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Awe at the Airfest - MyFox Tampa Bay, FL
TAMPA - The 2009 MacDill Airforce Base Airfest welcomed a crowd of 75000 people Saturday, and spectators got to see planes twist, turn and tumble through some amazing stunts. "I don't know how risky it really is, but it looks risky from down here," ...

AirFest at MacDill draws fans and potential recruits -, FL
The KC-10A Extender at AirFest isn't the plane that the Clearwater boy hopes to fly when he joins the Air Force one day — he'd prefer the giant C-17 Globemaster, but it was still exciting, he said. Nearby, 14-year-old Justin Collins fired at enemy ...

Thousands Turning Out For AirFest - Tampa Tribune, FL
A T-6 Star Fire performed a series of loops and rolls and several planes of different sizes performed fly-overs, including a B-25 Bomber. Back on the ground, visitors got to see inside some of the planes and learn some surprising history. ...

AirFest Wows Thousands At MacDill - Tampa Tribune, FL
By VALERIE KALFRIN The Tampa Tribune Alexis Ngo of New Port Richey marveled at how she and a friend squeezed into the gun compartment on a B-25 Mitchell bomber named Panchito at MacDill Air Force Base today."It's very small," said Ngo, 21. ...

A soggy Salute - The News Herald, FL
According to the show's Web site, country singer Darryl Worley will perform at 4 pm The US Army Golden Knights, the Sky Soldiers and the Blue Angels also are scheduled to perform. "We are hoping for beautiful, blue skies tomorrow," Hunnicutt said.

Gulf Coast Salute Air Show at Tyndall AFB Postponed Till 1 pm - WJHG-TV
Captain Honeycutt has just informed News Channel Seven that the Gulf Coast Salute Air Show at Tyndall Air Force Base will be postponed till 1 pm Saturday.

The battle of Bonhams: How to pick up a spitfire for £1.5m - Daily Mail, UK
A lmost unnoticed, the aeroplane taxis to its stand at the edge of the base and the pilot flips back the canopy and opens the small side door. It's not a war-weary veteran of the Battle of Britain inside - they are all flying combat missions, ...

Fire damages C-5 at Wright-Patterson from Air Force Times – News
DAYTON, Ohio — The Air Force says an apparent electrical fire broke out aboard a parked C-5 Galaxy cargo plane at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton.

91 year student pilot.... from Pilots of America Message Board by CT Arrow - As reported by MSNBC
SEATTLE -- Maury Marler is 91-years-old is getting his wings as a student pilot.And yes, he did pass his flight physical. If you were to meet him, you would think he was much younger. He has all his original knee and hip joints and he is as sharp as a razor."I don't feel like I'm 91, either," said Marler.Marler was born in 1918 while World War I was still raging in Europe. That was the war that saw the first real use of airplanes in combat. But by World War II, young Marler was in flight school after signing up with the Utah National Guard's ROTC program to help pay for college.Military flight school didn't go so well. He washed out, but he did get a civilian private pilot's license in 1941, but it long since expired. The log book he started using back then has a 66-year gap until 2008 when he went to Galvin Flight Service at Seattle's Boeing Field to take up flying again.Marler says the flying bug took a long hiatus."I didn't think it would, but it did," said Marler.He was inspired to take up flying again after moving into a retirement community near Renton Airport.The reality was that Marler's life was all about flying, but not just as a pilot. As an officer in the U.S. Air Force, he was a navagator and logged more than 3,000 hours helping pilots get to their destinations. After rising to the rank of Lt. Colonel, he retired in 1967. Then he had a second career working at Boeing.Marler says he will only fly if he can do it safely.“I'll fly maybe another year, maybe two. Maybe longer than that if my health holds up like it is right now,” said Marler.

NASA “Civetta from The Unwanted Blog by admin
A “Personal Air Vehicle” (PAV) from NASA_Langley, circa 2003-2005. Yet another in a long line of designs that would, it was hoped, bring Flight To The Masses. Regardless of the technology of the aircraft, though, there will always be one major impediment to Flight For The Masses within the United States… the FAA. As anyone with even a slight medical issues (such as me with my asymptomatic Type 2 Diabetes) can usually attest, the FAA is not exactly interested in the filling the sky with pilots…

Plan for Hendricks County Airport could add longer runway, other ... - Indianapolis Star, United States"We want to hear the community reactions to this master plan that we hope can carry the airport forward for at least the next 20 years," said Al Bennett, Hendricks County's member on the Indianapolis Airport Authority Board. ...

Rocket Girls #64 from Dick's Rocket Dungeon by Dick
Here are a few TARC competitors from this month's NARHAMS launch.

United States - Florida - Florida International Airshow 2009 - Punta Gorda - 03/21/09 from FenceCheck Forums

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