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Airshow Season Opens with Record Breaking Crowds from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
from ICAS- The weekend of March 21 and 22 was the industry's first three-show weekend of the 2009 season. Luke AFB (Arizona) Open House, the Florida International Air Show in Punta Gorda, Florida, and the Thunder in the Valley Air Show in Columbus, Georgia all reported record breaking crowds.
In Columbus, organizers sent free tickets home with school-age children, obligating their parents to pay for their own tickets to take advantage of the free children's tickets. The result? Record breaking attendance of more than 30,000 for the two-day show. In Punta Gorda, organizers worked tirelessly to sign all of their 2008 sponsors back on for 2009, and then welcomed a record crowd that was 18 percent larger than any show in the event's 29-year history. And at Luke Air Force Base, event organizers were forced to find new places to park cars as they also welcomed record-breaking crowds. ...

Tyndall Requests Spectators Carpool to the Air Show - WMBB-TV, FL
Base leadership is requesting that spectators carpool to the airshow both Saturday and Sunday at Tyndall Air Force Base. Due to inclement weather alternate parking in the grass is not available this year. Only a limited number of hard-top parking areas ...
Gulf Coast Salute Air Show Still 'A Go', Despite Inclement Weather - WJHG-TV, FL
Officials over at Tyndall Air Force would like to clarify rumors of the Gulf Coast Salute Air Show being cancelled this weekend due to inclement weather. Captain Elaine Honeycutt says the 325 FW commander has notmade any announcement of any ...
The Riverside Airshow - airshow
Click below to watch our video report. The annual Riverside Airshow will be held this weekend. It will feature military aircraft and vehicles, helicopters, a classic car show, aerobatics and more. The event begins at 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday (7 a.m. pancake breakfast, $5), Riverside Airport, 6951 Flight Road, Riverside. For questions call (951) 351-6113, or visit their website at Share This

Full Schedule for Tuscaloosa Air Show - Tuscaloosa News (subscription), AL
Greg Koontz got his start in aerobatic flying in Ernie Moser's Flying Circus, where he became known for his comedic performance and "World's Smallest Airport" stunt, where he lands on a moving pickup truck. In the comedy show, Koontz climbs into the ...

Tuscaloosa springs to life - Dateline Alabama, AL
In coming weeks, the city will have everything from an air show featuring the Navy's famed Blue Angels to the Crimson Tide's A-Day football game. Starting this weekend and going through April, Tuscaloosa will host at least 10 big events, some of which ...

Free and cheap family fun this week -, FL
On land, they'll step inside military planes such as the B-25 Bomber and other vehicles. The free event runs from 9 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday. Gates open at 8 am but cars typically start lining up as early as 6. No excuses -- you've got to get out ...

Cecil Field Airshow 2009 from Patty Wagstaff by Patty Wagstaff
The benefit Cecil Field Airshow is coming up April 18-19 in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida. The number of performers exceeds the number of stars in the sky, according to the Biggest of B's, Bill Beardsley Sr., and anyone who is anyone in the civilian world of airshow flying will be there to help support the cause....benefitting our friends Alan and Jennifer Henley and their children, Skylar and Brandon. Alan was injured in an accident at home and is struggling in a wheelchair and missing being in the cockpit of his T-6 leading the Aeroshell Team around the sky, while medical bills are mounting up. Alan is our friend and brother in our airhsow family and we hope to get a huge turnout so we can benefit him as much as possible. ...

Aero-TV Profiles Cecil Field 2009: An Airshow For Alan Henley - Aero-News Network, FL
... Greg Poe, Jim Peitz, John Mohr, Lee Lauderback and Stallion 51 Mustang, Glider Pilot Manfred Radius, Patty Wagstaff, Announcer Rob Reider, Sean D. Tucker and Steve & Susanne Oliver -- and that barely covers a third of those scheduled! ...

Heart to Heart at Perth from Flightline UK - UK Airshow News by Flightline UK
The organisers of the "Heart of Scotland Airshow" are delighted to announce that The World Famous Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team "The Red Arrows" have today confirmed that they will fly their 'HEART' in the skies over Perth (Scone) Airfield on the 6th June, 2009.
The HEART will not be the only manoeuvre on show at this event as The Team will also be flying their 2009 Display lasting some 25 minutes. The Pride of the Royal Air Force will show their support to this event of which a donation from the profits will go to the RAF Benevolent Fund which celebrates it's 90th year this year and who's logo incorporates a Red Heart in the middle of the RAF Roundel! Shortly after the announcement was made 'The Team' left the UK for their Spring training in Greece and Cyprus returning to the UK less than 2 weeks before the Perth Air Show.

Fan honours Snowbirds from News
Photo Credit: Capt. Jennifer Jones For almost four decades, the Canadian Forces aerial demonstration team, the Snowbirds, has toured North America, performing for more than 125 million spectators and showcasing the skill, professionalism and teamwork of the men and women...

The Snowbird Fleet Debate Continues - (press release), Canada
The debate regarding the Snowbirds jet tutors is 'flying high' once again. Senior defense officials have asked Defense Minister Peter MacKay to approve a plan that would see the CT-114 Tutor jets perform through to 2020. However, a 2003 internal report ...

