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Indy Transponder 21-February 0300z

Air show will go on: organizer - Brantford Expositor, Canada
The Brant United Way has withdrawn from the Brantford air show this year due to concerns about how proposed changes to the school year might affect the event. But event co-organizer Gary Surette said the Sept. 2 show will go on. ...

Aerobatics still crowd pleaser - Taranaki Daily News, New Zealand
Planes on show will include exact scale replicas of warbirds as well as several sport planes and gliders. Mr Baunton has a collection of 12 planes, but his favourite is a sport model which he uses to perform aerial tricks. "It is easy to manoeuvre in ...

Snowbirds on reconnaissance mission Monday - Orillia Packet & Times, Canada
Ahead of their June 24 show over Orillia, members of the Snowbirds aerial acrobatic team will be at the airport performing some pre-show scouting. "This is part of their pre-show protocol," said Ellen Cohen, a board member with the Community Foundation ...

Iconic B-17 Liberty Belle provides flight into history -, GA
by Hatcher Hurd When I received the opportunity to not only crawl around a restored World War II B-17 Flying Fortress bomber but actually go up for a ride, I naturally jumped at the chance. There were a lot of planes that flew in WWII, and the fighters ...

Fly with the brothers from AOPA Pilot Blog: Reporting Points by Ian Twombly
The footage below is certainly something I've never seen, and I would venture to say 99 percent of other pilots haven't either. It dates back to 1909 when the Wright brothers did a demonstration in Italy. And while the Wrights had done this type of thing before in front of video cameras, the hosting Web site claims it's the first ever on-board aerial footage, and it's cool!
More than anything, I was struck at the pitch instability the aircraft possessed. Something tells me I would have been a goner had I flown that thing. ...

NEW Canadian Air & Space Museum "Takes Flight" - Market Wire (press release)
Today, the New Canadian Air and Space Museum (formerly the Toronto Aerospace Museum) unveiled a $2 million capital campaign and shared its plans for an exciting revitalization and expansion project that will showcase Canadian aerospace leadership and ...

Silver Dart makes aviation history -, Canada
He was the world's first aviation fatality. • After 46 successful flights, the Silver Dart met its end during a demonstration in Petawawa, Ont. for the Canadian military in August 1909. The plane landed awkwardly, flipped over, and was destroyed beyond ...

Canadian history flies on in Oakville North Oakville's Gerald ... - Oakville Today, Canada
The new Silver Dart was transported from AEA 2005's home in Welland, Ontario to the Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton for its inaugural flight. Haddon had the opportunity to watch the flight from the vantage point of a trailing helicopter. ...

Dago Red in wrecked condtion before being rebuilt - from
On their website, there is a picture of Dago Red after it had crashed in 1970 and before it was rebuilt as Dago Red. Hard to believe it would be repaired in the condition it was in after being wrecked. Look at the chains that are being used to hold it down to the trailer. Those same chain tie downs are used to hold down wrecked/destroyed cars as they are being driven on flatbed trucks to the scrap metal yard. ...
Dago Red to Appear in Indianapolis - Indy Transponder
According to the Dago Red website - Indianapolis is a scheduled stop for the historic air racer!
Speckled Trout reeled in to new home from Air Force Link Top Stories
A Boeing KC-135, "Speckled Trout ," which served as the personal aircraft of every Air Force Chief of Staff since 1975, was moved from Kelly Field Annex, Texas, to its new home at the Lackland Training Annex here Feb. 15.
The move culminated a process that began after the historic aircraft arrived at Lackland this past June from Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. The plane was originally bound for the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, commonly known as "The Boneyard," in Arizona before being transferred to the 344th Training Squadron here.

