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Indy Transponder 26-SEP09 1600z

USAF Thunderbirds in Australia from Military Photos by Ordie
THEY are the world's top military aerobatic team and they are set to thrill Australian audiences for the first time since 1992 when they roar over Townsville tomorrow in six brightly painted F-16s. The US Air Force Thunderbirds are in Australia as part of a packed schedule that includes performances before huge crowds at airshows around the world. Townsville is the first stop on a month-long tour of the Far East.

Thunderbirds are go! «Cameron Laird – Photographer from
The United States Air Force
Thunderbirds flew their F16 Falcons into Townsville, Australia today ahead of a big airshow planned for the weekend. I was there to shoot them for ‘Uncle Rupert’ and took the opportunity to grab a bit of HD Video as well.

Sidney Hosts Canadian Snowbirds North Dakota News - Reiten Television KXMB Bismarck
Jim Olson was in Sidney today as the Snowbirds swooped overhead and landed at the Sidney-Richland Airport to prepare for the weekend show. ...

Red Arrows' Fitting Response to Spanish Incursions - Vox Online News
Friday's arrival of the raf's Red Arrows - whose Battle of Britain commemorative display drew hundreds of spectators to Europa Point the following day ...

Breitling jet trainers to star in airshow - Times of Malta
Photos: Chris Sant Fournier The world famous Breitling Jet Team will be the stars of the show at this year's Malta International Airshow today and tomorrow. ...

Tens of thousands expected at Southport Airshow - Southport Visiter
Tens of thousands of spectators are expected on Southport beach this weekend as the airshow celebrates its 17th year as the biggest aviation display in the ...

Reno Air Race morning, better start : Moose News Blog from
On the ramp by 06:00, we were greeted by not only some promising clouds on the horizon, but the entire Blue Angel flight line a buzz with activity basically sinking my morning photographic plans. Oh well, I went over to the F15s to work them in the coming color.

Weekly Update - 18September to 26September from CAF Minnesota Wing Blog by Commemorative Air Force, MN Wing
Wow... what an incredible week. Dance week of course is always a busy one, and this was no exception. Saturday the 19th was our Fall Bombers Moon Ball. The day started early with the departure of the B-25 for Faribault, MN. The Harvard and P-51 had already made their way to Faribault earlier in the week. The crew took off around 9:30, and then it was off to work on cleaning up the hangar, and setting up for the dance. This took and extraordinarily short amount of time! With a great crew, and a little help from ABC Rentals, we were able to have the hangar swept, mopped, set-up and ready to go by Noon! Then it was a matter of getting out signs, setting up a few lights, getting the vehicles out and the aircraft arranged. All in all, a very smooth set up! At about 4 o'clock, the P-51 and Harvard arrived home. About 2 hours later the B-25 arrived, just about the time people started to steadily arrive for the dance. It was a rather grand entrance! The dance kicked off shortly after, and what a day for it! It was beautiful... warm and cloudless... perfect for the dance. Attendence was excellent, food and drinks were constantly sold, and everyone seemed to have a great time!!! Our volunteer crew was very professional and hard working. Our cleanup crew stayed late into the night to tear down and put away everything... it took until 2 am, but there were a couple of chances to take a break and have a drink... Thanks to everyone who helped us throughout the day and night!!!!! Wednesday after a dance tends to be a little quiet. It's nice to take a break and enjoy just being at the hangar. Larry Utter had other plans however, and prepped for a trip to Oshkosh, WI to help out Devil Dog. Larry and Roby Bybee picked up the prop stand from Maxwell Propeller. Thursday morning, Larry and Earl Teporten headed into Wisconsin to get Devil Dog's propeller and bring it to Maxwell for overhaul. Way to help out other CAF units guys!

Off to Faribault from CAF Minnesota Wing Blog by Commemorative Air Force, MN Wing
An early morning prep for the flight to Faribault for a one-day airshow. It went very well. The crew sold PX merchandise and tours all day! Way to go guys! (Photos Thanks to Earl Teporten)

The Calm Before the DANCE! from CAF Minnesota Wing Blog by Commemorative Air Force, MN Wing
With set up having been completed so early in the day, the afternoon was spent do minor prep work, and awaiting the arrival of our aircraft. Visit for more Dance photos.

