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Indy Transponder 6-March 2345z

The team behind a restored Cold War bomber has raised almost £1m ... - BBC News, UK
"But again the public have shown this truly is the people's aeroplane and have saved it from the spectre of administration which is absolutely wonderful news." The project has running costs of about £1.6ma year.
Navy plans big week at Airfest - WCLO, WI
by STAN STRICKER ( Contact ) Friday, March 6, 2009 The US navy is planning to spend more than a week in Janesville and Beloit in May as they get ready for the Blue Angels performance at Airfest. Airfest organizer, Tom Morgan, says Rock County is one of ...

Whiteman sets airshow for June -, MO
The B-2 Spirit bomber, A-10 Thunderbolt II, and a host of military and civilian aircraft will be displayed during the 2009 Wings Over Whiteman Air Show and Open House on June 6 at Whiteman Air Force Base. The event is free and open to the public. ...

Dancing in the clouds Nikolay Timofeev's dancing in the clouds - Geelong Advertiser, Australia
It's Mr Timofeev's first time in Australia but the Russian, now based in the United States, has been taking part in aerobatics for almost 30 years. He's one of the world's best and was described at the launch as the star of Avalon's aerobatics show. ...

WAI 2009: Things You Hear And See At A WAI Conference from Aero-News Network
Or... "A Face-Melting Dose Of Aviation And Estrogen!" Sometimes the best quotes come from people who aren't speaking for a crowd. There were great speakers at the WAI Atlanta conference, and a couple of them are quoted here, but most of these are overheard conversations from the exhibit hall: ...

Investigators: Steve Fossett Died in Initial Crash - NBC Los Angeles, CA
Federal investigators have revealed new findings in their probe of the plane crash that killed millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett. They say it appears that Fossett died in the initial crash. Wreckage of Fossett's small plane was discovered near ...
Nemesis & Kelly F1d pics - Aviation Airshow Air Race Photography Discussion
I happened to find 2 old school photos from around 1995. The photo of Jon Sharp, the Nemesis, and myself was taken at the El Toro airshow back in the day. Jon and Patricia were hanging out selling T-shirts. I was in high school at the time. While everyone else was watching the Harrier hover I was busy asking Jon a ton of questions. He was very patient with my never ending list of question.
As a result of the EL Toro airshow and speaking to Jon I decided to go to a formula 1 air held at Fox Field in Lancaster Ca. Guess who won the race? Besides that cool experience I was also able to see a bunch of cool F-1 racers including the interesting Kelly F1d "Barbara Jean". Enjoy......

WWII veteran: 'It was total war' - The Huntsville Times -, AL
He watched a fellow aviator in his flight formation fall from a severed B-17 bomber without his parachute. But when Bill Varnedoe speaks of his service during World War II, he also explains America's intense collective effort to fuel the war effort ...

The America Air Entry into the Great War - Part 1 from Aviation Earth
By late 1916, three years of continuing and savage fighting had ravaged much of northern France and the Low Countries. A dreaded stalemate had descended over the Western Front. By January 1917, and after showing early promise, the air campaign that visionaries thought would magically deliver a knockout blow to the enemy's will to fight, [...]

The rare made commonplace - G-AIYS, De H 85 Leopard Moth from Shortfinals's Blog
Geoffrey De Havilland was a skilled aeronautical engineer, of that there was no doubt, but he was also a passionate lepidopterist, and named many of his early creations after various species of moth. The Leopard Moth was designed in the 1930s to provide a relatively swift (c. 130 mph) 'gentleman's aerial carriage' (one pilot, two passengers). The prototype won the King's Cup Air Race in 1933 at over 139 mph, flown by Geoffrey De Havilland himself. The fact that De Havilland had forsaken the fabric-covered steel tube formula of the Leopard Moth's predecessor, the DeH 80 Puss Moth, and instead built a strong, sturdy 'box' from plywood, giving a structure of lower weight, enabled the aircraft to fly faster and further. The De H Gipsy Major 1C engine puts out around 142 hp, which gives a cruise speed close to 120mph, and a range of over 700 miles. ...

PICTURES: F-35 Opens Weapon Bay Doors from Ares by Graham Warwick
Lockheed Martin's first F-35, which is not structurally representative of the production aircraft and was due to be retired after some 70 flights, has been given a stay, of execution of sorts. Aircraft AA-1 is to complete about a dozen extra flights, then will be sent down the Eglin AFB in Florida for live-fire testing. One of the first milestones achieved after AA-1 was put back in the air in late February was opening the weapons bays in flight. ...

Random pictures from a five day domestic trip: Part 2. And, a frank discussion about our industry.
from rand peck, a life aloft by Rand Peck
... The aircraft hanging above the signs is a Pan Am Sikorsky S-42. This 32 seat, 38,000 pound (MGTOW) flying boat pioneered the airlines Pacific and Atlantic exploration efforts, or "survey" flights as they were called. Pan Am flew ten of these, including SOMOAN CLIPPER, which crashed in Pago Pago in 1938, killing Chief Pilot Edwin Musick and crew. Captain Musick, one of the first pilots to attain 10,000 hours aloft, is a fascinating fellow and worth your study time.
Across from the signs, we have this permanent display. Hanging from the ceiling is the famous Boeing 314 "flying boat," the type which Mary flew from North Beach Airport to Bermuda in 1945. This was a "monster" of an airplane with a MGTOW of 82,500 pounds and a range of 3,500 miles. PAA operated 12 (there were only 12 built) of these incredible machines from 1939 until 1945. I'm sure you're familiar with the engaging story concerning Captain Ford and PACIFIC CLIPPER, the Pan Am 314 en route to Auckland when the shooting started at Pearl Harbor. In fact I need to order this book...

The Spaceflight Website to Host Shuttle Launch Video Coverage from The Btown Monitoring Post by Larry
Spaceflight Now will be joining forces with veteran space broadcasters Miles O'Brien and David Waters to provide video coverage of space shuttle Discovery's next mission, scheduled for launch on Wednesday, March 11.
More details are available at
You can get more details on the mission at

FRR clears STS-119 for March 11 launch, pending SRB resolution from NASA by Chris Bergin
As expected, the Flight Readiness Review (FRR) has cleared Discovery to target a launch at 9:20pm on March 11, following a final review of the Flow Control Valve (FCV) flight rationale. One constraint - relating to the left SRB (Solid Rocket Booster) Range Safety System - will be worked over the weekend.
Engineers will replace cable and hardware in the left SRB and re-test the system over the weekend, after the FRR decided flying "as-is" would be unacceptable. Both SRB's incorporate a range safety system, that includes a battery power source, receiver/decoder, antennas and ordnance.

Milestones of Flight: 3/6 from Cut and Paste Aviation by KenInfinite

Las Cruces approves aerospace park -, TX
Initially, most of the land was projected to be used for aerospace research and development, but a deadline passed Sunday for the Rocket Racing League to acquire the land to build its own aerospace park.

Going to go see Public Enemies JUST for the EAA's TriMotor from Twitter / myTransponder
(and that the movie was filmed in our HQ's 'hood) trailer:

Reno Air Races on Flickr - Photo Sharing! from Old Coasty
Extraordinary Mass Human Formations from Amazing Facts

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