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2011 Midwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show This Weekend Features Erik Lindbergh, Rod Hightower and Gregg Maryniak from The Aero Experience 
The Greater St. Louis Flight Instructors Association will present the annual Midwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show January 15-16 at the Maryland Heights Centre.  Along with the traditional Super Safety Seminar, other events will include Aviation Trade Show with local business representation and addresses by Erik Lindbergh, EAA President Rod Hightower, and X-Prize Board Member and McDonnell Planetarium Director Gregg Maryniak.  Sunday's activities will ...

AIR TATTOO ASKS LANDOWNERS TO COME A-BOARD from Royal International Air Tattoo News
Organisers of the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford are appealing to landowners to support an RAF Charity in the Cotswolds.

Approaching the sound barrier from Photos
An F-16 Fighting Falcon pilot with the Viper East Demonstration Team from Shaw Air Force Base, S.C., creates a "cone" of condensation Aug. 21, 2010, as he nears Mach 1 during a flyby at an open house at Volk Field Air National Guard Base, Wis. (U.S. Air Force photo/Joe Oliva)

BBC: Reno Air Race – Jeremy Clarkson’s Extreme Machines - BBC
Wild West Clarkson with very fluffy hair watchest the world’s fastest motor sport played out at 500 miles an hour at the Reno Air Race! Awesome clip of some of the world’s best motors from ...

2010 Reno Air Races - LocalPulse
A preview of the Reno Air Races including some 15 planes that fly at the event.

Breitling Wing Walkers - from Pixdaus: Popular Today Pics

Nice shot of the North American F-86A Sabre streaking across the... from You like airplanes, too?

NAA Assists Brazilian Airplane in Claiming Four World Records - January 2011 NAA Record Newsletter
A unique airplane called the CEA 308, designed and built by Professor Paulo Iscold and his students at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais in Brazil, claimed four world records in early December 2010.
The flights were sanctioned by the Comissão de Aerodesporto Brasileira (CAB), an organization recently admitted as a new member of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. Gúnar Armin Halboth piloted the airplane from the Regional da Zona da Mata Airport.
The CEA 308 Team proudly stands next to its record-setting aircraft.
The flights were personally overseen by Brian Utley, a long-time member of the NAA Contest and Records Board. Utley was there because ...

"DON GENTILE'S 1944 LOGBOOK" by Wade Meyers 
Note:  This article, which started off in 2001 as a small booklet to hand out with my One-Man Air Force prints, is ever-expanding.  Between my own further research and that of my "e-army", we may just yet get it all figured out!
To my fellow 4th Fighter Group buffs, I hope the following information will prove useful and interesting. In the mid-1980s, I had the privilege of corresponding with one of Don's sons, then-Major Joseph Gentile, USAF (an F-16 Instructor Pilot!), and Joe's mother, Isabella. Both were very nice, helpful, and most cordial. Kind of gave me an insight into what a class guy Don must have been.
One of Joe's possessions is his dad's WWII logbook - what a treasure! Joe was kind enough to photocopy most of it for me. He skipped some months in 1942 and 1943, but the entries for 1944 are complete. I will reproduce these entries for you here, along  ...

“Nomonhan ace Cpl Katsuaki Kira (standing left - 21 kills)... from x planes
“Nomonhan ace Cpl Katsuaki Kira (standing left - 21 kills) and his fellow comrades of the 24th Sentai relax by a starter truck during the bloody summer of 1939”
The “Nomonhan Incident” is the name given by the Japanese to the military operations that took place around the Nomonhan Hills in Mongolia between May and September 1939, as part of Japan’s border conflicts with the Soviet Union. This confilct is...

The Warbird Rescue Show - Warbird Radio
... The show also focuses on getting help to those aircraft in need. Many people feel that they have nothing to offer a restoration, this show proves just the opposite, that everyone can play a part. Show hosts Chris Henry and Rob Morelli became friends while working on B-17's at an air museum in Pittsburgh, PA in the early 90's. Since then they have been involved in aviation in many different aspects. Chris is a pilot and Air Traffic Controller. He has volunteered at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, and at the National Museum of the USAF. He is now currently a  ...

