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CBS Correspondent Takes A Flying Leap - CBS News, NY
CBS News' Kimberly Dozier went the extra mile -- 2.5 miles actually -- in her reporting on the Army's legendary Golden Knights parachute team. "Let me tell you - making a tandem jump with the Golden Knights is a surefire way to make sure you never ...
Video: Flying With The Golden Knights CBS

Desert Air Show soars into Luke Air Force Base - AZ Central.com, AZ
When the 2009 Thunder in the Desert Air Show soars into Luke Air Force Base, it will be bringing with it one of the most advanced planes in military history. The F-22 Raptor Aerial Demonstration Team will be taking to the skies to ...

ESL Air Show Moves Lakeside from www.rnews.com
We can expect a new twist to this year's ESL's International Air Show.
The event heads to the sand and surf of Lake Ontario. Monroe County leaders announced that the air and water show will be held at Ontario Beach Park this year.
In years past spectators gathered at the Rochester International Airport for the event.

Air Show Moving to Ontario Beach Park - 13WHAM-TV
Rochester, NY -- Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks announced Monday that the ESL International Air and Water Show will be held this year at Ontario Beach Park. The air show is normally held at the Greater Rochester International Airport.

Brantford Air Show still a go - LETTER - The North Bay Nugget - Ontario, CA from www.nugget.ca
The United Way has withdrawn its involvement in the Air Show, which is its right to do, but the show has not been cancelled; it will go on.

Paris Air Show 2009 takes off in London on 3 April - French Technology Press Bureau (press release)
Members of the press, other professionals and interested parties are invited to attend a press conference at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London on 3 April 2009 that will present the 48 th International Paris Air Show. In 2009, the Paris Air Show ...

Bomber Flights In Bakersfield - TurnTo23.com, CA
Liberty Belle, a newly restored World War II B-17 Bomber, will take to the skies over Bakersfield on Monday, March 16, Public flights available March 21-22. Flight hours are 10 am to 5 pm each day. The Liberty Foundation's B-17 "Liberty Belle" is one ...

Aero-TV: Women in Aviation 2009 -- Uplift, Outreach, Aviation - Aero-News Network, FL
The theme for the 20th Annual International Women in Aviation (WAI) Conference, concluded late last month, was "A New Approach for Your Tomorrow," but the Conference's underlying thrust was unquestionably jobs and the economy. ...

Former Thunderbirds pilot 'an inspiration' for young girls from Air Force Link Top Stories
Perched on a balcony overseeing an assortment of aircraft static displays, a young girl asked Maj. Nicole Malachowski, "Is it hard to be a pilot?"
The major smiled at the question; it's one she'd answered many times. After all, she was the first female Thunderbirds and before that, an accomplished F-15E Strike Eagle pilot.
"Of course it's hard," the major answered. "You have to study, you have to work a lot, you have to stay in shape. You have to be dedicated to it. But when you're up there flying, it all becomes worth it. There is nothing like the combination of grace and power that comes from flying jets."

Blog Watch: Rebuild Complete For Glen Dell and Team 45 from Smoke-On by Tom
On the Blog Watch we see that Glen Dell and Team 45 have completed the rebuild of their Edge 540 in preparation of this upcoming season. The 45 Team hopes to start their test flights any day now. Visit them at: http://www.glendellaerobatics.com to read all about it.

Aviation graces the big screen from www.dailycall.com
he National Aviation Hall of Fame called a "wrap" to the second annual Reel Stuff Film Festival on Sunday evening.
While the event took place at venues in Dayton and people from across the country attended, many Miami County aviation film buffs took time to enjoy one of the classic films that graced area screens.
Ron Kaplan, Executive Director of the National Aviation Hall of Fame and founding director for the Reel Stuff event, along with his staff at the Hall of Fame and numerous local volunteers coordinated the screening of 13 films at three Dayton venues over the four-day event.

Walking away from crash behind enemy lines just the beginning of ... - The Plain Dealer - cleveland.com, OH
Courtesy Jim HeddlesonJim Heddleson, left, and fellow B-24 squadron crewman George Henderson survived their plane crash in France and were sheltered by the French Resistance. His fifth flight started routinely enough. The B-24 was on its final approach ...

For Fighter Pilots, Same Swagger, Different Jets - NPR
Chuck Yeager The F-22 Raptor is the military's most advanced fighter jet. Even though airplane technology continues to improve, F-22 pilot Charles Corcoran says, "there will always be a need for fighter pilots." Lockheed Martin via Getty Images "It's ...

Air Force Museum Rejects F-82 Settlement Offer from CAF - AMTOnline.com, MD
MIDLAND, TEXAS -- The National Museum of the Air Force (USAFM) Board of Directors rejected the Commemorative Air Force's (CAF) offer to drop its lawsuit concerning the ownership rights of the F-82 in exchange for allowing the airplane to remain on ...

360 Degree View of the Messerschmitt Bf 109 Cockpit from Aviation Earth
The Messerschmitt Bf 109 was a German World War II fighter aircraft designed by Willy Messerschmitt in the early 1930s. The aircraft was a real modern fighter for its time, it included such features as a closed canopy, an all-metal monocoque construction, and retractable landing gear. Check out the 360 Degree View of the Messerschmitt [...]

