We greatly appreciate any support you are able to give.


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Other Offers

Mustang pilot and Legend Bill Overstreet chased a ME-109 under the Eiffel Tower during a 1944 air-to-air dogfight over Paris?  Read this incredible story and more here.





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