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A Pilot's Story News

Issue: # 002 Feb 12, 2009
A Pilot's Story News
Thank you for your interest in the next aviation documentary film
"A Pilot's Story". This newsletter will provide you with information about the production process and exciting adventures Rico and Will have been taken on while capturing the passion of flight on film.

Latest Sponsors and Contributors
Will & Rico are proud to announce the following companies & organizations as contributors to "A Pilot's Story" Virgin America, NACTA, Lightspeed Aviation Headsets, Scheyden, Flight Plan Magazine, & ForeFlight-The Official Preflight Intelligence Software of A Pilot's Story.

We appreciate their support and ask that you be sure to buy their products and services.
Living Legends of Aviation

Will and Rico were recently invited to attend
the 6th annual Living Legends of Aviation Dave_Will_Rico_LL
event which took place January 22, 2009
in Hollywood, CA.

They were accompanied by Dave Allen, Will's co-host in the Pilot's Flight Podlog.
At the event, they met legends such as Bob Hoover, Julie clark, Harrison Ford, Sean D. Tucker and many more amazing aviators.

The producers of the Living Legends event tasked Wilco Films to produce a short intro video about Zoe Dell Nutter. Zoe Dell was a recipient of the the Bob Hoover "Freedom of Flight" award.

Click Here to see the video clip as it appeared during the event.
Production Status
The production of A Pilot's Story film is moving according to plan. The contributions received to date will help move the schedule along.

The list of well known aviators participating in the film continues to grow. Sean D. Tucker and Max Moga are among the recent names. We have a number of other big name participants we're keeping as a surprise until the release of the film!

We are currently evaluating the possibility of integrating a private investment strategy to help raise the capital needed to finish the production. More on that soon.
Upcoming Events
LoPresti & EAA

Wilco Films and A Pilot's Story will be featured during the LoPresti "First Saturday" event on March 7th,2009 at Vero Beach Florida.

Rico & Will plan to kick off a state-wide EAA chapter meeting tour to introduce & promote the film. If you would like Rico and Will to visit your group or chapter, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Us Today
Introducing "A Pilot's Story" Video Podcast

A monthly Video Podcast showing some aspects of the production of A Pilot's Story. Subscribe with your favorite podcatcher or the RSS feed here.

To get a behind the scenes look at the production, visit the film's page on Facebook and be sure to add yourself to the fan base.

You can also follow the day to day production on Twitter.

Thank you for your interest in A Pilot's Story. We all know this is a story that needs to be told and we can not wait to share it with the world.

Will Hawkins & Rico Sharqawi
Wilco Films

Posted with permission.

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