Monday, February 16, 2009

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Classic Jet Aircraft Association



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Dear Airshow Organizer,

Nothing turns airshow heads like the sound of a turbine engine or the sight of a well-maintained Classic Jet.

The Classic Jet Aircraft Association represents over 200 pilots and Classic Jet owners across the United States who would be proud to participate in your airshow. Would you like a "Shooting Star", a "Strikemaster", an "Vampire" or other Classic Jet at your airshow?

Static Exhibit
Increase your airshow attendance
CJAA owners and operators are experts in the safe operation and maintenance of their specific aircraft. They'll stay with the aircraft and encourage interaction with the crowd. Depending on the aircraft and site restrictions, some may allow your guests to sit in the aircraft like a real "Jet Ace."

Flying Exhibit
A real crowd pleaser
Fly Bys, Fly Overs and Formation Flight can be arranged provided the appropriate authorizations exist. Many of CJAAs members have formal military experience and can not only fly their aircraft, but can help recommend activities to maximize the effect of the demonstration.

CJAA Pilots are individuals proud to perserve aviation heritage. If you feel their attendance would enhance your airshow, contact us and we'll be happy to put you in touch with the pilots in your area.


Karen Griggs
Classic Jet Aircraft Association



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