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Indy Transponder 11-March 2300z

Blue Angels to Open 2009 Air Show Season in El Centro Saturday ... - Navy Compass
Naval Air Facility El Centro, California is the winter training home for the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron - the Blue Angels.

More-powerful planes throw T-birds for a loop from Air Force Times - News
The Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, better known as the Thunderbirds, kicks off its 2009 air show season Thursday with its annual acceptance show at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev.

Navy parades its wares in harbour rendezvous - Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
The morning's events will include a 21-gun salute from HMAS Sydney and, weather permitting, a flypast by a navy Sea King helicopter carrying a large Australian white ensign. That will be followed by a flypast of navy Sea King and Sea Hawk helicopters ...

AIM - St. Clair County International Air Show - (press release), MA
Airports included in this package are: KPHN - St. Clair County International and 11G - Johnson Field. 2 Lear jets will fly from St. Clair County International (KPHN) to Flint Bishop (KFNT) and back at 1800 and 2000 hours every day. ...

Tucson Davis Monthan Heritage Flight Conference from Technorati
Heritage Flight Conference D-M 2008 Heritage Conference The annual Heritage Flight Conference is going on this weekend at Davis Monthan Air Force Base . It is not open to the Public but you can view it from a variety of locations around Tucson. One of the best I've found is Reid Park . We have been getting a lot of hits on the Tucson Air Show wondering if it is going on. There is no Tucson Air Show for 2009 . What we are all seeing flying in the skies overhead is the annual tr

Aviation Events and Air Shows This March 2009 from Technorati
Posted by Jess Dayuno on March 10th, 2009 Air Shows are highly anticipated aviation events in the aviation community. It was just unfortunate that some aviation organizations in some key cities around the world decided to skip this year due to the global recession. Photo Credit: Beige AlertHowever, I am happy to note that there are still some aviation enthusiasts who are continuing with their annual fly in, air show and business trade and here's the schedule of events this March.United Stat

Women's History Month: Honoring past, present, future from Air Force Link
From banding together to serve their country during World War I to pushing for the 19th Amendment, women have played a huge part in defining America and the armed forces.
For more than a decade, American presidents have proclaimed the month of March as Women's History Month, with the goal of recognizing women and reflecting on the contributions they've made throughout history.
"The reason women's history is so important is because it's the same foundation on why we recognize other multicultural history months," said Col. Angela Thompson, the 435th Medical Group commander here. People learn additional information during these celebrations every year.

Restored World War II plane only one of four - Fermanagh Herald (registration), UK
In the early 1970s, aeroplane restorer, Ron Souch first learned of the existence of G-AERV. Ron runs Aero Antiques, a Hampshire-based company dealing in the restoration of aeroplanes from the 20s and 30s era. Today, he has just finished a seven-year ...

Rare WWII plane in airfield crash - The Sun, UK
A WORLD War Two Hurricane fighter – believed to be the only airborne model of its kind – crash landed today.
... “The pilot was the only person on board and he walked away from the incident,” a spokesman for the service said. ...

Plans for new Chanute Air Museum facility in motion - Urbana/Champaign News-Gazette
"Not everybody can travel to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Hopefully, this money will help generate more interest in a museum in our own backyard, run by volunteers, in the town of Rantoul that has suffered more than its share of economic ...

Vulcan take off from Leuchars, cockpit view from Technorati
Thought this was worthy of inclusion as it shows the view from inside XH558 as it takes off from RAF Leuchars and begins a circuit over the waters to the east. Shot on September 13, 2008. Enjoy the climb, probably not something B-52 crew get to experience. Among the many virtues that the Vulcan is reputed to possess, is its remarkable handling, described by some who have been fortunate enough to fly the aircraft as being handling and agility more like a fighter than than a bomber of

The Main (Gate) Attraction from Steve's AirVenture Site Updates by EAA Staff
At long last, we're getting confirmation on where some of the remaining buildings will be located after we moved them from the area just north of AeroShell Square. We've already discussed the Chapter and Young Eagles buildings (at the corner of Waukau and Knapp Street Road); International Visitors' Tent (just north of the Control Tower); and the IAC Headquarters (A little bit south of it former

Leather-clad Amelia Earhart look-alikes at Hermes - International Herald Tribune, France
AP PARIS: A dozen prop-plane rotors began to spin, a deafening roar of take off filled the hall, and Amelia Earhart look-alikes in luxurious bomber jackets and aviator goggles strode down the catwalk. French saddlemaker Hermes played to its strengths ...

Women's Aviation Group Gives Scholarships to KSU Salina Students - KSAL, KS
The Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance is recognizing two Kansas State University at Salina students with scholarships. The Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance is recognizing two Kansas State University at Salina students with ...

Affection for planes is no flight of fancy - Geelong Advertiser, Australia
He loves the jets with all of their power and the warbirds with all of their history and has deep admiration for the people who thrill and mesmerise with their aerobatics. As US pilot Kent Pietsch went about his aerobatic routine, landing on the back ...

13-year-old Pilot waits to go solo from News
Many young people don't know what they want to be when they are older, but for Michael Domb, he already knows. And he is only 13. His plans are to join the Israeli Air Force when he turns...

Two Arrested In Murder-By-Gyroplane Investigation from Aero-News Network
Hunt Supporter May Have Been Mowed Over By Taxiing Gyro A 48-year-old man known for his enjoyment of working with dogs to support foxhunters in England is dead, and local officials are investigating the possibility of foul play.

STS-119 to Launch No Earlier Than Sunday - NASA
Space shuttle Discovery's launch to the International Space Station now is targeted for no earlier than March 15. NASA managers postponed Wednesday's planned liftoff due to a leak associated with the gaseous hydrogen venting system outside the external fuel tank. The system is used to carry excess hydrogen safely away from the launch pad. ...

STS-119 Update!! from How I Am Becoming An Astronaut by Damaris B. Sarria
The seven astronauts will be awakened at 11 a.m. to begin their launch day routine.
Filling of the external fuel tank will begin around 12:00pm. The astronauts will then suit up shortly before 5 p.m. and depart from the crew quarters at 5:30 p.m.
Arrival at the launch pad should occur by 6 p.m. to start strapping aboard Space Shuttle Discovery. The crew hatch door is scheduled to be closed for flight a little after 7 p.m. EDT.

Moon Rises Over Space Shuttle Launch from
The shuttle Discovery will launch under the light of a nearly full moon tonight.

Interviews with author of SpaceShipOne book from RLV and Space Transport News
The 62 Mile Club blog points to a couple Youtube videos of interviews with author Dan Linehan about his book SpaceShipOne: An Illustrated History. They include a C-SPAN BookTV interview and the following clip from an Arizona TV program:

Airspeed Colors Fly Down Under from Airspeed by Stephen Force (Steve Tupper)
10,000 days ago today, in a faraway land, there was an airshow...... from PPRuNe Forums
More hybrid rocket car coverage from Dick's Rocket Dungeon by Dick
Three Lockheeds from Another Time by Dan Linn

Tuskegee Airmen to be Honored at this Year's Indianapolis 500 ... -, NE
Also launched at Tuskegee was the 477th Medium Bomb Group, four B-25 squadrons that didn't have an opportunity to go overseas before the war ended. "Those guys are too often overlooked," added Watson, "but like the 332nd, they proved that any American, ...

What will an Indy astronaut take into space on Discovery? from - Top Stories
Take our weekly news quiz on stories appearing in The Star

Space Shuttle Pilot's Indiana Ties Leave Lasting Impression from - Local News
Students and teachers at Northeast Elementary School in Greenwood are thrilled that a space shuttle pilot is an alumnus.

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