C5 Galaxy Interview at Avalon 2009 from Fly Me Friendly by Falcon124
While at Avalon Airshow 2009, the team got to interview a C5 Galaxy pilot and film the aircraft opening up prior to letting the public walk through. Together with Captain Lee (our media liaison) we made our way down the far end of the static area to where the C5, a KC135, DC10 tanker (not a KC10) and a pair of B1Bs were parked.
Damn that's an enormous aircraft :)
We discussed the interview with the crew and one of the junior pilots was "volunteered" for it (the chain of command in action :) After a few discussions outside and some establishing shots, we put our earplugs in and they fired up the APU (very noisy). First up the nose was opened, lifting up over the cockpit and looking very much like a Great White Shark about to bite. The ramp was extended in stages with crew walking around to check everything was deploying correctly. Naturally, this started to draw a bit of a crowd at the public fence area. ...

Air race prepares for bumper crowds - The National, United Arab Emirates
The American pilot Mike Mandgold rolls past the Emirates Palace during qualification for last year's Red Bull Air Race. Andre Forget / The National ABU DHABI // The Red Bull Air Race in the capital is expected to attract a larger crowd this year due to ...

Win 2 Race Club Tickets From Team Maclean from Smoke-On by Tom
Team Maclean is offering the chance to win 2 Race Club tickets to lucky fan number 500 on their Facebook Fan Page. For more info Check out the Team Maclean Facebook Fan Page

Amputee pilot completes third deployment from Air Force Link Top Stories
What sets Maj. Alan Brown apart from other Airmen in the gym at Bagram Airfield's Camp Cunningham isn't his workout routine, it's his right leg.
"When people see me in shorts at the gym there's definitely a pattern," said the 42-year-old mobility pilot of Pine Bluffs, Wyo.
"They glance at my eyes, look down at my leg and then look back at my eyes," said the Wyoming Air National Guard Airmen deployed with the 774th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron. "It happens every time."

The National Museum of Naval Aviation - Splash, FL
In the Museum's Atrium, four A-4 Skyhawks (formerly used by the Blue Angels) hang overhead in the Blues' trademark diamond formation. In the West Wing, guests can walk the flight deck of a World War II light carrier, see the aircraft that won the war ...

Fanwing Demonstrated as Practical Technology
from AviationBull - Where pilots go to shoot the bull... by Jason
At first, the Fanwing sounds like the kind of technology that is "very cool," but will never make it into a practical application. However, based on this video from ParcAberporth, I think we're bound to see more from fanwings in the future.

Boeing Spanloader from The Unwanted Blog
A 1976 report to NASA details a few Boeing concepts for span-loaded cargo aircraft. Spanloaders use fat wings… wings fat enough that the cargo goes in them rather than the fuselage. The purpose of this is that it distributes the weight of the cargo along the wing, lowering stresses on the wing (while conventional aircraft have massively heavy fuselages attached at basically a single point to lightweight wings, meaning a massive point loading and moment arm). Obviously, the idea has never caught on. This sort of thing really only works for LARGE cargo lifters, and there's a limited market for those. Additionally, they require very wide runways, something not needed by conventional cargolifters.

Terrafugia Play-by-Play from AVWeb Podcast - Podcast
The first flight of Terrafugia's roadable aircraft made headlines in the mainstream press last week but left pilots with lots of questions. Test pilot Phil Meteer has all the answers, from explaining the control deflections we saw on AVweb's video to predicting that there are still "significant" changes ahead for the aircraft design as the test regime progresses. He spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady.

Population in Space at Historic High: 13 from
The Thursday launch of a Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying three spaceflyers to the International Space Station has boosted the population of space to its historical max: 13 people.

Paul Allen, future space tourist? from Personal Spaceflight by Jeff Foust
Compared to the good ol' days (2001), a space tourist flying to the ISS these days is a little, well, ho-hum. Back in 2001 there was all the drama associated with whether NASA would allow Dennis Tito to fly to the station on a Soyuz, and if so, what sort of reception he would get when he got there. Today, while tourist visits to the ISS are far from routine, there's enough of a precedent that the flight has to be particularly special to capture much attention—and in this case, with Charles Simonyi being the first tourist to make a return trip, it registers only modestly on the media's radar. ...

Branson's space dream in the clouds -, UK
Sir Richard said: "As usual, Burt (Rutan - Founder of Scaled Composites) and the team have created a beauty that also flies really well and this is a very proud day for us all! "These first flights of WK2 take the Virgin Galactic vision up another ...

WK2 Flight 3 details and multimedia from Personal Spaceflight by Jeff Foust
Virgin Galactic issued a press release today about the third flight of the WhiteKnightTwo carrier aircraft, which took place on Wednesday. Some highlights:

* The flight's duration was over 2.5 hours.
* WK2 reached its fastest speed yet, 140 knots (259 km/h)
* The aircraft flew to an altitude of over 18,000 feet (5,490 feet)
* The flight features seven other tests, including in-flight engine restarts and "engine thrust asymmetry assessment"

The press release didn't include any information about plans for future flight tests, beyond a quote from Richard Branson: " I am looking forward to flying myself in Eve in the next few weeks before we attach SpaceShipTwo later in the year and begin test flights to space shortly afterwards!" ...

Exercise planned at Grissom - Wabash Plain Dealer, IN
By SHEILA RHOADES Grissom Air Reserve Base will host an emergency response exercise on Saturday in Miami County. Wabash County will join 10 other counties in the Indiana Homeland Security District 3 for a mock disaster drill. Bob Brown, Wabash County ...

Spanish Air Force from Defence Talk Forum by Templario
Air show Clinceni 2008 from Airshow
Luke Days Open House & Air Show 2009 - Luke AFB, Glendale from FenceCheck Forums

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