Friday, March 20, 2009

Air Racing: Team Wildfire - can you help?

I had a couple of follow up emails with Bill Statler from Team Wildfire earlier this week.  Readers may recall, I had an interview with Bill last season and found he was not able to make it to Reno, which was a disappointment for the whole team.  A recent email with Bill yielded the following:

We finally solved the electrical problems we had with the generator system (improper wiring) so we are ready to proceed with the flight test program. We have every intention of making Reno this year.  Still having a problem finding someone to design our gear doors.
It's that last sentence I want to address.  I shared with Bill that we have a growing readership and was confident we might be able to find some help for him with the gear doors.  So here it is folks - Can you help?  Team Wildfire is on the west coast (L.A. area).  The team is all volunteers. If you think you can be of assistance, please send me an email at: or leave me a message at 317-839-5232.  I'll get you in touch with the team and you can work out the details.  

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