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2009 Red Bull Air Race World Championship RACE CALENDAR http://tinyurl.com/b2kgvk

Virgin Airlines Gives Captain Chesley Sullenberger an Offer from Jeffrey Sigmon's Aviation Blog - The daily ramblings of a pilot and aviation enthusiast in New Orleans, LA. by Jeffrey
Billionaire, Richard Branson wants U.S. Airways Captain, Chesey Sullenberger to come fly for him. He’s offering to double his pay and be immediately placed into his intergalactic space program. By doubling the pay of a seasoned Captain like Sullenberger, his income would come close to approximately $260,000 per year! Although this is an obvious publicity stunt, the decision to me would be a no brainer. Why stay with U.S. Airways who is furloughing people left and right, when the option to fly in space lingers? I’m glad Sullenberger is receiving attention, but it’s too bad the media thinks an A320 is a one pilot airplane. Yes, it is the Captain’s responsibility to see that his passengers and crew are saved first, thus most of the credit goes to Sullenberger anyway, but First Officer Jeffrey Skiles is truely getting the shaft.

Thunderbirds Coming To OC - WMDT, MD
But, this year, for the first time, the United States Air Force Thunderbirds are joining in. They are some of the most precise and skilled pilots in the ...

Aero India in Bangalore from 11 Feb - The Statesman, India
Aero India, Asia’s premier air show, will be inaugurated by the defence minister Mr AK Antony, at the Air Force Station, Yelahanka. ...

Beale show soars again - Appeal-Democrat, CA
But in April, flight demonstration teams and air acrobatics will once again grace the skies. "Our lineup is a little bit different from last time," said Maj ...

Squadron to perform at show - Youngstown Vindicator, OH
Alcorn VIENNA — Youngstown Air Reserve Station officials are expecting up to 100000 people per day to visit the base air show in August to hear the roar and ...

Airshow star is out of this world - Werribee, Hoppers Crossing Star, Australia
ASTRONAUT Dr Andy Thomas will help blast the Australian International Airshow into action next month. Dr Thomas will be the guest of honour at the event ...

Evan flies - Bill Getz from evanflys.com
Bill Getz is an amazing guy and he was very kind to let me interview him about his WWII exploits. He flew a complete tour of duty in B-24's over Germany and then went into P-51 Mustangs where he flew another 175 combat hours in the Second Air Division Scouting Force. He did all this and became a Captain - and was not even 21 years old!

USS Kitty Hawk Decommissioned After 47 Years of Service from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
WASHINGTON - The U.S. aircraft Kitty Hawk was decommissioned in Bremerton, WA on Saturday after 47 years in service, including a nearly 10-year mission in Japan. "Miss Kitty" is the Navy's last fossil-fueled aircraft carrier.

Two Retirements One Week from Tailhook Daily Briefing by JC
It is always difficult to watch great navy warriors sail into the final sunset of their careers. And this past week we in the Naval Air family had to bid farewell to two faithful tools of the trade.

The February 2009 edition of Grissom ARB's E-Paper, the Heartland Warrior, is now available. The Heartland Warrior has eight pages of stories, photos and features on the 434th Air Refueling Wing and its people. Top stories in the February edition include: --Grissom Airmen, Stratotankers deploy--PA reservists is Officer of the Year--“Shirt” repeats as annual award winner--GTV brings local programming to GrissomFor the complete edition, click

Image of the Day: US Airways Flight 1549 Cruising Through Jersey from Gizmodo by Jason Chen

Youth in Aviation from Pilots of America Message Board by David_L_Wilson
The challenges we face today in getting the young to be involved with aviation is a daunting one. It’s hard enough to get them to put down their mobile phones and stop texting long enough to see the value in it. With XBOX 360 and Nintendo Wii we have even greater challenges. When we were young there was not a whole lot to do besides play outside and build model planes. We spent our summers fishing and playing cowboys and Indians. Attending an air show was a great thrill to us. The young people today have so many distractions that interesting them in a, difficult, expensive but worthwhile activity, such as flying is daunting. As a web community of pilots the burden falls on us to find the solution. Many of us could say we love the idea but do not have the time for it. We must make time if we are going to win the war against useless pursuits such as mentioned above. Being a pilot in of itself is a great self esteem builder. Many of our young people are lead down the rocky path of alcohol and drugs because of this. Teen pregnancy is becoming epidemic. These youth need something in their lives that they are not getting from society. Remember when you earned your wings? Was it not one of the greatest accomplishments of your life? Lets find a way to bring these lost youths into aviation.

Dogs Don't Fly from Pilots of America Message Board by David_L_Wilson
Greeting fellow aviators. I have written a juvenile fiction book called "Dogs Don't Fly" It is a great way to introduce young people to flying. You can find out more on my web pages.


Another Aviation Biop Lands This October from PPRuNe Forums by V2-OMG!
Amelia, starring Hillary Swank as Amelia Earhart and Richard Gere as publisher/hubby George Putnam is set for release October of 2009. Will Amelia be as good as The Aviator? We know there are no happy endings in either - although they are similar because Hughes and Earhart both disappeared. Hughes became the invisible eccentric. Earhart dropped out of sight somewhere over the South Pacific (we think).

Embry-Riddle Jet Dragster prepares for racing season By Tom Norton
After blazing a trail of new records in 2008, the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
jet drag racing team is preparing for an even bigger racing season this year, with 24 major racing venues scheduled as of Feb. 2. In 2008, the team set records for the highest speed and lowest elapsed time for the event in the majority of its races, in some cases against nitro-powered cars. The jet dragster, designed and built primarily by Embry-Riddle aerospace engineering and aviation maintenance students in 2004, is a featured attraction at air shows and drag racing events.

Assisted living for retired pilots available By Janice Wood
Eagles Nest at Platte Valley, Colorado’s first aviation-themed assisted living home, has officially opened.
Located in Weld County between Fort Lupton and Hudson, Eagles Nest is adjacent to Platte Valley Airport and the Vintage Aero Flying Museum. The new assisted living home is an addition to the neighboring aviation community, according to officials at Eagles Nest Aviator Homes Inc.
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