Thursday, January 13, 2011

LiveAirShowTV Adds New Feature For Aviation Fans

PFLUGERVILLE, TX – JANUARY 12, 2011 – LiveAirShowTV is adding This Week in Aviation History Poll. Mark Allen, producer and on-air talent for the 2009 Reno Air Races broadcast, will be pulling together the factoids and posting them for discussion. "There are many moments in aviation history that we sometimes forget about," Allen said. "We're interested in creating a worldwide dialogue about which events from each week in history are the most meaningful. We're sure our friends on the Internet will have interesting facts to share as they weigh in on which event that week is the most important."

This Week in Aviation History Poll is now up on our Facebook Fan Page. Take a look and add your opinion. “We will work on integrating it into our web page, but for now Facebook is the perfect place to get this started,” said LiveAirShowTV President Jeff Lee. “One of the things we will be looking at this year is the Centennial of Naval Aviation”, Lee continued. “Many celebrations are planned at various sites around the country. We are working on attending many of them to bring this year-long celebration to air show fans and aviation enthusiasts.”

To get to This Week in Aviation History Poll, and our Fan Page, simply go to: and click on the Facebook icon on the left side of the home page. New things are being added to the web site all the time. Keep checking back for the latest.


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