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Counting down the days by CHGIFlorida (CharlotteHarborVCBFL)
... 'til the U.S. Navy Blue Angels will be performing in Florida International Air Show.
Our 2009 show to be held on March 21st and 22nd will be the 29th Anniversary of the air show. We appreciate your interest in our show. Through this web site you will be able to ClicknPrint your own tickets, find out information about the show and plus have access to our performers web sites. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you in late March. ...

High Flying Fun Returns to Anderson County 5/13 - Lakefront Hartwell, GA
The Canadian Forces Precision Aerobatic Team, the Snowbirds will be returning to the Anderson Regional Airport on Wednesday May 13 th . They'll be joined by the US Army's Golden Knights Parachute Team. "The Snowbirds almost never visit the same city ...

'Wings Over Pittsburgh' air show canceled - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA
By Brian Bowling The Air Force Reserve's 911th Airlift Wing in Moon announced today that it has canceled the 2009 "Wings Over Pittsburgh" air show. Col. Gordon H. Elwell, commander of the 911th, said the money and time the unit needs for its military ...

Bats single-game tickets on sale tomorrow - Louisville Courier-Journal, KY
Also available are $5 field access tickets to watch Thunder Over Louisville on the outfield grass of Louisville Slugger Field. In addition, the Beatles tribute band 1964 the Tribute®, will perform a post-game concert on the field following that day's ...

Blue Angels crash artifacts found 50 years later - WWSB, FL
(AP) - A military dog tag and small Navy fighter squadron emblem that belonged to a Blue Angels pilot have turned up on an Alabama beach where he was killed in a crash a half-century ago. Debbie Harris found the artifacts near her Fort Morgan, Ala., ...

Bomber Rebuilt - WRCB-TV, TN
It passed through several parties until the Sierra Hotel Group of the commemorative air force bought the pieces in 1999. Jim Dinelli and son are working on the nose at this point. "We're basically just bringing the aircraft up to air worthy standards ...

WWII-Era Bomber Takes Flight Over North Texas - NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
A completely restored World War II-era B-17 Flying Fortress has taken up residence at the Cavanaugh Flying Museum at Addison Airport. Pilot Ray Fowler said the $3 million restoration of the plane, dubbed the Liberty Bell, took 15 years to complete. ...

Flying Back in Time with the Wings of Freedom Tour - The Times-Picayune - NOLA.com, LA
He'd just described surviving 25 missions in the ball turret of a B-17 bomber during World War II -- a death-defying experience that, despite his efforts, still touched off tears 64 years after the fact. I'd taken my 12-year-old along to the Lakefront ...

The History of Flying Boats from Aviation Earth
A flying boat is a specialised form of aircraft that's designed to take off from and land on water, using its own fuselage as a floating hull. Such aircraft are sometimes stabilised on water by underwing floats or by wing-like projections from the fuselage. It is the use of the fuselage to provide the main [...]

New space museum honors NH's McAuliffe and Shepard - San Jose Mercury News
Now, New England's first air and space science center is opening to carry on the legacy of two New Hampshire space heroes: Alan Shepard and Christa McAuliffe.

NASA Flying Wing Model Soars into National Air and Space Museum from NASA Breaking News
A flying model NASA built to research futuristic aircraft designs will spend its future in the United States' premier air and space museum.

On this day in 1969: Concorde's first flight - from Flight International by Barbara Cockburn
Concorde 001, registered F-WSST, first took off from Toulouse on this day 40 years ago at 3.40pm. The supersonic aircraft was flown by Andre Turcat, left the ground at 3.40pm and climbed to 10,000ft.
Take a look at the bulk of issue 6 March 1969 in the Flight pdf archive dedicated to Concorde, including an article on the technology used, the aircraft structure, fuel system, aerodynamics, flight testing, payload accommodation and aircraft data, a cutaway drawing and an airline pilot's view. ...

10 year anniversary of Breitling Orbiter 3 from FAI - by rh
On 1st March 1999 FAI Honorary Patron Bertrand Piccard set off in his balloon Breitling Orbiter 3 to become the first balloon to circumnavigate the globe non-stop. Accompanied by his co-pilot Brian Jones, Piccard took off from the Swiss village of Chateau d'Oex and landed 19 days, 21 hours and 55 minutes later in the Egyptian desert. ...

Italian Air Force: the Republic F-84G "Thunderjet" came back to ... - Avionews
(WAPA) - "The Republic F-84G Thunderjet has come back to the Museum of AMI (Italian Air Force) in Vigna di Valle (Rome), at half of February, after a wide restoration phase.

B-36: Bomber at the Crossroads - Air & Space
It was the biggest warplane ever to wear an American star, and in the summer of '49 the Peacemaker found itself a war--in Washington.

