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Indy Transponder 15-February 0130z

Top Secret Program Director visits Fantasy of Flight! from Kermit's Blog by Kermit
I had the pleasure to show Skip Atwater and his wife Fay around Fantasy of Flight recently. Skip was the head of the Top Secret Remote Viewing called Star Gate. It was a Black Project he ran from 1977 through 1988 and was a psychic espionage program run by the US government to counteract the program the Russians had. Remote Viewing was used as part of our intelligence gathering efforts and became a useful tool once they understood how it worked and developed it.

F-16 tyre burst on landing during air show in Bangalore, none injured - Press Trust of India, India
... the global defence and aerospace major Lockheed Martin burst on landing during the final day of the Aero India 2009 air show at Yelahanka Airbase today. ...

Biggest airshow ends in India - Straits Times, Singapore
BANGALORE - SOUTH Asia's biggest airshow ended here on Sunday with armament and aviation firms from 25 countries hoping to win multi-billion dollar ...

Asia’s biggest air show turns into carnival on final day -, Thailand
Bangalore, Feb 15 (IANS) Asia’s biennial international air show near here turned into a carnival Sunday with about 80000 visitors flocking the venue for a ...

Aero India 2009 surpasses all past records - Press Information Bureau (press release), India
If presence at the air show was any indicator of the enthusiasm for aviation in the country, the surging crowds during the air show proved that citizens of ...

Historic theme set for Chico air show - Enterprise-Record, CA
"The Snowbirds loved Chico," said Womack of the nine-member jet team that flew south from Canada. She is pursuing the Snowbirds again, as well as several ...

Watch out for falling satellite debris, seriously from Military Photos by Xav
Quote: It’s Friday the 13th, and while the following may sound like an April Fools joke, it’s not. This is for real. The following advisory has been issued by the FAA…

Kenya by Patty Wagstaff
I arrived back from Kenya with a stomach ache and slept for 36 hours, but am feeling much better and have even almost unpacked and gotten organized. You've got to love the feeling of being organized, if only to get it together for the next journey down the road. The training sesssion with the KWS pilots was the best ever, thanks in part to the support of the Lindbergh Foundation. Rich Sugden and I worked with ten pilots from Monday to Friday with three airplanes - a Husky, a Super Cub and a Decathalon. Rich focused on flying with the Husky pilots and transitioned one Cub pilot to the Husky, with a solo flight. I focused on the Cub and transitioned two Deathatlon pilots to the Cub. And, most pilots were able to fly with me in the Decathalon at least once during the week. The airplanes stayed in good shape all week and we only had minor mechanical problems so that, combined with the enthusiasm of the pilots, made it the best training week ever.

Sight in the Sky - WWII Bomber On A Mission - WXIA-TV, GA
B-17 bombers by the thousands flew bombing raids over Europe and particularly Germany between 1942-1945. Of the more than 12000 aircraft manufactured, ...

WWII-era bomber drops into town - Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, GA
By PHIL KLOER - The Atlanta Journal-Constitutions -- Inside the B-17 bomber, five miles high over Germany in 1944, the temperature fell to 50 degrees below ...

If Its Not Boeing I'm Not Going from All Things Aviation by JetAviator7
One of my favorite sweatshirts has "If Its Not Boeing I'm Not Going" on it It is quite worn and I really need to replace it, but I just LOVE that sweatshirt! Now I have never flown a Boeing, nor an Airbus, although I nearly got my type rating in the DC-8 and did fly the DC-8 some. I have a fair bit of time in a DC-3 which is my all time favorite aircraft to fly.

Flight Line internet Radio presents "Smoke On Aerobatics Hosted by ... - (press release), Bulgaria
"Smoke-On Aerobatics" is a show with a true look into sport aerobatics talking with people involved in airshows, and competitions. ...

Machines. from PPRuNe Forums by Batchy
After several months of inactivity I felt it was time to get the Jag out of the garage and blow the cobwebs away with a quick blast round the M25 to Brooklands. As part of its 'Something in The Air' programme the museum was holding a small event that would feature some engine runs by the Camel, Drone and Demoiselle. The Napier Railton was also featured in the programme but unfortunately i left before hearing the beast fire up. Here are a few shots from the day. Falke.

Manufacturing a Wooden War Plane... in 1944 from Pilots of America Message Board by KennyFlys
This is an incredible video. It's about the manufacturing of the de Havilland Mosquito during World War II. A Marine buddy sent the video so I looked into it further. From
Wikipedia... Quote: The Mosquito was known affectionately as the "Mossie" to its crews and was also known as "The Wooden Wonder" or "The Timber Terror" as the bulk of the aircraft was made of laminated plywood.
I did a search and there doesn't appear to be any on the FAA registry. There has to be a few flying around the world somewhere. All I found was one being restored in

Airspeed - Music - Part 3 from Airspeed by Stephen Force (Steve Tupper)

Amberley Air Show - 2008 by fotofocus
This image from a D2H camera was converted to black and white using photoshop. A Nikon 300mm lens was used.

P-3C goes -inverted- Includes inside and outside view of pass, climb, and roll. from Fence Check

Red Flag 2009-02 from Fence Check

Red Flag 2009-02 from Fence Check - A few more from 09-02

Red Flag 2009-02 from Fence Check - Sure, here you go!

Nellis AFB from Fence Check - A couple more from 09-02

P-51 Mustang from Fence Check - Mustang in the lead.....

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