Thursday, February 5, 2009

Indy Transponder 5-February 2350z

Paul Bonhomme Gives Us An Update…. from Smoke-On by Administrator
Image Compliments of Red Bull Air Race Newsroom I recently sent Paul Bonhomme an e-mail to see how things were going in his camp and tonight, Paul took a few minutes out of his busy schedule give us some updates. With the 2009 series right around the corner, Paul let us know that he and his team [...]

Wisconsin Aviation HoF To Mark State's Centennial Of Flight - Aero-News Network, FL
The Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame (WAHF) plans a series of events to celebrate Wisconsin's Centennial of Flight, including the construction of a ...

On 5 February 2009 - The Government of Canada, Province of Nova Scotia and the Municipality of the County of Victoria have joined forces to help the Association's centennial in Silver Dart commemorate the centenary of the first flight in a flying machine with a pilot in Canada. C'est aujourd'hui que l'honorable Keith Ashfield, ministre d'État (Agence de promotion économique du Canada atlantique), en compagnie de Keith Bain, député provincial de Victoria-les Lacs, et de Bruce Morrison, préfet du comté de Victoria, a fait l'annonce de cet investissement. Today, the Honorable Keith Ashfield, Minister of State (Agency Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency), along with Keith Bain, MLA for Victoria-the lakes, and Bruce Morrison, Reeve County Victoria, made the announcement of this investment. ...

Drang nach Osten from Ares by Nicholas Fiorenza
The Luftwaffe has sent combat aircraft to an Asian air show for the first time. Four Eurofighters, an Airbus Multi-Role Transport Tanker and 70 Luftwaffe personnel have been deployed to Indian Air Force Station Yelanka to participate in Aero India on 11-15 February. The five aircraft left Germany on 4 February, stopping overnight in Abu Dhabi.
The Indian air force extended the invitation to the Luftwaffe during last year's ILA air show in Berlin. The Luftwaffe will use the 8,000-kilometer deployment to gain experience with the new technical and logistical procedures of the two aircraft types involved. The flight was the first aerial refueling of a Eurofighter by a German tanker, according to the German Ministry of Defense. ...

Spitfire warbirds ready to scramble -, New Zealand
By REBECCA PALMER - The Dominion Post Friday, 06 February 2009 BUSTING TO TAKE OFF: The warbirds get revved up for the sevens. ...

Albatross shares sky with Vampire - Taranaki Daily News, New Zealand
Mr Emeny is part of a small group of Taranaki pilots who take their special warbirds all over the country, showing off their aerobatic skills to keen ...

Air squadron parades across city - BBC News, UK
The march was also marked by an RAF flypast of a Tornado F3 flown by Stirling-born pilot Roy MacIntyre. The squadron, formed during the WWI, is also known ...

The 24 hour Vulcan Scramble! – a race against time to save XH558 from News
XH558 is the only airworthy Vulcan in the world. Restored to flight after nearly 15 years at a cost of £7million. She now faces grounding forever, unless an additional £750,000 can be raised in February enabling funds for another full...

Air Force honors pilot for World War II exploit from Air Force Times - News
Just days shy of his 90th birthday, Texan Walter T. "Tom" Holmes Jr. again was a determined, carefree pilot Monday as he basked in the glory of his part in a historic battle of a bygone war.

Love of planes leads to giant hobby - Kilgore News Herald, USA
His current project is a B- 17 Bomber, which is a fourengine aircraft. "The problem I'm having is finding four ceiling fans exactly the same to use as the ...

WhiteKnightTwo test flight delayed from RLV and Space Transport News
Rob Coppinger reports that a crash of a DC-3 at Mojave Airport (no serious injuries apparently) on Wednesday prevented a test flight of the WK2: Crash delays WhiteKnightTwo return to flight - Hyperbola
[Update: Jeff Foust says he has heard that a WK2 flight is taking place today: Second WK2 test flight underway - Personal Spaceflight]

Rocket Racing League from Aviation Entertainment by Roger Dodger
It's so much better than NASCAR or even the Red Bull Air Races. Rocket-powered airplanes will race against each other in real time for live audiences. Folks at home can watch too on TV or streaming internet. This will be a lot more entertaining than the Red Bull Air Races in which the planes take turns, one at a time, through a timed race course.
The airplanes of choice for the Rocket Racing League are heavily modified Velocities from Velocity Aircraft. The Velocity already has a futuristic appearance due to the pusher engine and the composite construction. The rocket racer teams replace the standard piston engine with a 2000-pound thrust rocket engine that gulps liquid oxygen and kerosene (or ethanol). ...

Brazil solicits Tom Cruise as turboprop fighter pitch-man? from The DEW Line by Stephen Trimble
Fictional Top Gun graduate Tom Cruise is being recruited by Brazil's Ministry of Defense to hock Embraer Super Tucanos on the international market, according to Brazilian media today. Really:
According to the newspaper "The Day", Nelson Jobim, Minister of Defense, called the star to fly a Tucano on a possible return to Brazil. If Cruise agrees, it will help [Embraer's] image abroad. According to the publication, the Brazilian government is negotiating the sale of these planes to the Americans. Clifford Sobel, Ambassador of the United States, confirmed the interest to Tom over lunch on the island of Ivo Pintanguy in Angra dos Reis, last Sunday.

Theo Spark: Cool.... from
Happy birthday to Lucky Lindy from Bayou Renaissance Man by Peter
Super Hornet spewing flames by flynavy via Twitter

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