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Centennial Of Naval Aviation Kick-Off Gala Set For San Diego from Aero-News Network
Program Will Pay Tribute To Achievements Of Naval Aviators The 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation Foundation has announced its Official Centennial of Naval Aviation Kick-Off Gala. The occasion will be celebrated on Saturday, February 12, 2011 onboard the USS Midway Museum in San Diego.

Here’s to the Enlisted Corps from Navy Gold
As many of you are already aware, the Navy have been repainting a variety of their aircraft in retro paint schemes in honor of the upcoming Centennial of Naval Aviation. However, this particular Super Hornet from VFA-122 has been painted as a tribute to the enlisted men and women who service the Fleet’s air forces. Modeled ...

California - Cable Air Show 2011 - Upland - 01/08/11 from FenceCheck Forums

Photos from MAKS 2011 international airshow from

VIDEO: Operating the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird - Cavok (translated)
An interesting video that shows the aircraft on strategic reconnaissance Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, which was capable of speeds greater than Mach 3 (three times the speed of sound) and fly at altitudes greater than 80,000 feet. ...

World Flying Adventure
Hi. My name is Robert (Bob) Gannon. Welcome to my web site detailing my world flying adventure. I am not a commercial pilot, just a general aviation pilot who flies for fun and adventure.
In 1992 I wanted to do an adventure. Not able to acquire sea legs I took up flying. Within 3 months of my first lesson I had an instrument rating and had bought a 1974 Cherokee 6 I named Lucky Lady. Two days after passing my instrument check ride I took off from ...

Armed Forces entice students with open day - Khaleej Times
The UAE’s Armed Forces organised an open day for students in celebration of the 37th anniversary of the Air Force and Air Defence Unification Day at the Liwa Airbase.
The event aimed at encouraging female and male students to work for the UAE’s Air Force and Air Defence upon graduation. This is part of the plan to invest in UAE national human resources. ...

Charlotte Museum Wants 1549 Wreckage from AVwebFlash Current Issue
The interim mayor of Charlotte, N.C., is leading the effort to raise $250,000 needed to help US Airways Flight 1549 reach its final destination. The Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte recently announced that the Airbus A320 famously ditched in the Hudson River by pilots Chesley Sullenberger and Jeff Skiles two years ago would be put on display in its crash-damaged state as a tribute to the advances in aircraft technology ...

Did you know: First balloon flight, Amelia Earhart - Detroit Free Pres
January was a big month for her: The aviatrix took her first flying lesson Jan. 3, 1921, and became the first person to fly solo across the Pacific -- from ...

World War II: The Avro Lancaster First Flies from Military History
January 9, 1941 - The Avro Lancaster (right) flies for the first time. Derived from the unsuccessful Avro Manchester medium bomber, the Lancaster entered service in 1942 and became one of the backbones of the Royal Air Force's Bomber Command during World War II. Largely flying as part of Bomber Command's nighttime bomber offensive, Lancasters conducted 156,000 sorties and ...

Life story: Y-S businessman flew bombers in WWII - Appeal Democrat
Longtime Yuba-Sutter resident David W. Wheeler Sr. often told friends stories about his service with the Army Air Corps as a B-17 pilot based in England during World War II.
As a squadron leader in the 306th Bombardment Group of the 8th Air Force and a well-decorated veteran, his name appears in several books about the bombers' missions.

War stories: A close-up look at the Aleutian front in WWII - Anchorage Daily News
(Elements of the current exhibit will later travel to the March Field Air Museum near Riverside, Calif., Clemens said.) Perhaps the most poignant ...

Sea Rescue Footage - EAA Video Player
Recently-discovered footage: a sea rescue of B-29 airmen taken during WWII. Thanks to Richard Vanden Heuvel, tailgunner on that mission, who provided EAA with the unedited footage. Read the story at

A “Rough Beast” Is the First Aircraft for Udvar-Hazy’s New Restoration Facility - DefenseMediaNetwork
On Nov. 23, 2010, a rare Navy dive-bomber arrived via flatbed trailer at the National Air And Space Museum‘s (NASM’s) Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center on the grounds of Dulles International Airport in Virginia. It will be the first aircraft to be assembled at a new restoration hangar.
The Curtiss SB2C-5 Helldiver (bureau no. 83479) will be restored to honor Vice Adm. Donald D. “Don” Engen (1924-1999). On Oct. 25, 1944, Engen, then a lieutenant junior grade, was at the controls of a Helldiver during the Battle of Leyte Gulf and attacked the Japanese aircraft carrier Zuikaku. It was a brash and fearless attack carried out at high speed down to wavetop altitude, and it earned Engen the Navy Cross. ...