Asbestos Allegations at Air and Space Museum - Washington Post
Richard Pullman has worked for the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum for more than 27 years. As a lighting specialist, Pullman's job involves cutting into the building's walls to install and update exhibits.

Archie League Awards Honor Controllers For Grace Under Pressure from Aviation & Aerospace News
"A calm voice on the radio keeps a scared pilot from becoming further rattled." So noted Mark Harris, an air traffic controller with the Anchorage TRACON, as he recalled a...

Air Guard captain mentors teens in Senate Youth program from National Guard - Top News
Students participating in the U.S. Senate Youth Program recently toured government buildings including the Pentagon, met their elected representatives and learned about the foundations of democracy...

The 16th Annual Aviation/Aerospace Teacher Workshop by MichiganDOT
May 16, 2009, Kalamazoo Air Zoo in Portage:

The Wright old days sure look familiar... from UCAP Fodder by Dave Higdon
They were so tactile. So in-touch and unobstructed. These traits still stand among the many strong appeals of the hang gliders and ultralights that started me off in aviation. These traits help keep me on the look-out for opportunities to still fly some of my old favs...when we can make it work, well, we go flying in something of the Lightest Stuff.
In between those too-infrequent opportunities, unfortunately, great memory jogs -- sights and sounds that send my mind's eye back into the air in one of the Lightest Stuff -- seem few and far between. When they come, they're worth savoring -- half out of nostalgia, half for the inspiration to get aloft again. ...

LASP Not Winning Support In Washington from Aviation & Aerospace News
The Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, which has jurisdiction over the TSA, thinks the TSA's Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP) should not go forward without industry input....

Movie Monday - March 16 - Me-262 1944 Training Film from Flightblogger by Jon Ostrower
This week's Movie Monday is an pretty amazing find. Buried deep on Google Video I found a Luftwaffe training video from 1944 of the Messerschmitt Me-262 - the world's first jet powered aircraft. According to the description on the video:
The original audio is long since gone. However, the replaced narration is that of Franz Steigler, who flew the plane and watched the film during the war.
The film, which is 46 minutes, is an extraordinary piece of primary source material for understanding the revolutionary leap in technology that occurred at the end of World War II. I watched it transfixed on the amazing history found in this video. What unfolds below is really a demonstration of the fragility of the first jet fighter and its clear tendency to overheat. ...

A Day at the Movies from THE FLYING PENGUIN
I just watched a couple of excellent documentaries.
The first was One Six Right. It's a beautifully filmed documentary that specifically relates the history ...
Second was Speed and Angels, a documentary that came out last year about two Navy pilots wanting to ...

Have You Pull-Started Your Me 262' Lately? from blog.airpigz.com
So, the guy is actually pull-starting that little gas engine, which then spins the compressor enough to fire up the turbine engine. I think that's just cool, crazy, and topped off with more cool! I never knew the Me 262 was really a 4 engine, turbine/2-stroke hybrid! Also very interesting to note that these early turbines had a TBO of only about 25 to 50 hours! Ouch!

'Caption Contest' #12 With New Rules Ends Tuesday 3-17-09 At 9PM EDT
from Airpigz Blog by Martt Clupper

Had an amazing flight yesterday from The Adventures of Chopper Chick! by Desiree

Air slow from Technorati
Huzzah! Finally some rain. Problem is, it came smack bang in the middle of the Avalon Air Show and those brave fighter pilots ...

Astronaut showcases articles from space missions in museum on Route 66 - Examiner.com
More astronauts are from Oklahoma than any other state and because of Lt. General Thomas P. Stafford an outstanding air and space museum is located in Weatherford, 70 miles east of Oklahoma City along Route 66. Lt. General Thomas P. Stafford was born ...

NASA launches shuttle Discovery to ISS after month of delays from GlobalSecurity.org
The U.S. space shuttle Discovery lifted off from Florida's Cape Canaveral on a mission to the International Space Station (ISS) early on Monday after numerous delays due to technical issues, NASA said.

Shuttle Discovery Launches on Space Station Mission from GlobalSecurity.org
The U.S. space shuttle Discovery has launched on a mission to deliver new components to the International Space Station.

NAF El Centro Air Show 2009 - NAF El Centro from FenceCheck Forums
P-38 "Glacier Girl" Nose Gun Compartment / Reno Air Race and ... by keith
Pilots in Cockpits (Military) from FenceCheck Forums [good for a chuckle! - mike]
B-2 collection from The Unwanted Blog by admin

Members in the News: Lt. General Carol A. Mutter - Indianapolis Aero Club
Indianapolis Aero Club Member Lt. General Carol A. Mutter was one of 18 Hoosier women receiving Torchbearer awards; women who have worked to improve services to the elderly, launch programs for immigrants and develop the talents of young people. The awards were presented Tuesday evening, March 3rd at the Indiana Roof Ballroom Downtown. Mutter was one of six singled out for special awards.

Indiana Chocolate Aboard Shuttle Discovery from Inside INdiana Business
Indianapolis-based Endangered Species Chocolate says eight of their supreme dark chocolate "chimpanzee" bars were aboard NASA's shuttle Discovery when it successfully launched over the weekend. One of the astronauts requested the sweet treats be packed for dessert. The crew members are installing the final set of power-generating solar arrays to the International Space Station.

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