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A Salute to Tradition - Annapolis Capital, MD
Commissioning Week happens the same way each year - the Blue Angels fly in on Tuesday, they do their flight demonstration on Wednesday, graduation is Friday. Even the rain plan stays the same from year to year. After more than two decades of Navy life, ...

2009 RIANG Open House from Kings Media
Current Lineup: USN Blue Angels, AF Snowbirds, US Army Black Daggers, USAF F15E Strike Eagle, USAF F16CJ Viper, RIANG C-130J-30 Demo, USMC V-22 Osprey Demo, The Horsemen Demo (3xP51), Ed Hamill - Air Force Reserve BiPlane, Sean D Tucker - Oracle Challenger, John Klatt - Staudacher S-300D, Michael Goulian - Extra 330SC, L39 Demo

Memorial Day Weekend Bethpage Federal Credit Union Air Show at Jones Beach by YourLI

WARNING FROM HEALTH CANADA! from Windsor International Air Show by Century of Flight
It begins with an itch you can't scratch. From there it progresses to a dull ache that just doesn't seem to subside, even with the aspirin. Next there is a feeling of euphoria mixed in with a small bit of anxiety and then it mixes with a little bit of adrenaline.
The physical symptoms reflect a chronic “readiness” to deal with some future threat. These symptoms may include fidgeting, muscle tension, and sleeping problems. Higher levels may produce such symptoms as rapid heartbeat, sweating, increased blood pressure, nausea, and dizziness. Sometimes it just doesn't matter where you go, you just have to. ...

Joint Service Open House - Systems, GA
Hosted by the 316th Wing and narrated by Rob Reider, a veteran of the air show circuit and Midwestern TV personality, the JSOH featured exciting demonstrations of aerial US weapons systems, civilian aircraft stunt flying and an amazing performance by ...

Kemble Air Show press launch goes off with a flier - Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard, UK
Other highlights include the Red Arrows returning to their spiritual home of Kemble on the Saturday, the legendary Spitfire, and a Chinook helicopter showing its surprising agility. Also appearing will be daring Cotswolds wing-walkers Team Guinot, ...

Rand Airshow from Technorati
Yesterday’s Rand Airshow took place in rather cool and windy Johannesburg weather, but flying conditions couldn’t have been more perfect: not a cloud in the sky meant that spectators, and there were a lot of them, got to see some interesting aircraft. The ZAR 50 entrance fee for the day was a bargain given the programme lineup. I arrived at the Rand Airport at just after ten and by then a 2km line of cars was waiting to get into the parking areas. Even though there was a record turnout, tick ...

Vettel and Buemi wow 130000 in Hungary - Formula 1
Meanwhile, local Red Bull Air Race legend, Peter Besenyei, took to the skies to warm up the crowd. After their time in Hungary, Vettel and Buemi journeyed together to Vienna to take part in the live Austrian sports show Sport Am Sonntag. ...

No Rest For The Spaniard Alejandro MacLean from Smoke-On by Tom
I recently contacted Carola Bisci, who is the Coordinator for Team MacLean, to ask how things were going for the team from Spain. Carola told me that at the moment, Alejandro and the team are keeping very busy with a very intense media tour in their home country including radio interviews, press conferences, media flights [...]

B-17 Bomber Lands In Sioux Falls - KELOLAND TV, SD
The B-17 Bomber is no longer in production, but it's still flying the skies today, educating people about its history and war missions. The B-17 Bomber dubbed the flying fortress as a result of her defensive fire power saw action in every theater of ...

WW2 56th Fighter Group pictures from Military Photos by DJ2
I have been working on digitizing and scanning 16mm film and photos from the 56th Fighter Group in WW2.
My Dad was a pilot in the 61st squadron, and volunteered to work in the photo lab, where he made authorized copies of pictures that interested him (photos have a release on the back). Most are copies, some he took himself.
They are all posted in photobucket, album name is 'djforall'
Or start here for videos - Try starting here for pictures.