Canadian Air and Space Museum - 4 Mothers
... Unlike other museums where I panic that we are going to be the new owners of a priceless Picasso, I wasn’t the least bit anxious when the boys, excited beyond words, ran from airplane to airplane.  Simple cord ropes keep the children back from the exhibit but many of the displays have metal, ladder-like stairs that children can climb in order to get a better view of the cockpit.
A cross-section of an Air Canada passenger jet is tons to fun to explore.  The boys eagerly took their seats and belted up, all the while flicking the tray in front of their seat up and down. ...

Spitfire Display at the Thundersprint – 7th-9th May 2011 by Flightline UK
Europe’s biggest, and most family friendly, street party will be held over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday May 7/8 in the pretty market town of Northwich, Cheshire. And the star of the show will be a Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire which will display on Sunday 8 May.
As in previous years, the Thundersprint offers completely free admission for spectators together with free parking and free grandstand seating. ...

Aviation Week Laureate Awards Nominees from Things with Wings 
Aviation Week’s Laureate awards nominees for 2011 have been announced in this week’s Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine. The Laureates are a decade-old tradition, awarding individuals and teams for their extraordinary achievements.

Museum Review Of The Year Now Available. from RAF Museum London News
The Museum's Winter 2010 Newsletter, which reviews the previous 12 months' history at our London and Cosford sites, is now available for the public to view on line. Available in an easy to read 'flip' format, this newsletter looks at the major events which occured at London and Cosford during 2010 and also gives background information on major projects such as the development of the Battle of Britain Beacon and the raising and Dornier 17 restoration project. To read our newsletter, please select the link in bold below: ...

Concorde andTu-144 at Technik Museum in Sinsheim, Germany. from Pixdaus: Popular Today Pics

Big fun in a small package - AOPA
I reach out my hand, and touch—the wing tip!
It has a 16-foot wingspan; weighs just 185 pounds; has a pair of two-stroke, 15-horsepower engines; climbs at 1,000 fpm; and has a roll rate of 200 degrees per second. This tiny aviation curiosity is the CriCri.  ...

Those crazy young men in their homemade flying machines - Southern Chester County Weeklies
For Glen Long, the aviation bug bit him fairly late in life.
“Everyone says ‘Why did you wait so long,’ but you know -– life is busy,” the 49-year-old Long said. “I think I had a curiosity, but I never took lessons or anything like that. But once I started flying with other people, oh yeah.”
After taking a few trips in a friend’s plane, however, he was hooked. So in 2006, the software  ...

2010 Year in Photos from Air Force Link Top Stories 
2010's Year in Photos highlights the top moments from Airmen around the globe involved in activities supporting expeditionary operations and defending America. This yearly feature showcases the men and women of the Air Force. ...

Fighter generations comparison chart by David Cenciotti
The appearance of the new J-20 (unofficially dubbed “Black Eagle”) raised many questions about the Chinese stealth fighter. Some experts think it will be more capable than the F-22 while others (and I’m among these ones) think that the real problem for the US with the J-20 is not with the aircraft’s performances, equipment and capabilities (even if the US legacy fighters were designed 20 years earlier ...
Photo is a partial rendering, visit David's blog for the full chart!

AOM DC-10 being scrapped from Flight Image of the Day 

SOFIA opens new window on star formation in Orion - DLR
A mid-infrared mosaic image from the SOFIA airborne observatory offers new information about processes of star formation in and around the nebula Messier 42, in the constellation Orion. The image data were acquired using the Faint Object Infrared Camera for the SOFIA Telescope, or ...

The Gift that Keeps On Giving from Flight To Success by Karlene Petitt
Museum of Flight | Thanks to Bonnie Dunbar and Anne Simpson, we gave one lucky winner an annual membership to the Museum of Flight at our December 5th Fly It Forward Event
ANNIKA, our Astronaut was that winner.
This week I received a "Thank You" from Annika's mom, Lisa Sturgeon. ...

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