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News from Wilco Films - March 2009


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March 2009

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Greetings! Thank you for your interest in the next aviation documentary film "A Pilot's Story". This newsletter will provide you with information about the production process and exciting adventures Rico and Will have been taken on while capturing the passion of flight on film.

A Pilot's Story Contest

Would you like to have your "Pilot Story" featured in the film?  By entering this contest, you may get that chance!  Will and Rico just launched the first contest in connection with A Pilot's Story and are asking you to submit yours.  The pilot with the most compelling story will be featured in the film and win great prizes! 
air2airWhy did you become a pilot?How becoming a pilot has changed your life? How have you been able to impact others around you? What does being a pilot and flying mean to you?  How have you been able to promote aviation and inspire others to fly? What kind of plane do you fly or have flown? Tell us the most memorable event during your flying career.

The "Grand Prize" contest winner will receive:
* The producers of the film will come and film their story at their airport/hanger.  Some of this interview will be featured in the film.
* Two tickets to the premier of the film (location and date to be determined)
* A Lightspeed Aviation Zulu Headset Winner of the 2008 Aviation Consumer "Product of the Year" award.  
* A pair of Scheyden Aviation Precision Eyewear Sunglasses
* An iPod Touch loaded with ForeFlight Software the official Preflight Intelligence software of "A Pilot's Story"

The "Second Place" contest winner will receive:
* A Lightspeed Zulu headset
* An iPod Touch Loaded with ForeFlight Software,the official Preflight Intelligence software of "A Pilot's Story"
* A pair of Scheyden Aviation Precision Eyewear sunglasses:

Three "Third Place" contest winners will each receive:
* ASA Flight Bag with Instrument & Private rating kits
* A pair of Scheyden Aviation Precision Eyewear sunglasses

All winners will receive:
* A copy of the finished film on DVD
* A free one year subscription to Plane & Pilot magazine and  Flight Plan Magazine

More prizes to be announced soon...

Contest Rules:

*** Contestants can submit their stories to:
*** Contest ends on June 30th, 2009 at 12PM PST
*** Winners will be announced July 20th, 2009 via email and an announcement on
*** Contest is open to legal US residents of the 50 US states 18 years or older.  Void where prohibited.
*** Participating sponsors, vendors, suppliers and members of their immediate families  are not eligible to participate.
*** The producers reserve the right to verify the eligibility of the winners.
*** Wilco Films Privacy Policy
*** You may enter this contest via through AOPA's Let's Go Flying Blog Here:
A Pilot's Story Contest-LGF-Blog


A Pilot's Story Production Status

BarringtonWill & Rico spent a week in Florida during the month of March traveling over 1200 miles by car and interviewing notable aviators in the great state of Florida.

The rest of the production is moving along according to schedule.  Shooting of the Air to Air sequences is scheduled to begin very soon.  Will and Rico are very excited to embark on this portion of the film's production where they plan to capture the magic and beauty of flight.



A Pilot's Story Trailer #2

The producers of A Pilot's Story unveiled the second film trailer on February 18th, 2009.

Click on the link below and view the latest trailer.
A Pilot's Story Trailer # 2


HatA Pilot's Story Store

You can now purchase A Pilot's Story film merchandise.  The proceeds from the sales will directly contribute to the production of the film.

Click here to visit the online store


Joe KittingerA Pilot's Story Video Podcast & Blog on AOPA's Let's Go Flying

You can watch monthly video clips of the interviews being conducted.  Stay connected via our blog on Let's Go Flying site: Let's Go Flying blog-A Pilot's Story


Rico & PattyA Pilot's Story In The Press

Here is what has been written about the film recently:

Santa Cruz Sentinel

AOPA Online

Max Trescott on General Aviation

Atlantic Flyer

Plane & Pilot Magazine

Airspeed Online

Uncontrolled Airpsace Podcast, episode #125


CalendarA Pilot's Story Upcoming Events

The producers of A Pilot's Story will be at the following events:

* March 21st, 2009
Speaking engagement at Van Nuys, CA. EAA Chapter meeting at the Whitman Airport.

* March 25th, 2009
Speaking engagement at the Concord, CA. EAA Chapter meeting.

* March 31st, 2009
Speaking engagement at the Fresno, CA. EAA Chapter meeting.

* April 2nd, 2009
Speaking engagement at the Monterey/Salinas, CA EAA Chapter meeting.

* April 4th, 2009
Speaking engagement at Stockton, CA. EAA Chapter meeting.

* April 21st to April 25th, 2009
Attending and speaking at Sun 'N Fun at Lakeland, FL. Friday April 24th at 7PM.  Look for us! 


Sponsors March 

A Pilot's Story Sponsors and Contributors

Be sure to visit our sponsors websites and buy their products and services.

                                 A Pilot's Story Sponsors and Contributors



Latest Addition to the Sponsors Family

The producer of A Pilot's Story are thrilled to announce the latest sponsor & partner:

1) Indy Transponder
Aerotainment News

2) Friends of Aviation
Friends of Aviation

3) Pilot Journey
Pilot Journey


To get a behind the scenes look at the production, visit the film's page on Facebook and be sure to add yourself to the fan base.





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