Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hiller Happenings

Gordon Bennett Air Races


This Saturday March 28 at 11:00am


Michael Gough, a volunteer at the National Air and Space Museum , is writing a book about the Pulitzer Trophy Air Races, which were held in the United States in 1920 through 1925.   He will discuss the first chapter of that book, which describes the James Gordon Bennett Air races of the 1910s, which led up to the Pulitzers.

One hundred years ago this coming August, wealthy Champagne vintners hosted the Great Aviation Week, which culminated in the first Gordon Bennett.   Glenn Curtiss, flying an airplane he designed and built, won.   After Curtiss, all winning airplanes were French, but an English pilot won in 1910, an American in 1911, and Frenchmen in 1912 and 13.   Following World War I, a Frenchman won the 1920 race, giving his country three straight victories and permanent possession of the trophy.    

Soar with Books!

Soar with Books! Pre-School Reading Program.  The next reading will be this  Saturday March 28 at 11a.m.   Program includes: a short tour, aviation book reading time, and an art project.

Limited participants, 3-5 year olds. Hope to see you there!!!


Hiller Aviation Museum

Hands-On Programs for Kids


Flight Explorers Spring Programs


Join us during Spring Break for one, two or three exciting half-day Flight Explorers programs.   Each meets from 1 PM to 4 PM and includes a hands-on flying project, special museum tour, and themed flight simulation experience.   Three different topics are available, including two brand-new for 2009:


Silent Soaring:   Sailplanes and gliding flight (April 7th & 14th).


Airplane Adventure:   All about the most popular aircraft (April 8th & 15th).


Rocket Blasters:   The science behind rocket flight (April 9th & 16th).


Visit for more information.   Download a registration form from and join us for an exciting exploration of aviation!


Summer Aviation Day Camp

Summer 2009


Camp sessions have begun to fill up for the Hiller Aviation Museum 's annual Aviation Camp programs for kids entering Grades 1-6.   Each weeklong camp meets from 9 AM to 4 PM (9 AM to 12 PM Half Day) and features exciting aviation encounters, hands-on projects and flight simulation experiences.


Three different aviation-themed topics are available, including:


Air and Space:   Journey into the world of spaceflight, featuring the construction and launch of an all-new model rocket!


Flight Science Lab:   Explore the science of the skies while building and flying model aircraft, water rockets, and hovercraft!


Pilot Academy :   Discover the world of the aviator with real aircraft, flight simulations and a visit to the San Carlos Control Tower!


More information about our Aviation Camp programs is available at, and the registration form can be downloaded from      We'll see your child at camp!


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