Dance, Dance, DANCE! from CAF Minnesota Wing Blog by Commemorative Air Force, MN Wing
Dance night is a lot of fun... a lot of work but a lot of fun! Everyone put out a great effort, and had a great attitude while volunteering! Some new things for this dance included two food lines (seems to have worked out well) and a photo booth set up, allowing people to take their photos next to the P-51 for a donation of any kind. It was thought up by Matt Holland, was executed by Matt and Gary Chambers and it brought in a good chunk for change! Way to go! Thanks again to everyone for their hard work! Visit to see more dance photos!

Helping Devil Dog from CAF Minnesota Wing Blog by Commemorative Air Force, MN Wing
This summer Devil Dog, one of the CAF's B-25 bombers, ran into problems. Initially it was thought that the carburetor had failed during the Oshkosh, WI airshow. Soon after they found that the engine had failed. When this happens, many parts need to be cleaned, inspected, or overhauled. The Devil Dog group is trying to get the aircraft back to Texas before the snow flies. To help them in this goal, Larry Utter set up a run out to Oshkosh to remove their propeller and bring it to Maxwell Props in the Twin Cities for overhaul. Larry and Earl Teporten took off early Thursday morning, removed the prop, and returned home that evening. Thanks to everyone involved in getting this done... It's a great example of what CAF teamwork is, and how we can keep the aircraft flying! Win A Mustang Flight - The prize is a 30 minute flight from and back to Wanaka Airport during or just after the Airshow in April 2010. Not for the faint hearted, mild...

'Sarang' team bids adieu to Yelahanka Air Force Station - Deccan Herald
“The Sarang team will move to the Sulur Air Force Station in Coimbatore. The decision is a routine operational requirement of the IAF. ...

Surya Kirans are coming - Times of India
It is cleared by the IAF but the Surya Kiran team is constrained to restrict its acrobatic display over fuel, the sources added. The Sarang, the helicopter ...

IAF's birds to display their prowess - Times of IndiaThe IAF has agreed to get Mysore the Sarang team while the decision on the number of aircrafts that will fly in Surya Kiran team will be taken on Monday. ...

Skywalker family to stay - Express Buzz
The Sarang team and their brilliant aerobatic display at Yelahanka Air Force Station in Bangalore. BANGALORE: The Sarang display team of the Indian Air ...

Make-A-Wish Foundation fulfills pilot's dream from Aviation eBrief
Rich Martin, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma at age 14, received his pilot's license at age 17 with the help of t -

World War II vet wants war's fallen remembered - Houston Chronicle
By now the second Japanese torpedo had struck, shearing off the bow of the USS Indianapolis while ensuring the 600-foot-long cruiser would soon rest on the ...

NH WWII Pilot Gets Wish for Final B-24 Flight - ABC News
World War II pilot Bernerd Harding, 90, smiles inside the cockpit of a B-25 in Laconia, NH, Friday, Sept. 25,2009. Harding was a pilot when he was shot down ...

Building gives lift to aviation program Journal and Courier from
The Niswonger Aviation Technology Building, home of Purdue University's flight program, was dedicated Friday. The 18,200-square-foot building that includes a slanted roof on top of glass walls was named after Scott Niswonger, a 1968 Purdue aviation graduate who gave $4.6 million for construction of the new building and partial renovation of the existing facility. The total project cost $7.5 million.

Croydon Airport expert speaks of 50 years of history ahead of fly-past - Croydon Advertiser
Reporter ROSS LIDBETTER looks at the history of the famous site ahead of a fly-past taking place tomorrow (Sunday) to celebrate it In its heyday the airport ...

On This Day in Aviation History: September 26th by Phil Derner Jr.

