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Barnstormer Express - Welcome, Tyson Rininger!


Takeoff by Adam Haley


The Barnstormer Express

 February 17, 2009


The Continuing Growth of the American Barnstormer Team...


Ol' Smokey by Adam HaleyNEVER in his 45-year airshow career has pilot Walt Pierce enlisted the talents of a male wing walker to perform as part of his team.  While a few USAF Thunderbirds took one-time rides on the top wing of Ol' Smokey in the 1970s, Walt has always stuck with ladies gracing the wings of his 450 Stearman... until now!


So who is it that is breaking the mold as part of our 2009 Double Trouble team?  None other than one of the airshow industry's most highly-esteemed photographers:  Tyson Rininger.  Together with senior wing walker Jenny Forsythe, American Barnstormer brings you

      "Double Trouble - Best of Both Worlds!"



Welcome, Tyson Rininger!

Talent at Both Ends of the Camera

Tyson by Dariusz JezewskiBest known as an aviation author and photographer, Tyson V. Rininger will be taking on the role of performer for the first time in 2009. Graciously working alongside veteran pilot Walt Pierce and accomplished wing walker Jenny Forsythe, Tyson figured, "What's one more step?"

Normally he can be found hanging out of airplanes on photoshoots for other air show performers or aircraft manufacturers. Over the years he's worked for all the major aviation magazines and even managed to publish two books, "Red Flag: Air Combat for the 21st Century" and "F-15 Eagle at War". When offered the ability to work on the other side of the lens, he jumped at the chance.
Tyson on wing by Adam Haley
Born May 6th, 1974, Tyson is a resident of Monterey, CA and enjoys mountain biking, water-skiing, and of course photography. He's a contract photographer for the Monterey Bay Aquarium and member of the marketing committee for the California International Air Show, Salinas. A part of the life-long student pilot club, flying has become both a passion and career. "I think this venture will give me a whole new outlook on the process of flight!" 
Learn more about Tyson at his TVR Photography website.


Best of Both Worlds

While most wing walking teams offer a biplane solo performance with their wing walking act, the American Barnstormer team is the only one to offer you two distinct wing walking routines.  When you hire our traditional solo wing walker, you get the Stearman solo as always. However, when you book Double Trouble, you get your pick of the Stearman solo or the solo wing walk act.  
The AMAZING solo wing walk act -- Slow roll by Adam Haley

Braving the unyielding winds, Jenny performs both classic  stunts (such as the top wing aerobatics and inverted pass), as well as more unique maneuvers (like the Daring javelin hang) in her amazing display with Pilot Walt.




This is the most complete solo wing walk

routine available! 

No other team's wing walker hits 4 distinct places on the plane, performs aerobatics standing at the wingtip, and hangs upside-down from the javelin by her knees!  

The SPECTACULAR Double Trouble wing walk act --Double Trouble by Adam Haley
Just as the name implies, pilot Walt Pierce has his hands full with double the work to maintain controlled flight while TWO wing walkers move about the wings of Ol' Smokey.  Fighting the winds while flying at 70-140 mph, Jenny & Tyson move about the wings of the 450 Stearman. Both wing walkers take off on the javelins, providing the audience with some up-close views of their mirror-image poses.  Then Jenny moves to the top wing and both ride through some acro and finish with some daring asymmetric stunt passes with Tyson at the wingtip strut.


This wing walking act mixes acrobatics with grace, precision, and the 'Double Dare' javelin hang for a show you just can't miss!
Further details on what is offered in our airshow packages can be found on our Booking Info page. 

YES - you get even more than what is briefly mentioned here.


Tyson's Public Debut...


Tyson will make his

wing walking debut as part

of 'Double Trouble' at the 

Florida International Air Show

 in Punta Gorda, FL 

on March 21-22.













Wing Walker Stats...


   Jenny    Jenny Forsythe by Adam Haley
height - 5'9"        age - 38
marital status: single
first wing walk: June 2004
favorite maneuver:

Javelin hang
hometown: Cleveland, OH

    Tyson     Tyson Rininger by Adam Haley
height - 5'3"        age - 34

marital status: engaged
first wing walk: February 2009
favorite maneuver:

Javelin hang
hometown: Monterey, CA







Performance Region...


The American Barnstormer team performs coast to coast and beyond! 

Walt has flown Ol' Smokey in all 48 contiguous states, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica and the Bahamas!







Photos by


Adam Haley



Dariusz Jezewski








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Daring Javelin Hang by Adam Haley

Unique to the American Barnstormer team: 

The Daring Javelin Hang!


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