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Indy Transponder 9-March 1605z

Vintage aircraft show lands in New Iberia - KATC, LA
Next came the B-24 Liberator, a powerful bomber that executed a majestic sweep over the airfield before making its own landing. The B-17 Flying Fortress was third in line, a bomber made famous by the movies Twelve O'Clock High and Memphis Belle. ...

Jet-lag hits air show's high flyer - The Age
The show opens to the public at 2pm on Friday and runs throughout the weekend. The show's chief executive, Ian Honnery, said more than 400 aircraft would be on display, ranging from the latest fighter jets and large long-haul passenger aircraft to a ...

Last chance to see the war birds swoop - The Australian, Australia
THE RAAF's oldest aircraft were on display for one of the last times yesterday when they joined Melbourne's Moomba festivities. Families that converged on the city centre on the public holiday had a great view of fighter jets the F/A-18 Hornet and ...

Flights of fancy at 300km/h - Herald Sun, Australia
The rare convoy came as much of Australia's military airpower headed to Avalon for this week's Australian International Airshow. The airshow will also be a public farewell to two aircraft types. Avalon is the last chance the Victorian public will have ...

enthusiasts damp but undaunted - Drivesouth, New Zealand
The Royal New Zealand Air Force formation aerobatic display team, the Red Checkers, put on two demonstrations and a lot of people went up for joy rides and trial flights, where they tried their hand at the controls with an instructor sitting beside ...

A wing and a prayer - Arizona Daily Wildcat, AZ
Davis-Monthon hosted the Heritage Flight Conference, an aircraft-training event, March 6 to 8. Air Force Colonel Eric Schnaible, director of public affairs for air combat command, said this was an opportunity for civilian and military pilots to train ...

Warbirdworld update from Warbirdworld by WireFox
Warbirdworld was out and about with the camara this weekend being the 8th of March. The general picture out and about is one of completed warbirds ready for action, and some still with various panels and fittings still laying about or away being serviced. Shuttleworth was the first port of call, with the hope of seeing the Peter Hollaway Fi. Storch about, but no such luck because of the weather. However I can tell you that, if the weather is good on Weds, being the 11th of March, it is hoped that this aircraft will take to the skies for the first post-restoration flight then. ...

Movie Monday - March 9 - Dogfights of the Tuskegee Airmen
from FlightBlogger - Aviation News, Commentary and Analysis by Jon Ostrower
As one of the most famous squadrons of World War II, the Tuskegee Airmen helped moved both America and the war effort forward. The History Channel recently took famous air battles and combined their historic retelling with computer animation to bring the history to life in a program called Dogfights. What follows is a retelling of some of the most famous dogfights of World War II as told by the men who sat in the cockpit of the North American P-51 Mustang. The Tuskegee Airmen recount their time flying against the Luftwaffe.

Once in a Lifetime VAC Mission from Veterans Airlift Command by Veterans Airlift
We pilots, who have flown VAC missions, have felt our heart strings tugged upon by the soldiers and families we have encountered. Stoic hearts, bravery and courtesy have been the hallmark of all of those I have transported.
I recently had a once in a lifetime honor of transporting a man whom exemplifies Duty, Honor, Country over a long service life. Lt. General (Ret) Hal Moore. You may know him as the man represented by Mel Gibson in the movie "We were Soldiers" he authored the book "We were Soldiers once and young" . The book chronicles the battle of the La Drang Valley which was also known as the Valley of Death. In reality Lt. General Moore, then a Lt. Col, took 395 soldiers of the US 7th Cavalry up against 4000 well armed, well trained North Vietnamese regulars…and won! ...

For Women's History Month The Cut and Paste Aviation blog did a great job of gathering information and posting articles about women who have left their mark on aviation history - Enjoy!
The America Air Entry into the Great War - Part 2 from Aviation Earth
This is Part 2 of "The America Air Entry into the Great War" story. View Part 1 of the story here. Pershing's response was as pragmatic as his management skills. He knew men like Mitchell would form the cornerstone of his Army's air arm. Pershing would live with a hotheaded officer as long as he delivers [...]

Website uncovers war crash story - BBC News, UK
Clementine Joan Haskins, who saw the plane crash, said: "Within a few minutes we heard the sound of this aeroplane - we saw it was a RAF one by the markings. "It was in trouble and it veered slightly to the left - it got out of our sight on the horizon ...

The Student Pilot: Inspiration from Let's Go Flying by Steve Tupper
If, like many of the people who read this blog, you're a student pilot or a non-aviator, you might look with awe at those leather-faced aviators or advanced students around the airport and wonder if they ever thought about when they were students or non-aviators like you. You know the type. They walk around with instrument approach plates and IFR en route charts that don't even have ground features marked on them. ...

Milestones of Flight: 3/9 from Cut and Paste Aviation by KenInfinite

NASA TV to air Tuesday's Space Station Spacewalk from NASA Breaking News
NASA Television will provide live coverage of the March 10 spacewalk of Expedition 18 Commander Mike Fincke and Flight Engineer Yury Lonchakov.

'Caption Contest' #11 Is Off The Ground Ends Tuesday 3-10-09 At 9PM EDT from Airpigz Blog by Martt Clupper

Avalon Air Show - Australia by wolfcat (Wolf Cocklin)
Hops and Props - EAA from

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