Saturday, February 14, 2009

Indy Transponder 14-February 2200z

Congress MP Naveen Jindal flies in fighter at air show -
Bangalore, Feb 14 (IANS) Congress parliamentarian and industrialist Naveen Jindal was Saturday flown in fighter jet F/A 18 of US aerospace major Boeing at Aero India international air show here. “I dedicate this amazing flight experience to my wife ...

Navin Jindal rides F-18 during Bangalore air show – SamayLive
Bangalore: Congress MP and industrialist Navin Jindal today rode the US fighter plane F-18 during the ongoing air show, the sources said.

Bolen Raises More LASP Questions At Congressional GA Roundtable - Aero-News Network, FL
... the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, the EAA, and the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) -- need to be ...

PT1, The Last Ace-Mark Bowden-Atlantic Monthly from Military Photos - General Discussion by KB
Cesar Rodriguez, who retired with more air-to-air kills—three—than any active-duty Air Force pilot, stands beside an F-15. The Doorstep of Oblivion - Over Cesar Rodriguez’s desk hangs a macabre souvenir of his decades as a fighter pilot. It is a large framed picture, a panoramic cockpit view of open sky and desert. A small F‑15 Eagle is visible in the distance, but larger and more immediate, filling the center of the shot, staring right at the viewer, is an incoming missile. It is a startling picture, memorializing a moment of air-to-air combat from January 19, 1991, over Iraq. Air-to-air combat has become exceedingly rare. Even when it happens, modern fighter pilots are rarely close enough to actually see the person they are shooting at. This image recalls a kill registered by Rodriguez, who goes by Rico, and his wingman, Craig Underhill, known as Mole, during the Gulf War. The F‑15 in the distance is Rodriguez’s. “The guy who is actually sitting in the cockpit staring out at this, he’s locked on to me with his radar, and that,” he said, pointing at the missile, “is about to hit him in the face.” “So this is an artist’s rendering?” “No,” said Rodriguez. “That’s actually the real picture.” …

How Canada got airborne - Toronto Star, Canada
The Dart was eventually destroyed, when McCurdy made a crash landing after a flight demonstration for the Canadian Army in Petawawa.

Aviation Hall of Fame inducting five new members - Macon Telegraph
By Gene Rector - ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE - Two aviation pioneers, a husband and wife who were commercial airline pilots and a famous aviation artist will be inducted into the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame beginning at 7 pm today with an ...

Wings of Freedom touches down - Florida Times-Union, FL
The Wings of Freedom Tour returns to the Keystone Heights Airport next weekend, bringing with it World War II bombers, including this B-17 Flying Fortress. ...

Dick Rutan First-Flights New Berkut from Mojave Skies by Alan Radecki
Veteran test pilot and world aviation record holder Dick Rutan has a new ride, with yesterday's first flight of his new Berkut homebuilt. The Berkut is a descendant of the Rutan (as in Brother Burt) Long-EZ, with the prototype being designed in 1989 by Dave Ronneberg and Kerry Beresford of the company Experimental Aviation. The type subsequently suffered through several failed companies, replete with numerous bankruptcies and lawsuits, leading to the current Berkut Engineering Inc…

Intro To Gliding - Aviation Podcast #152 from The Finer Points - Aviation Podcast by
Hello Aviators, This week we will discuss unpowered flight. Understanding flight without power will help make us well rounded, safe pilots. Fly Your Best - Jason

UP, UP & AWAY! by docgelo
It’s not often that we see an elephant, a coca-cola bottle, and a red mug of cappuccino FLY all at the same time! But we certainly did when we attended the 14th HOT AIR BALLOON FIESTA at Clark field, Pampanga. It’s an annual festivities of EVERYTHING that FLIES! Up, up & away on my beautiful balloon…

Robert L. Sharp: Memories along 99 -- Much to explore on highway - Merced Sun-Star, CA
Going forward, Castle Air Museum in Atwater displays a great collection of aircraft. Its Startrekky Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird evokes what Batman would fly. ...

Aviation History - Chapter 2.5 - Lockheed C-5 Landing Gear - I’ve been doing research for the next post on air refueling, which should be up in a couple of days. In the process I found these two videos which show the operation of the Lockheed C-5 landing gear. I tried to describe the operation in words in my last post covering some of the unique features of the C-5 but I don’t think the words described the contortions very well. This is another instance where a picture (video) provides a much clearer description. The first video is actually an...

Tyson Rininger joins American Barnstormer from Fence Check

Red Flag 2009-02 from Fence Check - Coming & Going.

Nellis AFB from Fence Check

F-22 Raptor from Fence Check

Skydiving Pics from Pilots of America Message Board by HPNFlyGirl
In May of 2001 I did my 1st tandem skydive. It was the most amazing experience ever. Here are some of the pictures that were taken. (sorry for the low quality...but I still think they are rather fun pictures.)

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