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MacDill AirFest 2009 -
The MacDill AirFest 2009 soars high again on Sunday when the world famous Thunderbirds take to the sky. They won't be alone as a US Navy Super Hornet, US Airforce A-10 Thunderbolt II, USAF F-15 Strike Eagle and SOCOM Command Parachute Team put on their ...

Air show a hit at Tyndall - The News Herald
By JON MILTIMORE / News Herald Writer TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE - Tens of thousands were on hand for the Tyndall air show Sunday, a day after the show was rained out for part of the day. "As soon as the weather cleared (Saturday), we pressed on and got up ...

Sunday's Air Show A Blast - WJHG-TV
As you may know, the Gulf Coast Salute Air Show this weekend at Tyndall Air Force Base didn't happen like they planned on Saturday, but Sunday was a different story.

2009 air show powers through the rain - The News Herald, FL
By then, only die-hard aviation enthusiasts remained at the 2009 Gulf Coast Salute air show at Tyndall Air Force Base. Karl Morawietz, a 48-year-old marketing executive from Düsseldorf, Germany, huddled with other hopefuls under an awning that covered ...

AirFest 2009 roars in over MacDill AFB this weekend - Tampa Bay's 10, FL
Tampa, FL -- Mingling the roar of aircraft overhead with the wows of amazed crowds down below, AirFest has returned to MacDill Air Force Base. This year's show will feature more than a dozen aerial events, including the US Air Force Thunderbirds ...

Storms delay AirFest start - MyFox Tampa Bay, FL
TAMPA - The second day of AirFest was delayed this morning as rain and storms moved through the area. Between 4 am and 9 am, the South Tampa base -- like the rest of the Bay Area -- got some much-needed rain, but it was enough to slow down preparations ...

Fly-in draws thousands - Today's News-Herald, AZ
Approximately 30 people enjoyed the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity during the two-day air show, the crew said. The bomber took off and landed four times each trip, carrying up to eight passengers. "You are in the plane about 45-50 minutes and in the ...

Aviation fans descend on Atsugi - Stars and Stripes
They're followers of US Navy aviation, and they were out in full force at Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan, on Saturday for the installation's Cherry Blossom Festival.

Local Tuskegee Airman dies from - Top Stories
Walter Palmer, one of last of a famed World War II group of black fighter pilots, died Saturday.

Plans for aviation week begin (Billings Gazette) from Aviation & Aerospace News
It takes a dedicated squadron of volunteers to prepare for the Laurel Aviation and Technology Week, which is held every three years. Preparations are under way for the next event...

The National: Air Race Preperations Underway from Smoke-On by Tom
On the eve of the Red Bull Air Race, Paul Bonhomme will take an early supper, head to his hotel room and analyse a video of the course as part of his meticulous preparations for a high-speed aerial slalom. "There are going to be 15 pilots spending hours looking over every inch of that film," [...]

Air Race preparations underway - The National, United Arab Emirates
Andre Forget / The National On the eve of the Red Bull Air Race, Paul Bonhomme will take an early supper, head to his hotel room and analyse a video of the course as part of his meticulous preparations for a high-speed aerial slalom. ...

Date for GVFWE 2009, 9th/10th May - Kemble Airfield from Shortfinals's Blog by shortfinals
The Great Vintage Flying Weekend had come to be a 'fixture' on the UK air show scene, that is until 2008. With the retirement of Terry Booker (Operations Director, and the man responsible for much of the excellent organisation behind the events), the event fell into a kind of stasis. Without an injection of capital, and a permanent new home (GVFWE had been a moveable feast), it was likely that Europe's premier vintage aviation event would simply cease to exist. ...

A day in the life of the 36° Stormo of Gioia del Colle
from David Cenciotti's weblog - the most visited Italian Aviation Blog by David Cenciotti
After publishing the photostory named "A day in the life of the 9° Stormo of Grazzanise", an article to provide a snapshot about the 9° Stormo and Grazzanise airbase in a day of 2003, and "A day in the life of the 5° Stormo of Cervia", with all the pictures shot in the home of the Italian Vipers of the 23° Gruppo in Feb. 2004, I publish a new "A day in ….." photostory, with the pictures were taken at Gioia del Colle in Sept. 2004 during a 2 day visit I made to prepare an article that was published on Rivista Aeronautica (that you can read here in Italian). They are interesting because in that period, the local based 36° Stormo was made of 2 Gruppi on 3 aircraft types: the 156° Gruppo, equipped with the Tornado IDS, and the 12° Gruppo, that was returning the Tornado F.3 leased by the Royal Air Force (but was still flying them) and was converting to the SMI (Slow Movers Interceptor) role with the MB-339CD, "on loan" from the 61° Stormo (212° Gruppo). ...

Huge Aviation of the 1930s: The K-7 and The Bel Geddes # 4 - Fly Away
To investigate causes of the crash, few competent commetees were created, with participation of the most prominent aviation experts of the country. It was concluded that destructive vibration was caused by surfaces during some regimes of the seventh ...

Spit for £2 million from Military Photos by LazyLob
A fully-functioning Second World War Spitfire is up for sale is being offered for £1.5million - £2 million by a private owner.

15,000 evacuated for bomb disposal in N. Germany from Military Photos - General Discussion by muck
Thousands evacuated for WWII bomb clean up
Around 15,000 inhabitants of Langenhagen near Hannover were evacuated from their homes Sunday morning while authorities prepared to defuse several World War II bombs. ...

Today In Military/Aviation History 30 March - 5 April from Warbirds Online by Tom Kwiatkowski Sr.

Inside the new, longer Red Flag from Military Photos - General Discussion by gc

Discovery Lands at KSC! from How I Am Becoming An Astronaut by Damaris B. Sarria
On Saturday at 3:14 pm, Discovery landed on runway 15 at Kennedy Space Center! This completed the 13-day mission successfully delivering the final pair of large power-generating solar array wings and the S6 truss segment for the International Space Station. ...

About a half a second after leaving the aircraft... by mistergibbs (Timothy Gibbs)
WW11 Aircraft Carriers (Colour Photos) from Military Photos by Netzach
USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II - F-86 Sabre Fighter from Military Pictures by Scott
Luke Days Open House & Air Show 2009 - Luke AFB, Glendale - 03/21/09 from FenceCheck Forums
Florida - Gulf Coast Salute 2009 - Tyndall AFB, Panama City - 03/28/09 from FenceCheck Forums

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