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Indy Transponder 15-March 0455z

Heading to the Tico Airshow .... by Thomas Rohe

Pilots start engines for Air Fiesta -, TX
During Air Fiesta, Brownsville's only flying air show, he will be one of the pilots diving, twisting and weaving above the heads of onlookers. This year's Air Fiesta will take place March 14-15 at the Brownsville/South Padre Island International ...

'For One Of The Family': MASSIVE Cecil Airshow To Benefit Alan Henley - Aero-News Network, FL
... Greg Poe, Jim Peitz, John Mohr, Lee Lauderback and Stallion 51 Mustang, Glider Pilot Manfred Radius, Patty Wagstaff, Announcer Rob Reider, Sean D. Tucker and Steve & Susanne Oliver -- and that barely covers a third of those scheduled! ...

Legends Over Madera - Air Show 2009 - (press release), NY
There will also be a large Warbird representation including the P-38 Lightning, B-25 Bombers, P-51 Mustangs, Yak-11, Japanese Zero, P-40E, F6F-5 Hellcat…to name a just few. Several of these legendary Warbirds and their pilots will be flying during the ...

The Collings Foundation airshow took place at Acadiana Regional Airport last week. (See: " Collings Foundation Brings WWII Planes to Acadiana Regional Airport "). "There were several airplanes on display including the B-17 Flying Fortress B-24 Liberator, P-51 Mustang, Bell UH-1E Huey, and the Mustang Jet series." id. The Collings Foundation has become: "The purpose of the Collings Foundation is to organize and support "living history" events that enable Americans to learn more about their ...

Bikers spring rally, Cherry Point Air show equal one big weekend - Jacksonville Daily News, NC
By Drew C. Wilson The sound of jet aircraft at this year's Cherry Point Air Show may be competing with the rumble of motorcycle mufflers around Havelock. The air show, North Carolina's largest, is May 15, 16 and 17, the same weekend that the Carolina ...

#99 EDGE 540 is "Ready to Race" from Mike Goulian Airshows
Well, all of the testing is done and the #99 EDGE 540 is back in the paint shop for final touch up. Once that is all done, we will do a final weight & balance calculation before Brad Huelsman takes it to California for disassembly and shipping to Abu Dhabi. I completed approximately fifteen flights in [...]

Tomorrow at the Udvar-Hazy Center: Women in Aviation and Space Day -
But what about the women who pioneered the development of aviation and space exploration in our history? On Saturday, March 14th, grab your family and friends and head to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center for its Women in Aviation and Space Day.

Burned pilot remains hospitalized - Vineland Daily Journal, NJ
The aircraft was featured in the Wheels and Warbirds Airshow in September in Millville. Duffy, the plane owner for whom Rush works, is not speaking to reporters, a person at the Duffy home said Thursday. The Rush family could not be reached either. ...

Idaho air museum celebrates 20 years from Air Force Times - News
NAMPA, Idaho — In the hands of John and Sue Paul, the World War II fighter plane has spawned a massive Nampa museum and scored screen time alongside Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise.

CAF P-82 Saga from Warbirdworld
I was sad to hear that the P-82 Twin-Mustang with the CAF has now started to be dismantled for trucking back to the arms of the USAFM. Pity considering that the CAF did a lot of work on this aircraft but to no avail. If I have my facts right, is this the same aircraft that the CAF wanted to 'trade' for a P-38 Lightning with the P-82 ? Is that way the USAFM put the block on the deal ? If the CAF was thinking that the aircraft belonged to them and were only acting with that in mind, why when the aircraft was either given or loaned, did the USAFM not make this plane and simple to the CAF that they could not trade it or sell it. I have never seen one of these aircraft yet, and would have loved to seen and heard this 'bird' flying at a CAF show.

History of one of the most impressive helicopters from The Adventures of Chopper Chick! by Desiree
A legend! The man himself! Igor Sikorsky. I love this photo of him.

Hilary Swank stars as Amelia Earhart from You Fly, Girl by Cathy Gale
I've been doing some research on Amelia Earhart lately, and just now came across the fact that a movie has been made of her, to be released in 2009, presumably. It's currently in post-production.
... Will be interesting to see how the movie unfolds. Amelia Earhart was 23 before she started flying, and never wanted to get married. George Putnam was divorced by his wife (who got remarried about a month later), and married Amelia. It was a marriage of convenience - Amelia sends a letter to him pointing out that she doesn't expect him to be exclusive to her, or she to him - he is just going to promotoe her flying career. ...