Top Aces train Forces from Headline News - Canada's Air Force, National Defence
"Usually we're the bad guys," says Didier Toussaint, president and one of three founders of Top Aces, a private company providing airborne training services to the CF. ...

A Look at Fifth Generation Fighter Planes [Airplanes] from Gizmodo by Jesus Diaz
Martin has made an awesome video—hosted by experimental test pilot Alan Norman—showing the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II combat airplanes, which include an exclusive view on the F-35 demon pilot helmet targeting system.

Movie Monday - Ma(r)ch 2 - Concorde! from Flightblogger by Jon Ostrower
Four decades ago today, an aircraft that requires no article ahead of its name, Concorde made her first flight from Toulouse. F-WSST, the first of two prototypes took flight at 3:40 PM on March 2, 1969, just three weeks after the 747-100. The second prototype, which was built in Filton in the UK, took flight in April. May I recommend a look into our archives from 1969? I went exploring through our cutaway archive this morning and found incredible array of Concorde content. ...

I wanna fly a choppa!!!!! from The Adventures of Chopper Chick! by Desiree
You must check this video out. For those fellow chopper pilots out there you will totally relate to this video and get a good laugh out of it. For those non-pilots, the NASA form is the get out of jail free card for us when we screw up. hahaha, great video. This was forwarded to me by a fellow chopper pilot Tim Amiano that I met in class at HAI. Thanks Tim!!!!

Young Civil Air Patrol cadets show off skills at state competition - The Coloradoan
By Jean Spencer • For Loveland Connection • March 2, 2009 The American and Colorado flags were held high in the white-gloved hands of young Colorado cadets Sunday during a color guard demonstration at the Civil Air Patrol's state-level cadet ...

RAF Leuchars Airshow 2008 from MILAVIA
Finally I had some time to post Des Brennan's report on the 2008 RAF Leuchars Airshow of last September. Like many of last year's air shows in the UK, the promising Leuchars event suffered from poor weather conditions. Nevertheless the report includes lots of great photos from the arrival and practice day.

Spinning in the Reno Air Races - Landing Short (Translated by Google)
The Reno National Championship Air Race is a competition with more aviation tradition and monitoring taking place worldwide.
Using an automotive metaphor, to say that the Red Bull Air Race is like Formula 1, but air, then the Reno Air Races will be the equivalent to NASCAR. As this last competition, the race takes place on an oval circuit and is basically a competition of speed, where the planes participants, grouped by category, they must give a certain number of turns to the circuit in the shortest time possible. ...

Another Part of the Envelope - Aviation Advocacy from Let's Go Flying by Steve Tupper
... For example, as you're probably aware, the Transportation Security Administration (the "TSA") promulgated a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (an "NPRM") in October in which the TSA set out to make new rules that affect "large aircraft" (defined by regulation as any aircraft certified to take off with passengers, cargo, fuel, etc. at more than 12,500 pounds). The new TSA program is called the Large aircraft Security Program (or "LASP").
Federal agencies often (but not always) publish an NPRM when they're thinking about making big or important regulations. The NPRM usually contains the text of the proposed rule and some explanatory material in which the agency tells the public what's on the agency's mind and why it is proposing to make the regulation. After the NPRM is published in the Federal Register, the agency gives the public an amount of time during which to comment, and then the agency ostensibly takes the public comments into account in making the rule.
The comment period for the LASP just ended on Friday, February 27. Thousands of pilots and others commented on the proposed LASP. ...

TSA's Large Aircraft Security Proposal from IAGblog Podcasts by iagblog
The TSA is irritating people again - on its usual massive scale. It has been trying to bring in business jet under its secure flight program. Biz jet owners and operators are not exactly pleased with this. To help understand the background to this story we asked two experts on the matter to explain it - Benet Wilson is online managing editor for business aviation for Aviation Week Group and Rob Mark is editor of Jetwhine.

NAF El Centro from Fence Check
Melbourne Avalon Airshow 13-15 March 2009 - by globeizer (globeizer)
'Caption Contest' #10 Under Way Til Tuesday Evening 3-3-09 from Airpigz Blog by Martt Clupper
BOAC Canadair CL-44 from PPRuNe Forums by b377
P-51D Mustang from Military Photos by Kaasjager

The March edition of the Heartland Warrior is now available. The official E-Paper of the 434th Air Refueling Wing includes eight pages of stories, photos and features. Top stories include:

--Maintainers win Clouse Trophy

--Leadership summit for teenagers

--New Command Chief

-- Services claims 2009 basketball championship

--Yellow Ribbon program supports deployed Airmen


For the complete issue, click:/shared/media/document/AFD-090302-007.pdf

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