An Air Force "Diss"? Maybe Not - WHIO Radio, OH
Ellen Belcher made some good points in her Sunday column in the Dayton Daily News editorial section. In it she mentions the fact that only 50,000 people visit the Wright Brothers National Park sites in Dayton each year, while over a million people visit the National Museum of The United States Air Force. ...

Cowl is off today from Snow Eagles Air Racing Team
41M has her cowl off today; compression checks, oil and filter change, spark plugs cleaned, examined & replaced those that needed to be. Found the alternator belt coming apart, so thankfully, that is being changed also.
Scheduled her pre-race wash & wax for June. ...

Young eagles take to the sky - Port Huron Times Herald, MI
The 9-year-old Clinton Township resident was one of dozens of children to take to the air during the Experimental Aircraft Association and Young Eagles program at the St. Clair County International Airport. Mike Woodley, the pilot who took Jackson and ...

Whirly-Girls Announce Scholarship Winners from Aviation Today
The Whirly-Girls, a worldwide organization for women helicopter pilots, announced the award of more than $25,000 in training scholarships and $12,000 in cash to six lucky recipients. Tiffany Till of Houston, Tex...

Off Beat: Flying ace needs a breather after his arrival, but not ... - The Columbian, WA
Snoopy, the World War I flying ace, is at Pearson Air Museum for a monthlong art and history exhibit. (CHARLES M. SCHULZ MUSEUM) For Bill Alley, the arrival of a new museum exhibit is like being a kid on Dec. 23, staring at all the packages under the ...

Movie Monday - May 18 - Dogfights of Desert Storm - FlightBlogger
Well, it had occurred to me that over the last several weeks with all my on-the-road reporting, I had forgotten some of the old standbys on this page like Movie Monday. As it is still one of my favorite weekly traditions on this blog, I give you the Dogfights of Desert Storm. Produced by the same people who brought us Dogfights of the Tuskegee Airmen, this History Channel program takes you inside the cockpit of the F-15C during the 1991 Gulf War and Operation Desert Storm.

Flying the Pilotmaker: A Ride in the USAF T-6A Texan II from Let's Go Flying by Steve Tupper
For many of us, the initial thrill of aviation came from military aviation as it was portrayed in the movies and on television. Many of us who followed that call to the airport and went up on our first few flights were practally overcome with newfound respect for military aviatiors. In and among the noise and excitement, we rapidly became aware that aircraft don't fly knife-edge or move fluidly through all three axes all by themselves. They require seriously skilled pilots who dedicate years of their lives to high-intensity training of a kind that most of us can only imagine. ...

Doubletake - Airpigz Blog by Martt Clupper

General Aviation Day at Paine Field from www.aafo.com
Took a trip to Paine Field in Everett Wa on Saturday. It was going to be the first of the summer 'Maintainence Flights' from the planes at the Flying Heritage Collection. I heard a P-51D and a P-47D would be flying.
I didn't realize it was also a community Air Fair. It was a fun afternoon! As a bonus, there were two additional P-51's that flew with the FHC planes. There was another D model, and a real treat; the B model with the Malcom hood, that was in the Rolls Royce competition at Reno last year, 'Impatient Virgin?'. Here are a few shots ...

Chino Pics Saturday from www.aafo.com
Somebody forgot to tell the crowd we're in a bad economy. The place was packed. The Grummans (5 Bearcats, 3 Tigercats, etc.) were great, the Horsemen were great, Dennis Sanders was great, Steve Hinton was great...you get the picture

Airshow at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point May 16, 2009 by (Mininova Pictures)
PICS: Air Show at Andrews Air Force Base by 1067wjfk
Video from our viewing of 2009 Beaufort Air Show on Saturday by AlanChaput
Airshow Pix by (Derek Williams)
Planes of Fame Airshow 2009 - Chino - 05/16/09 from FenceCheck Forums
Phantom menace fading away from Flight Image of the Day by Barbara Cockburn

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IndyAirShow: The A-26 Invader was originally built with 2 different “nose” configurations.
Which one will the IAS have?

IndyAirShow: The MH-60 Seahawk is a helicopter with a hinged tail
that folds to reduce space on ships. On display at the IAS

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