Victorville Report: Airbus Down, Part II from Mojave Skies by Alan Radecki
The de-construction at Victorville of ex-American Airlines Airbus A300 N7055A by Aircraft Recycling Corp. continues in this series of images from Doug. The cockpit will be saved for display purposes, and will eventually be trailered to Mojave.

Briefs: WK2 update; Mojave Air & Space Port from RLV and Space Transport News
Leonard David gives an update on the WhiteKnightTwo test program: Test Flights Ahead for SpaceShipTwo Mothership -
=== has also added a video about Mojave Air & Space Port to its collection of NewSpace videos: Magic in the Mojave - NewSpace Visionaries Shoot for the Sky

Snap provides proof the camera does lie -, UK
But in reality this incredible shot of the Red Arrows in flight involves just one model aircraft bought from a toyshop. Photographer Ray Dowding then took a picture of the sky from the window of his house and superimposed the image several times on the ...

In search of pie from The PapaGolf Chronicles by DaveG
... As we were headed out to the end or runway 2 for our departure back to Bolton, we counted no fewer than five deer on the inside of the "wildlife control" fence, thus confusing me as to what exactly it is that the fence is supposed to accomplish. All five were far enough away from the runway and ostensibly concerned enough with their own well-being to give the runway a wide berth, though, so they weren't really a factor. As we departed from the airport, I saw a huge-ish cloud of smoke off to the east. Eric was flying at that point, so I had him fly us over for a closer look. As he was flying the plane quite ably enough for me to be comfortable with a momentary distraction, I grabbed the camera and took some pictures. ...

Lawmakers Oppose LASP on Multiple Fronts from AviationBull - Where pilots go to shoot the bull... by Jason
If the TSA had its way this year, all aircraft weighing more than 12,500 pounds would be subjected to airline-level security measures, regardless of how or by whom they are operated, under a proposed rule called the Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP.) Thankfully, it seems that most of congress realizes that this rule is at best extremely flawed. As reported by the AOPA, the House aviation subcommittee sat down with TSA reps and expressed their myriad of concerns with the proposed rule. The meeting generated at least one priceless quote when Rep. Vernon Ehlers (R-Mich.) said, "This is a prime example of a stupid rule...simply put, the threat does not warrant this level of regulation." Thankfully, the aviation subcommittee isn't alone in their opinions. Rep. Bennie G. Thompson, chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security sent a letter to the TSA expressing several important concerns in a very concise manner. AOPA has posted an article summarizing his comments. It seems like dark times for aviation right now with user fees and programs like LASP looming. I'm glad to see that our representatives are seeing through some of the hype and clinging to reason. I hope they hold to that and shoot down these bad ideas before the ideas shoot down GA in America.

Indy chocolate to make space trip from WISH TV by Eric Halvorson
When the space shuttle Discovery finally lifts off, it will carry eight pieces of Indianapolis chocolate with it.

NASA's Orion heat shield decision expected this month from Flight Image of the Day by Barbara Cockburn
One of the greatest engineering challenges in spaceflight is to protect a spacecraft from the searing heat of re-entry, as the fate of the Space Shuttle Columbia so tragically illustrated.
So, one of the most intriguing technical twists in NASA's planning for its return-to-the-Moon Constellation programme may come later this month when the US space agency announces its heat shield selection for the Orion crew exploration vehicle's (CEV) crew module. ...

Your Best Vapor Shot! from FenceCheck Forums
Pilots in Cockpits (Military) from FenceCheck Forums
Video of MCAS Yuma Air Show's Wall of Flame now online by yumasun
A few interesting shots at the airshow yesterday by tonybain
Avalon airshow bad daddy plane by andrewsayer
Feeling all top gun at the air show. Something sexy about it by Miss Lily Lauren
From flying a lift job in Chicago to flying news in Los Angeles.... from The Adventures of Chopper Chick! by Desiree
Israel Air Force F-4 Phantom from FenceCheck Forums
A-4 / T-4 (Skyhawk / Scooter) from FenceCheck Forums
Australian International Airshow from
Aviano AFB, Italy from FenceCheck Forums
Chinook / H-47 (all variants) from FenceCheck Forums

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