Gatow Air Museum, Germany. from avimuseumzone by WireFox
If your in Berlin, say for the ILA or visiting. Think about another aviation museum just on the outskirts of the City, in the form of the German Air Force Museum at Gatow. Once pre-war the opposite version of RAF Collage Cranwell, Gatow was the place for up and coming German 'Aces' in that, here is where they ended up. Gatow has however seen H.P Hastings, Tempests and many other types over the years, use this once busy airfield. Now home to the museum there, it once again becomes alive. I and Herbert Watson of Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust, went there during our visit to the 2008 ILA. They have more or less everything 'Cold War' to see. Along with Me 163, 109, Fokker D7 right through to the Fulcrum. Free admission again at this museum, although they are pleased to except donation money from visitors, as it all helps keeping this fine, clean and tidy well stocked museum going. ...

Hero Rory's plane brave - The Sun, UK
And he fulfilled a dream by doing stomach-churning loops while fixed to a light aircraft in Cirencester, Gloucs. Page 3 girl Peta Todd, 21, also did a wing walk aided by The Sun and Team Guinot, which is seeking sponsors for its worldwide air shows.

Uncovering WW II bomber squadron details from Air Force Times - News
HOXIE, Kan. (AP) — When Joanne Emerick began researching her father's involvement in World War II, she did so hoping to satisfy her curiosity and provide her family with some insight into his war experiences.

Aviation History - Air Refueling the C-5, Part 2 from by Tracy
This is the second half of a 2-part post on air refueling the Lockheed C-5 ...

It's The Airshow Announcer That Sets The Tone For An Entire Airshow - Aero News
Quick... name one of the most visible (if not audible) members of the average airshow. The pilots? The Volunteers? The Concessioners? Well, how about the Announcer? Without stirring and rapid-fire narrative, even the most exciting airshow can fall flat on its posterior...

Crop-dusters pose collision threat at California air base - SmartBrief, DC
A recent near-collision between a crop-duster and a Blue Angels jet at the naval base in El Centro, Calif., was just the latest of instances involving civilian aircraft venturing into the facility's restricted air space. Officials say crop-dusters have ...

Arthur Miller classic 'All My Sons' opens at Hilberry - Royal Oak Daily Tribune, MI
The Yankee Air Museum has donated to the Hilberry two tickets to fly in an authentic World War II B-25 Bomber. A silent auction will be held during the run of "All My Sons," with proceeds donated back to the suburban Detroit museum. ...

Help NASA name the next space station module from Air Force Link Top Stories
NASA is asking the public to help name the International Space Station's next module - a control tower for robotics in space and the world's ultimate observation deck. ...

More curious scheduling from Branson from Personal Spaceflight by Jeff Foust
Last week we noted that Richard Branson had a more ambitious schedule for Virgin Galactic than company officials have recently stated, claiming that "Virgin Galactic will take off in November". That statement, made in Boston last week, doesn't appear to be an isolated incident. ...

National Engineer's Week from How I Am Becoming An Astronaut by Damaris B. Sarria
This week was National Engineer's Week (Feb. 16 – Feb 20). The purpose of celebrating National Engineers Week is to promote engineering principles and innovative ways to teach math and science to students of all ages. Also, companies host events for employees as well! On Wednesday Boeing held a Bottle Rocket Contest for employees. I didn't have string at home for my parachute so I used dental floss which held up really well (Minty smell too!!)!! We all had a lot of fun with the construction of the rockets as well as the launching!

USAir 1549 Flight Path Simulation - from Airline Pilot Central Forums by WindSandStars
Hey guys, not sure if this has been posted already, but there is an interesting simulation of flight 1549. It takes a good 2 minutes to load, but the link works.
Hudson River Landing Simulation
Not sure where PASSUR/AGI got the data from, but this looks like a lot of effort was put into it.
Thought you all would be interested.

Get a Ride in the Back Seat from Let's Go Flying by Steve Tupper

Bell X-1 and Spaceship One both pretty small aircraft by FoxWhisperer (FoxWhisperer)
Really bizarre, humongous plane from Dick's Rocket Dungeon by Dick
hey man nice shot: (red bull air race) by estherrudolph (Twitter)

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