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The show began at 12:50 pm, when the Air Force Thunderbirds took off for daily practice flights before the Jones Beach Air Show this weekend. Jennifer Giannone, 37, of Smithtown, and her children Colin, 2, and Dante, 4, saw the jets up close Friday.

The deal is valid from Another summer attraction is the annual Quad-City Air Show. President and founder Ken Hopper said his organization has made a major cut in prices this year. "With the economy the way it is, last year we had tickets at $15 for ...

Air show recovers after near flameout - Helena Independent Record, MT
By EVE BYRON - Independent Record - 05/23/09 It was touch and go for the past few days, but the decision was made Friday to go full speed ahead with Helena's Thunderbirds air show. Bill Beaman, the air show's treasurer, said tough economic times ...

Plovdiv. For the seventh time Krumovo air base in Southern Bulgaria has hosted Bulgarian International Aviation Festival /BIAF2009/ called Sky for All. The organizers of the festival are Bulgarian Air Forces Foundation and Bulgarian Aviation ...

Here are the the Jones Beach Air Show 2009 Performers: Military Participants USAF Thunderbirds US Army Golden Knights CAF Snowbirds F-18F Super Hornet Demo A-10 East Coast Demo A-10/P-51 Heritage Flight 106th Air National Guard Civilian Participants Sean Tucker Matt Chapman Geico Skytypers David Windmiller B-17 "Yankee Lady" 3 Horseman P-51 Team Warbirds Over Long Island Bill Reesman, Red Bull MiG American Airpower Museum Chuck Aaron, Red Bull Helicopter Ed Hamill Air Force Reserve Biplane T...
Jones Beach Air Show 2009 from Technorati [video]

If you're still searching for something to do this weekend, don't forget the New York Air Show at Jones Beach. We were fortunate enough to get a little preview of the show yesterday and head up into the sky in a P-51 Mustang with Ed Shipley of The Horsemen . Shipley, along with Jim Beasley and Dan Friedkin make up the only world's only P-51 aerobatic team. While we highly recommend heading out to Jones Beach to

"Glacier Girl" to Try England Trip Again? Posted on 20 May 2009 by P-38. Bob Cardin with P-38 Assn. Member, the late Archie Jackson. When I saw Bob Cardin at the Planes of Fame air show this weekend, he also mentioned that they are ...
Glacier Girl Air Show Schedule - Glacier Girl by P-38
I ran into Bob Cardin (Project Manager on the Glacier Girl Expedition) this past Saturday at the Planes of Fame Air Show in Chino, and Bob mentioned that the only two air shows they have currently scheduled this year for "Glacier Girl" ...

Unsung heroes of World War II finally get their due from ExpressJet Forum by Group W Bench
It's about time....................
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- From the time she was about 8 years old, Jane Tedeschi wanted to fly.
Jane Tedeschi when she was in the Women's Airforce Service Pilot program.
"[Charles] Lindbergh was flying across the Atlantic, and a lot of other people were flying air races and things like that. It was very romantic," she said.
Flight was still relatively new in the 1920s and 1930s, and female pilots were few.
But Tedeschi was determined.
In 1941, she found a childhood friend who taught flying and started taking lessons. After the friend was sent off to war and the airport near her home in Bethesda, Maryland, was closed to private flying, she traveled about 40 miles to Frederick and spent nights on the floor of a farmhouse to continue her lessons.
Around the same time, Deanie Parrish was working in a bank in Avon Park, Florida, and kept seeing aviation students who were attending a flying school there. ...

Equinunk community honors WWII vet - Wayne Independent, PA
Wellington Lester, a local historian, personally knew the man who earned the Purple Heart, after receiving serious injury when his B-25 plane was shot down over Italy. They grew up together in this small northern Wayne County hamlet. ...

Chivalry from Neptunus Lex by lex
It wasn't completely dead in the winter of 1943.

Caudron C.460 from Another Time by Dan Linn
A few years back I made it by Flabob Airport in Riverside, California and saw the makings of a unique flying machine. I was told it was a replica of the fast racing ship, the Caudron C.460. It is now hitting the press that this sleek ship is flying. AEROPLANE magazine, the May 2009 issue has a short write up... also EAAs VINTAGE AIRPLANE magazine, the May 2009 issue has great pictures and a complete write up. I found the above picture on the Antique Airfield web site. Nice shot of this slick ship! Hats off to the crew at Aero Craftsman!

The Wyvern and others from Airline Pilot Central Forums by III Corps
... Not to be outdone, Douglas was working on the turbo-prop Skyraider which became the SkyShark. I read something a while back that they are restoring one of the SkySharks to flight status. The airplane, the last of seven, was reportedly at Chino. ...

eveloped as reconnaissance aircraft more than 40 years ago, SR-71s are still the world's fastest and highest-flying production aircraft.

Born in segregated South Carolina, Bolden attended high school in Columbia before graduating from the US Naval Academy in 1968. As a military aviator, he earned several honors, including the Distinguished Flying Cross. Bolden also flew on the 1990 ...

Young Eagles take flight - Dubuque Telegraph Herald, IA
Aircraft Association's Young Eagles program at the Dubuque Regional Airport. Young Eagles pilot Bill Fitch conducted three plane rides, taking each resident on a 2800-foot private ride above the city. Turn to tomorrow's TH, for more on the Young Eagles ...

Russian rescuers have saved the life of a pilot whose light aircraft got trapped in a 220 kV power line – it was a miraculous escape as his plane could either have fallen or simply burned to ashes. It is yet unknown why the aircraft, which was flying ...

Breguet 1150 Atlantic from FenceCheck Forums
VNY- Van Nuys from FenceCheck Forums
This Weekends PIX!! 22/23 May, 2009 from Military Photos by bd popeye [Blue Angels Fly Over]
Crashed BA 777 and SIA A380 turn up on Google Earth from Flight International by David Kaminski-Morrow

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