North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco on floats from Planeshots
More "on floats" images here

'Potteries' Spitfire appeal 2011 ? by Gary Watson
It would appear that the Supermarine Spitfire at the Potteries museum at Stoke-on-Trent, is needing some cash to restore it, even to static status. There is some concern that it is corroding, and needs some TLC to the tune of £50,000.
Weither this is sheet metal repairs or internal problems, as yet we do not know but will inform you all after a fact finding mission next week or so. For those of you, who are not aware of the aircraft, it forms part of a memorial, to one of Stokes ...

AMARG Boneyard Tour - Sit on the left! from Helikopter Hysterie 
We had previously supplied information about the tour of the helicopter and airplane boneyard and finally I made it to Tucson, AZ, and stopped at the Pima Air and Space Museum to see their exhibits, as well as taking their tour of the AMARG or boneyard. The boneyard is an Air Force facility and the only way to access it is through the Pima Air and Space Museum. Follow above link to get all the necessary details. ...

RAF Photographic Competition 2010 - Cadet Warrant Officer Tunley - Fox2(translated)
One of the first places won the photo with "smiling" eyes in the annual photo competition for 2010 organized by the Royal Air Force (Royal Air Force). In the photo (Photo RAF), the Warrant Officer Liz Tunley, which is located in the back seat of "Red 7" (Red Arrows), a crossing over Bagkincham Palace, during a military ceremony. H Liz Tunley eisirthe in the Flight Training Corps (Air Training Corps) ...

Aircraft museum waiting for approval from the Government - Thisisgloucestershire
Airport head of operations, Darren Lewington, said: "We are committed to preserving and promoting the rich aviation history associated with this part of the ...

EAA 683 to Host Author Speaker Gen Dan Cherry from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
-GUNTERSVILLE AL- On April 16, 1972, Major Dan Cherry was serving in the Air Force in Vietnam. An early morning call alerted him to a special mission, one that would go near Hanoi. On this mission, Major Cherry was the pilot of an F-4 Phantom #550. On this mission, a North Vietnamese MiG-21 was shot down. Major Cherry carried with him the vivid memory of the pilot of the MiG bailing out. Major Cherry (later Brigadier General Cherry) held this memory and continued to wonder what had happened to the MiG pilot. ...

Today in Aviation History – January 9 from Calgary Recreational and Ultralight Flying Club 

VATOL F-18 from The Unwanted Blog 
In the 1970′s, there was a dubious flirtation with VTOL jet fighters for US Navy use. VTOL fighters would, theoreticaly, allow smaller ships to carry jet fighters, and could allow the cash-strapped Navy to weild decent air power without having to have a number of giant supercarriers. As it turned out, the whole idea fell flat.
But while it was ongoing, one proposed mode of VTOL operations was VATOL, for Vertical Attitude Take Off and Landing. In other words, tailsitters. Most of the designs were not tailsitters in the way that the Convair Pogo was… more in the way the Ryan X-13 was. They would not land tail-first on a  horizontal platform, but belly-first on a vertical platform. This way the platform could be hung over the side of the ship, permitting both easy rotation to horizontal for servicing while avoiding issues associated with a jet engine blasting directly onto a deck. ...

Elektra One Nearing First Flight from AVwebFlash Current Issue
The latest entry in the electric plane sweepstakes, the Elektra One by PC-Aero of Germany, is nearing first flight and the single-seat composite could be the first of several models to be produced by the company. The company says the Elektra One will have a maximum battery endurance of three hours on its 21-horsepower motor. The company is predicting a top speed of more than 100 mph and planning the first flight for early February. Static testing on the airframe was conducted in December and the power plant was live-tested in November. Future plans are ambitious.

Cadet Earns Rare Award - The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register
Dakota Wilson, 14, says he enjoys the pressure that comes with being a cadet staff sergeant in the Civil Air Patrol.
His hard work and ability to thrive on that pressure paid off recently when he earned the Civil Air Patrol's Wright Brothers Award. Wilson is a member of the patrol's Wheeling Composite Squadron, based at the Wheeling-Ohio County Airport. He is the first Wheeling cadet in five years to receive the Wright Brothers Award. ...

NASA won't speculate on flight by Giffords' hubby - Fox News
That fact alone propelled 46-year-old Mark Kelly onto the cover of this month's Air & Space magazine of the Smithsonian Institution; he shares the cover ...

Space Station Astronauts To Connect With Central Florida Students from Aero-News Network
As Many As 93,000 Students May Watch Live Telecast International Space Station residents Scott Kelly, Cady Coleman and Paolo Nespoli will speak on Tuesday, Jan. 11, to 150 students from Kathleen High School's Central Florida Aerospace Academy (CFAA) in Lakeland, FL.


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