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Largest-ever air show from today - Hindu
BANGALORE: India’s largest-ever air show, Aero India-2009, opens here on Wednesday with participation by frontline fighter aircraft from the United States, Europe and Russia, all of whom are in the race for the Union Government’s plans to acquire ...

Aero India 2009 takes off today - Hindu, India
BANGALORE: India’s largest-ever air show, Aero India 2009, opens here on Wednesday with participation by frontline fighter aircraft from the United States, ...

One of Our Aircraft is Missing from Ares by Douglas Barrie
Four Eurofighter aircraft left Germany to be flown to Bangalore for Aero India 2009 – but only three made it at the first attempt.
Show gremlins saw the fourth German air force aircraft snag a technical issue en route which meant it remain at a stop-over location in the Gulf states to await support.
The aircraft remained in the United Arab Emirates, at Al Dhafra air base, as a result of a display caution during the pre-flight checks. A German air force technical team was due to be dispatched to return the aircraft to flight-ready status.
The three other aircraft, along with the Airbus A310 Multi-Role Tanker Transport, arrived at Yelahanka air base – the show site - on February 5th. The Eurofighter is one of the six contenders for India’s 126-aircraft fighter competition.

F-16 joyrides on the cards - The Statesman, India
The air show is being organised jointly by the defence ministry and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). “It is competitive sales and our aircraft ...

The show is getting bigger and better - Hindu Business Line
Taking off today: Exhibition stalls getting ready for the Aero India 2009 at Air Force station, Yelahanka in Bangalore on Tuesday. ...
Yokes Outrageous Air Show Returns to Schweitzer Feb. 27-28 - First Tracks, UT
The Yokes Outrageous Air Show returns to Idaho's Schweitzer Mountain ski resort Feb. 27-28. Suey was a six year member of the Canadian national Team, ...

WWII-era B-17 bomber drops into town - Atlanta Journal Constitution, USA
By PHIL KLOER Inside the B-17 bomber, five miles high over Germany in 1944, the temperature fell to 50 degrees below zero. Lt. Jonathan Swift, US Air Force, ...

Historic Flights from PPRuNe Forums by ian16th
In February 1959, I was assigned to 214 Sqdn of the RAF,. At that time the Sqdn was carrying out trials with Cobham’s ‘probe & drogue’ re-fuelling system. These trials were multi-faceted, we obviously wanted to find out if the system was practical, but we also wanted to find out what we could do with it. To this was added the ‘deterrent factor’ of letting the Warsaw Pact know what we were capable of. Strange, but sometimes you want the enemy to know what you are proficient of.
The trials were ultimately successful, and 214 Sqdn became the RAF’s 1st operational ‘Tanker’ Sqdn. I can’t remember the exact date that we became ‘operational’, probably late 1960. ...

Former Armament Museum director dies - The Northwest Florida Daily News
AKER - The man known as the Air Force Armament Museum's first curator and director died Friday. Russ Sneddon took over the museum in the mid-1980s and ran it until he retired in the fall of 2007. Sneddon, who was 74, died of complications from ...

'Father' of F-16 Dies at Age 89 from Military Photos by chefjavier

The EAA's job search from Letters from Flyover Country by Bob Collins
I've been in the news and corporate world long enough to know that by the time a job posting is made public, the folks doing the hiring have a good idea who they want to fill the job, if they haven't already promised the gig.
Still, there's a job posting in Sport Aviation this week that I'll bet has some gears turning among aviation people who make their living by the printed (and sometimes spoken) word. The EAA is looking for a director of publications. ...

Oregon Guard aviator comes full circle - U.S. National Guard Bureau (press release), VA
JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq (2/9/09) - His first assignment as an Army aviator was flying VIPs in Vietnam, and now his last assignment is flying VIPs here in ...

First flight +40 from Randy's Journal by Randy Tinseth
February 9, 1969 was cold, cloudy, and windy. In other words, a typical winter’s day in this neck of the woods. But it was also a day that changed everything.
A little before lunchtime on that date, the first 747 took flight. This 747-100, dubbed the “City of Everett” would spend the next 75 minutes flying over the Puget Sound region. ...

In honor of Her Magesty, the Queen of the Skies, Part Two from Flightblogger by Jon Ostrower
In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the 747's first flight, I offer a second documentary produced in 2002 that explores the evolution of the 747 into the -400 and the production improvements that have marked the 747's tenure in Everett. For a full exploration of the 747-400's internal systems, take a look at a previous post that takes you inside the flight deck of a Cathay Pacific 747-400.

Armless Girl Gets A Pilot License from Amazing Facts by amazingfacts
Jessica Cox, 25, a girl born without arms, stands inside an aircraft. The girl from Tucson, Arizona got the Sport Pilot certificate lately and became the first pilot licensed to fly using only her feet. ...

Miss USA trades in crown for parachute for skydive - KSWT-TV, AZ
(AP) - Miss USA Crystle Stewart traded in her crown for a parachute in Yuma when she went skydiving with the Golden Knights, the elite US Army parachuting ...

Win a Private Space Flight for $20—Pending Success of Commercial ... - Popular Mechanics, NY
Commercial spaceflight is well on its way to becoming a reality with Burt Rutan's successful design and execution of a private suborbital vehicle paving the ...

Aviation database falls to hackers -

Ranting with Rand: The Airplane Geeks and me - a life aloft by Rand Peck
Do you know Max and Courtney, The Airplane Geeks? They operate a variety of interesting aviation sites, their best known and one that I consult for regularly is Thiry Thousand Feet Aviation Directory. This is the most comprehensive, most authoritative and best researched compilation of aviation sites online. But I’m assuming you probably already know this. They also produce a unique blog called Airplane Geeks Podcast.
They interview high rollers, the influential and the movers and shakers in aviation like Dr. Alfred Kahn and create an informative yet humorous podcast. So their reasoning for interviewing me last night? I’ll never know. But I do know that it was a lot of fun and I hope you’ll tune in to listen to Episode 34.
A hearty thanks to Max and Court.

Cool picture from Pilots of America Message Board by jesse
MV-22's in the bone from Military Photos by Maj C
Miramar Air Show - Jose Alonso
Is it Supposed to Look Like That? from Neptunus Lex by lex
VFA-31 Tomcatters from Fence Check
Pilots in Cockpits (Military) from Fence Check

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