Monday, February 2, 2009

Marine Corp. bringing Harrier demonstration to 2009 Prairie Air Show®

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Jan 2009 – The United States Marine Corp announced their schedule last week and that they are bringing an AV-8B “Harrier” demonstration to the 2009 Prairie Air Show (PAS). The Marines receive over 350 requests a year for a Harrier demonstration, but they can only approve 10 - 12 each year.

The Prairie Air show is pleased and honored to have been chosen as one of the very few demonstrations for 2009. The Prairie Air Show, celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary in 2009, is July 11th and 12th at the General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport.

The AV-8B “Harrier” is one of the most exciting aircraft ever built and flown, it’s unique ability to take off vertically, hover, spin, and fly at over 550 miles per hour make for an especially entertaining demonstration. The “Harrier” serves as a single-seat, light attack aircraft that provides offensive air support to the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF). By virtue of its Vertical/Short Take-Off or Landing (V/STOL) capability, the “Harrier” can operate from a variety of amphibious ships, rapidly constructed expeditionary airfields, forward sites (e.g., roads), and damaged conventional airfields. This makes the aircraft particularly well-suited for providing dedicated close air support. This will be the first time a Harrier has ever performed at Prairie Air Show, and it is the only demonstration in Illinois this year.

AAHF brings the Huey Experience Back to PAS!!

Also just announced is the return of the “Huey Experience”. The famous UH-1 “Huey” helicopters from the Vietnam War era will be offering rides to the public at Prairie Air Show 2009. Experience the thrill of a flight over the air show and surrounding area, doors open and gun still mounted in the Army work horse from years past. The “Huey Experience” is provided by the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation, a non-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and public display of Army Aviation Heritage.

New this year is Flight Pass for your “Huey Experience”. With Flight Pass you have the opportunity to reserve your ride in the “Huey” in advance on the PAS website and pre-select your flight time so you don’t have to wait in line. One more way PAS is striving to enhance your air show experience. The Flight Pass reservation system will be available at on March 25th.

The 2009 Prairie Air Show is shaping up to be the family fun event of the summer with something for everyone. Besides the aircraft exhibits and demonstrations there will be many other attractions and exhibits for people to enjoy. Watch for future announcements at

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