Saturday, March 21, 2009

Events to Thrive—Not Just Survive—in Rocky Economy

March 20, 2009

Contact: Linda Sparks, Association Founder

Events to Thrive—Not Just Survive—in Rocky Economy

Just-in-time to help weather the storm facing many of our favorite community events--
The International Association of Event Promoters (IAEP) is opening the doors to membership.

This brand new Association created for festivals, fairs, air shows, charity and other large event types, brings to the industry a tremendous opportunity for growth through active collaboration. Member events will do much more than survive these rocky economic times—they will thrive!

For too long the event industry has seriously neglected the important issues of ticket sales and attendance, focusing instead on sponsorship and operations. Today, in this economic uncertainty, sponsorships are becoming far less reliable. As a result, events will be forced to maximize their income from ticket sales and attendance—a practical necessity in any economy!

“We recognize a great opportunity to come along side event promoters and provide them with a professional community of their own. The association we’ve created will give organizers and promoters a place to tap into the energy and wisdom of their peers as well as a range of industry partners. We’re very excited to bring this association to the market”, reports Linda Sparks, Association Founder.

The IAEP is host to a virtual base camp for event promoters at In the exclusive Member Area, we host discussion forums, links to mission critical resources, timely articles, monthly TeleSeminars and newsletter addressing issues affecting the industry.

The event industry is an extremely diverse community including for-profits, not-for-profits, organizations with the sole purpose of hosting a specific annual event, and organizations with a singular focus that occasionally produce a large event. Many promotion teams are not experienced marketers. These teams are often comprised of volunteers with willing hearts, summer interns, and occasionally a coordinator with some formal marketing background. The IAEP will level the playing field substantially, by bringing a professional Promotion Tool Kit to all member organizations. Whether their goal is attracting 10,000 visitors or 200,000—or raising $10,000 or $1 million!

“It’s about time we had an association tailored especially for event promoters. As chairman of one of the largest air show events in the U.S., I have seen some recent trends in ticket sales and attendance, that I’d like to reverse and more importantly, some I’d like to build on. We expect our participation in the International Association of Event Promoters will help us to prosper and allow us to continue to expand our ongoing charitable works in our community.”
Roger Bishop, Chairman, 2009 Indianapolis Air Show

For more information about the International Association of Event Promoters or to join today please visit us at or call our offices us at 317-508-0481.

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