World War II: Market-Garden Collapses from Military History
September 17-25, 1944 - Allied forces conduct
Operation Market-Garden (right) in an attempt to cross the Rhine. Facing a supply issue and wishing to end the war quickly, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized Operation Market-Garden with the goal of taking key bridges in the Netherlands. Designed by Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, the plan called for Allied airborne divisions to land and capture key bridges at Eindhoven, Nijmegen, and Arnhem while the British XXX Corps advanced north to their relief. Plagued by intelligence failures, poor weather, overly optimistic planning, and a lack of tactical initiative, the operation only secured the bridges at Eindhoven and Nijmegen and saw Allied airborne forces, particularly the British 1st Airborne, take heavy losses. The largest airborne operation in history, Market-Garden was dubbed "a bridge too far" and was a strategic failure. Market-Garden was commemorated in the 1977 epic A Bridge Too Far. Give us your thoughts on this ambitious plan and whether it could have worked out differently.

Europe Trip #7: RAF Museum Hendon - 2 - Single piston/ radial/ rotary engines from Rodney's Aviation Ramblings by Rodney
I've given a fair bit of through how to arrange these photos. By manufacturer? Type? Age? War? In the end, I'm going to group them pretty much as I came across them in the museum, except that I'll tend to put them in roughly into groups of single pistons, jets etc. Please excuse the quality of the photos in this section. I'm shooting with a Canon EOS 450D [which is an awesome camera], but the lighting is designed for people to walk in and see more than to take photos! Using the flash doesn't often seem to work well either, but I'm sure you will agree, it's good to see these machines anyway! This post contains some of the single engined piston aircraft I saw in the first couple of hangers. Top to bottom are:

Europe Trip #8: RAF Museum Hendon - 3 - Single piston/ radial/ rotary engines again from Rodney's Aviation Ramblings by Rodney
Here are some more of the single-engined aircraft at the RAF Museum in Hendon. In this post we have the following:

Europe Trip #9: RAF Museum Hendon - 4 - Single piston/ radial/ rotary engines - even more from Rodney's Aviation Ramblings by Rodney
Ok, straight in to the pictures this time! Top to bottom are:

Europe Trip #10: RAF Museum Hendon - 5 - Last of the single piston/ radial/ rotary engines from Rodney's Aviation Ramblings by Rodney
If you get from all of these pictures, that I really enjoyed myself, you'd be absolutely right! What follows are the last of the single engine propeller aircraft that I photographed [other types of aircraft to follow in the next couple of days!]. As I mentioned in an earlier post, these don't really do justice to the aircraft due mainly to the lighting in the hangers, but I guess that's just another reason to make the effort to
go and visit this awesome museum! One thing that impressed me was the breadth and depth of aircraft on display. Several Spitfire, Hurricanes and Bf 109's, as well as many types that I hadn't heard of before, and types that I would not get near to here in New Zealand. Awesome!

Europe Trip #12: RAF Museum Hendon - 7 - More multi props from Rodney's Aviation Ramblings by Rodney
ontinuing the series of multi-engined propeller aircraft, here are 3 views of the mighty Boeing B17 Flying Fortress bomber, plus 1 each of the North American B25 Mitchell, Airspeed Oxford and the de Havilland Mosquito.

Europe Trip #13: RAF Museum Hendon - 8 - Last of the multi-props from Rodney's Aviation Ramblings by Rodney
This last post in the series of multi-engined propeller aircraft includes a number of German aircraft. I guess it just shows the depth of this museum that they have such a wide range of English, German, American, Italian, Japanese and aircraft from other nations in the three buildings that I visited. Now, if only they were airworthy!

FC Interview – “Corky” Erie, Part 2 Airshows Fence Check from
This week, Fence Check presents Part Two of our interview with Cork Erie, director of the NAS Oceana Airshow. (Missed Part One? You can read it
here). What input does the Navy have into planning the show? And how is Fleet participation in the flying display arranged? I work for the Navy to produce the show, reporting directly to the base’s Commanding Officer. I don’t do any big-ticket stuff without talking to him first. I give him continual updates and briefs. I make sure he’s happy with what I’m doing. The current Commanding Officer is always the previous Executive Officer, so he’ll have seen me do a show before he gets the job. So far they’ve liked the way I do it so they don’t have a

United States - Illinois - Waukegan Airshow 2009 - Chicago / Waukegan - 09/19/09 from FenceCheck Forums - More F-86 photos:

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