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'Wings of Freedom' returning to Keystone - Clay Today
KEYSTONE HEIGHTS – The Wings of Freedom Tour, which features tours of vintage bombers and even rides in a B-25, is making a return appearance to Keystone ...

Mike Goulian Gets A New Engine For 2009 from Smoke-On by Tom
According to Mike Goulians web site, his #99 Edge 540 has received a new Lycoming Thunderbolt IO-540 engine. The new engine is only one of many modifications Mike is making to his Edge this year. He is quoted as saying: "Our goal is to have a very competitive plane for next year. It sounds easy [...]

4 German fighter jets for first time in air show in Asia - SamayLive, India
Bangalore, Feb 6 : For the first time participating in an Asian air show, the German Air Force Luftwaffe will exhibit four Eurofighter aircraft at the 'Aero ...

F-22 Raptor Weapons Bay Doors Open Pass / Reno Air Race and Airshow 2008
from Keith Breazeal Video Productions - by keith
F-22 Raptor weapons bay doors open pass by Major Paul "Max" Moga. The stealth design of the weapons bay doors
not only incorporates the triangular edge design, but activation of the opening and closing sequence is very rapid to minimize radar detection while the doors are open. The doors are only open long enough for the weapon to deploy....

Reno 2008 Video from from just released their full feature Reno 2008 video. It's about 18 minutes long and has some really GREAT editing! Good interviews with CJ Stephens, Tiger, and Mike Brown,etc.

da bear from

Flying Bull P-38 Featured in Warbird Digest by Kelly
For those of you who may not have seen it yet, pick up a copy of this issue of Warbird Digest. It’s got a feature article on the Flying Bull P-38 (which, by the way, is apparently still here in America). It’s got beautiful pictures and lots of good details on the plane and its transformation [...]

Remaking aviation history by MountainNews
Silver Dart replica set to fly for first time today at John C. Munro airport

A Little This, A Little That from Steve's AirVenture Site Updates by EAA Staff
Now that the calendar has turned to February, the darkest part of winter is behind us. It's daylight until 6 p.m. in Oshkosh now, and this weekend the temperatures should finally get into the high 30s and maybe even the 40s. It makes working outdoors a little more tolerable, as we had gone nearly six weeks with the temps never rising above freezing.
This week we lowered the IAC headquarters

Mojave Mishap from Ares by Guy Norris
The National Test Pilot School's C-47 Turbo Dakota, a unique training and evaluation aircraft with a turret-mounted FLIR and belly-mounted marine surveillance radar, has been badly damaged in an accident at Mojave, the school's California base.
The aircraft was taking off for a training mission on Feb 4. when trouble struck. According to reports the 1947-built C-47 became briefly airborne before landing hard and ending up on its nose beside the runway. The accident, which luckily did not result in serious injuries to the two crew, also forced Scaled Composites to cancel a test flight of Virgin Galactic's WhiteKnightTwo spaceship carrier aircraft. ...
WhiteKnightTwo second flight with vortex generators added from Aviation & Aerospace News
WhiteKnghtTwo, the twin-fuselage carrier aircraft that will lift Virgin Galactic's suborbital SpaceShipTwo to its 50,000ft (15,150m) launch altitude, is...
More about the WK2 second flight from RLV and Space Transport News
Rob Coppinger provides a bit of additional detail concerning the WK2 flight yesterday: WhiteKnightTwo second flight with vortex generators added - Flight Global.
Alan Radecki hasn't posted anything yet about the WK2 flight but he does offer some interesting information about the DC-3 that crashed on Wednesday, preventing Scaled from flying the WK2 that day: NTPS' Turbine DC-3 Crashes on Take Off - Mojave Skies. Good to hear that "both crewmembers on board walked away without injury".
The tough old bird had been flown from South Africa to Mojave in 2003:
In order to make the long hops required for the ferry flight, the cabin of the aircraft was stuffed with 18 45-gallon drums and three 90-gallon ferry tanks. This arrangement allowed for about a 16-hour range. While two of the crew members flew, the third was in charge of monitoring the fuel transfer from the cabin ferry tanks to the wing tanks. ...

WhiteKnightTwo second flight with vortex generators added from Flightglobal EventsWhiteKnghtTwo, the twin-fuselage carrier aircraft that will lift Virgin Galactic's suborbital SpaceShipTwo to its 50,000ft (15,150m) launch altitude, is...
First Flight, 747 from Things with Wings by Christopher Fotos
That's not a typo. We have a short item in Aviation Week & Space Technology in the Feb. 9 issue looking back at that event, copied below. And that's Feb. 17, 1969 cover marking the even. Here's a link to a pdf showing what the story looked like way back when. (Update: I'm having technical difficulties with that--in the meantime I added one page scan at the bottom of this post) Oh, and the account below is a reminder that getting the 747 off the ground wasn't exactly a cakewalk.

Vertical Climb from Fighter Pilot University
One of the most kickass things is to watch a fighter climb out going straight up, a vertical climb. It's a demonstration of pure power that cannot be equaled. Even a Shuttle launch doesn't compare. That slow lumbering, accelerating, humungous beast is impressive to be sure, but the Shuttle still doesn't give the thrill of seeing what was formerly horizontal, suddenly pulling up and going vertical. ...

Dropping in on Denmark from Ares by Robert Wall
Boeing is trying to make the most of its two F/A-18F Super Hornets to be displayed at the Indian air show next week.
Rather than just focus on the massive Indian order, Boeing used the flight to India to drop in on another potential customer: Denmark. ...

STS-119 slips to NET February 22 - risk of a two month delay from NASA by Chris Bergin
The need for additional time for the impact test data review - one of the threats associated with the Flow Control Valve (FCV) issue - has moved STS-119 to NET (No Earlier Than) February 22. Friday’s decision also noted a worst case scenario that would involve a two month delay.
As recently noted, the initial decision to delay STS-119 from February 12 to February 19 was just an initial estimate, with further delays possible to the re-aligned February 22 NET.
Currently, the realignment has resulted in next Tuesday’s special PRCB (Program Requirements Control Board) meeting being delayed to Friday, February 13 - while the Delta FRR (Flight Readiness Review) will now take place on February 18.
The latest delay of three days relates to additional time required for completing the impact test data review, which will be part of the eventual flight rationale for the FCVs.

Episode 33 - Air Pigz with a "Z"
from Airplane Geeks Podcast by (Courtney Miller)

by TruthOrLies via Twitter
UFO caused SU-30 crash at Paris Airshow:
UFOs caused crash of Russian Su-3..

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