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Indy Transponder 14-February 0400z

Country music singer Darryl Worley will perform a free concert during the 2009 Gulf Coast Salute air show and open house at Tyndall Air Force Base. The air show is March 28 and 29. The family-friendly concert is open to the public and takes place on ...

Tyson Rininger joins American Barnstormer from Fence Check
The Continuing Growth of the American Barnstormer Team... NEVER in his 45-year airshow career has pilot Walt Pierce enlisted the talents of a male wing walker to perform as part of his team. While a few USAF Thunderbirds took...

AERO INDIA AIR SHOW Feb 2009 - Air shows at Aeroindia once every 4 years held at Bangalore in South India are always spectacular.Watching the static displays in awe and later witnessing the Air Show takes away one's breath.Man and machine,what man can achieve when he knows how to control his machine in the air to perform displays,enthralling the people for miles around.Good teamwork and complete trust in his fellow pilots,and the team leader,the hours of training and practice that go with it,making it possible comes with join…

Newness at "Aero 2009", known as Friedrichshafen air show - Avionews, Italy
(WAPA) - The organizers of the "Aero 2009", the international fair dedicated to the general and sport aviation, known as Friedrichshafen Air Show, ...

Atkinson to be inducted into Aviation Hall of Fame today - Newnan Times-Herald, GA
Bert Milton Atkinson, who grew up in Newnan and was a pioneer military aviator, will be inducted into the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame tonight in Warner ...

When pigs fly... with ospreys from Air Force Link Top Stories by (2nd Lt. Mark Lazane )
What do you get when you cross an osprey with a warthog? For a zoologist, the question may seem preposterous. In Air Force terms, instead of an odd looking winged-swine hybrid, the result is immense firepower and unparalleled close-air support capability for the rapid infiltration and exfiltration of troops in the battlespace. For the first time, the tilt-rotor CV-22 Osprey and the fixed-wing A-10 Thunderbolt II, often nicknamed the Warthog, teamed up for some high-flying training recently.

Living Legends of Aviation Event! from Kermit's Blog by Kermit
I recently returned from the Living Legends of Aviation Gala Event in Beverly Hills, CA. It’s a grand party at the Beverly Hilton and is held annually. I was inducted into this fun and prestigious group three years ago which combines up to 70 people that are either celebrities in aviation or celebrities that are into aviation! Last year I was walking out after the event and someone came up to me and said, “Mr. Weeks . . . Kurt Russell would like to meet you.” Now how cool is that! Check out for pictures of who attended the latest event! Kermit

New images of C-17 wheels-up at Bagram (with video) from Ares by Guy Norris
Some interesting photographs have come to light of the USAF Boeing C-17 damaged at the end of January after making a wheels-up landing at Bagram air base in Afghanistan. The stranded aircraft, the first 1996 Lot 8 production airframe delivered in September 1997 and named Spirit of the Air Force, disrupted operations for more than a day while military and civilian recovery teams worked to get it back on its gear. The original source for these photographs is not known to me at this time.

As 'Flying Fortress' reaches sky, former airmen relive the high – CNN
Wendell Lawing, 88, recently flew on a B-17 for the first time since World War II. "We were going to Berlin, and we were flying around 20000 feet. ...

Ghosts from the past - BBC Berkshire, UK
On 15 December, 1944, 16 men were killed after two Allied B-17 bombers collided over Greenham Woods while flying through cloud and fog. ...

Last Flyable Airplane out of Miami on display at Fantasy of Flight! from Kermit's Blog by Kermit
I recently flew the last airplane from what was the Weeks Air Museum in Miami to Fantasy of Flight. It was my Grumman TBM Avenger Torpedo Bomber from WWII. I flew this airplane until it was damaged by Hurricane Andrew in August of 1992. Over the years many airplanes were either trucked out of Miami or flown out after being made flyable. The TBM is the last airplane to finally come home and is somewhat the end of an era. There is only one wing left on display at the now Wings Over Miami Museum and once that leaves, the only thing left of mine in Miami will be my mother!...

Wizard of Orlampa DVD for sale! from Kermit's Blog by Kermit
The Wizard of Orlampa DVD is now for sale in the Fantasy of Flight gift shop. It’s 51 minutes long and begins with what we currently do at Fantasy of Flight regarding the airplane collection and slowly morphs into where Fantasy of Flight is headed in the future. Check out a quick preview of the beginning of the show at The site is just preliminary and we currently don’t have our online sales set up yet. If you don’t get out to Fantasy of Flight to pick one up, check back from time to time on the website. We just ordered some in a European PAL type version and will have them available as well. Currently, we are working with two different PBS outlets for show on television and will let everyone know when that might happen. Kermit

Water-powered Jetlev makes jetpacks fun for non-daredevils from Engadget by Donald Melanson
We first caught sight of this bit of technology in patent form way back in 2007 but, in a bit of a twist, it's now actually come to fruition, and could well soon be hurling you across a lake near you. As you can imagine, the jetpack works as described in the patent, with it employing a flexible hose / tether that gets paired with a separate vessel that houses the propulsion engine and other related systems. That apparently greatly improves the thrust to weight ratio compared to a standalone jetpack, and makes the system a good deal safer as a bonus. While it's still undergoing tests, the company says it'll be accepting orders for the first model, a 155 HP version, in April of this year, and it says that the first venues offering "flights" could be up and running as soon as this summer. Until then, you'll just have to make do with the video after the break. [Thanks, JC]
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Lack of fuel 'caused plane crash' from PPRuNe Forums by AlphaMale
An aerobatic plane crashed into a field on a training flight because of a lack of fuel, an investigation has found. The pilot, John Paulson, 56, had to be helped from the wreckage by a farmer, but suffered only minor injuries in the crash landing at Llay, near Wrexham.

Maybe the Most Stupid-Looking Military Invention of All Time [Retromodo] from Gizmodo by Jesus Diaz
Yes. This is not a steam-punk montage. It is a real photo from an old military parade circa 1917, showing what's probably the dumbest-looking military invention of all time. But what is it?

Rockets Magazine V3 I6 Feb 2009 - including FAA analysis from Dick's Rocket Dungeon by Dick
I found this to be one of the better issues of
Rockets. It features two solid tech articles - one on chain-stitching 'chute lines and one on molding fiberglass parts. I doubt if I'll use either, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested.

Gary Airport Seeks Stimulus Funds from Headlines - Inside INdiana Business with Gerry Dick
The Gary/Chicago International Airport hopes to land $8 million from the anticipated federal stimulus package. Our partners at The Times of Northwest Indiana report the money would be used to expand the terminal in the hopes of attracting international carriers. If the funding is secure
d, efforts would resume to become a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility

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