Monday, February 23, 2009

Indy Transponder 23-February 1130z

The centennial of flight in Canada begins -, Canada
And were going to re-run the program in June as part of our big celebration air fest that we do every year." Hinderks invites you and the rest of your family down to the Alberta Aviation Museum Monday night. Professor Rod Macleod will be doing a ...

Avro Arrow to spread wings in new museum - Toronto Star, Canada
The expansion received a thumbs up from actor and pilot Harrison Ford, who sent a congratulatory message by video. Ford is an avid pilot and owner of a de Havilland Beaver aircraft, the world's first successful short-takeoff-and-landing airplane.

Midnight Raiders from Air & Space Magazine

Personal Spaceflight » Remembering Tom Rogers from Google Blog Search: "Rocket Racing" by Jeff Foust
Armadillo Aerospace · Bigelow Aerospace · Blue Origin · Incrdible Adventures · Interorbital Systems · Masten Space Systems · Personal Spaceflight Federation · PlanetSpace · Rocket Racing League · Rocketplane Ltd. Scaled Composites ...

Please help save GA... write to the TSA! from A mile of runway will take you anywhere. by Steve
This isn't a normal post from me, but this also isn't a normal situation. Well the TSA may want it to become the norm but doing so could literally put an end to aviation as we know it. What am I talking about? Basically, the Transportation Security Administration is proposing a major rule change - the
Large Aircraft Security Program. It would require all operators of aircraft 12,500 pounds or heavier to undergo significantly increased security and regulation due to a perceived security threat…

A Boston Tea Party for TSA from Aviation & Aerospace News Updated Constantly
The heart and soul of social media - blogging, Twitter, podcasting and a host of other new tools - is its ability to create a buzz around an issue -...

‘I’ll stop flying,’ pilots tell TSA - Pilots aren’t threatening; they’re not begging. But they are being frank with the Transportation Security Administration in their comments about how the proposed Large Aircraft Security Program would affect their flying. The common response: They would be forced to stop flying for business and pleasure. Read More >>

TSA security proposal worries Alaska aircraft owners -, AK
By Rob Stapleton A new Transportation Security Administration proposal has Alaska pilots and aircraft owners concerned that their aircraft will be over regulated, and may force them to quit flying and scrap their planes. The regulation would require ...

Report: LASP Would Devastate Alaskan Private Aviation - Aero-News Network, FL"The reality of this regulations is that it will once again add another expense, as an unfunded mandate, require aircraft owners to check their passengers before making a flight and is ridiculous because these aircraft don't have the range to fly ...

Lockheed Ringwing jetliner from The Unwanted Blog by admin
From a brochure I picked up at the Dayton Air Show in the late 1980s…

Pic of the week (24 February) from Flight Image of the Day by Barbara Cockburn

NAS Fort Worth from Fence Check - Few from last year.

Feel the heat! from Fence Check

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