Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gwlad flying high at 103!

Well known Bundaberg centenarian Gwladys Thompson firmly believes the secret to living is just that, living. She lives life to the full and last Friday took a joy flight in a Cessna 310 piloted by Richard King-Siem where she took the controls over the Burnet Heads coastline.
Born at a time before even our famous Bert Hinkler flew, 103 year old Gwladys Thompson must be one of Australia’s oldest flying enthusiasts. Back then, in Old South Wales, she remembers even just the sight of an aircraft flying would cause much excitement, sensation and neck craning.
Gwladys, a Welsh spelling, came to visit Bundaberg Airport to witness the excitement mounting as the staff and many volunteers make the final arrangements for the largest airshow of its kind in Australia. The Wide Bay Australia International Airshow flies off on 3 July and lands again on the 5 July. Between those dates you can witness some great aeronautical spectacles that will leave you breathless.
Aviation nuts and nerds of all ages will be beating a flightpath to Bundaberg from Australia and overseas to replenish their enthusiasm for everything connected with the aviation industry. It is important to remember that this is one of the largest growth industries in the world as new boundaries are crossed daily by new forms of flight. A very interesting display at the Wide Bay Australia International Airshow will be the Unmanned aerial drones that will patrol the skies with cameras recording information for authorities - this information can be useful for tracking illegal land clearing, unapproved building structures and drug farms etc. This is beside the huge increase in passenger and cargo aircraft production.
The Wide Bay Australia International Airshow brings you the cream of aviation professionals to show off their wares to all, from the aviation professional and addict to the keen amateur then those of us who just love watching the magic of flight.
Plus those centenarians who just keep on keeping on! 
Good on you Gwladys!
Visit the website for more information:
Or call the Airshow Hotline on 61 74155 0044 to find out more.

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