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Indy Transponder 16-JAN-2011 0300z

Blue Angels will return to Twin Falls next summer - Twin Falls Times-News
The Navy Blue Angels will return to Joslin Field, Magic Valley Regional Airport in 2012 for the 'Air Magic Valley' air show, last held in 2008. ...

Double Trouble Wing Walking -Stewart Family Airshows -

NZ Civil Aircraft: Brian Langley Memorial Aerobatic Competition at North Shore Today from
The annual Brian Langley Memorial aerobatic competition was held in wonderful weather conditions at North Shore today. Brian Langley was a previous CFI of the North Shore Aero Club who had a passion for aerobatics, and this competition in his memory is held annually. ...

Video: Oshkosh Night Airshow 2010 - & It's Coming Back For 2011! from AirPigz
 The EAA just recently announced that the night airshow that was a big success at Oshkosh 2010 will indeed be back for 2011. I've seen a lot of airshows in my life, but that night show was a real stand out. Being on the flightline with friends as darkness settled in was absolutely wonderful. And the performers did an excellent ...  [announcement here]

Air show in Vengene, Switzerland. By Pascal Lauener from Pixdaus: Popular Today Pics

Sergeant Major of the Army Kenneth Preston visits the Golden Knights for a day of Tandem Skydiving! from US Army Golden Knights 
The Tandem Team is all set up in our new home for the next two months, Homestead, FL.  The Team escaped San Antonio, TX just as a major storm dropped rain, snow, and ice from Texas to the entire East Coast.  When the Tandem Team arrived to the Sunshine State the weather lived up to [...]

Inspirational Art of Aerobatics video - Golf Hotel Whiskey has posted this inspirational Art of Aerobatics video where Red Bull Air Racer Mike Goulian talks about what it is like to be a professional aerobatics pilot and about life in general. In the short video, Mike noted that even professional pilots will spend 99.9%+ of their lives on the ground looking up. In other words, you should try and make the most of that 0.1% of the time you spend up in the air. ...

From Planeshots
Curtiss XB-2 Condor
P-51H Mustang

“The Swing” by Jonathan Heckman
A few months ago I had the opportunity to watch the documentary One Six Right on The film explores the romance of flight and discusses the need and importance of local airports ...

World War II: "Hap" Arnold Dies from Military History
January 15, 1950 - Gen. Henry "Hap" Arnold dies (right). Graduating from West Point in 1907, Arnold learned to fly in 1911. Serving in Washington during World War I, he worked at the headquarters of the Aviation Section where he gained valuable experience in procurement and negotiating Washington politics. A devout supporter of Brig. Gen. Billy Mitchell, Arnold's career suffered by association during the 1920s. Back ...

WWII archive of Free French airman uncovered by Yorkshire Air Museum heads back to France - Culture 24
Researchers working for the National Allied Air Forces Memorial at Yorkshire Air Museum have uncovered an extraordinary archive detailing the experiences and wartime love affair of a WWII French airman.
The remarkable haul of more than 2,000 letters, diaries, artefacts and photographs relates to Francis Uzay, an educated and eloquent writer from a village near Marseille who served as a “Free French” airman in Britain with Bomber Command.
The letters chronicle his...

Air museum to celebrate vet's 100th birthday - The Desert Sun
22 the Palm Springs Air Museum, 745 North Gene Autry Trail. Sampson, a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, ...

Miracle On The Hudson: Sullenberger Talks About The Second Anniversary (VIDEO) - Huffington Post
January 15th marks the two-year anniversary of the "Miracle of the Hudson," the, well, miraculous landing of a Charlotte-bound U.S. Airways plane by Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger in the Hudson River.
It's hard to believe that it's been two years since that amazing moment that captivated America. Since then, the crew and passengers have ...

Today in Aviation History – January 15 from Calgary Recreational and Ultralight Flying Club

F-111 Aardvark on static display from I Love Planes 
Saw this bad boy on static display in Clovis, NM just outside Canon AFB. I’ll always remember what my friend Becky said about the F-111. ...

A Proud Name: The Ark Royal Carriers - Part 3 from AirSpace 
... The modified Phantoms stemmed from the cancellation of the Hawker P.1154, a supersonic VTOL fighter. The switch to the more powerful Rolls-Royce Spey engines was deemed necessary to allow the aircraft to operate from the small deck of the Ark Royal and Eagle (it also ensured that British industry got a share of the money), but the inlet and airframe modifications to accept the larger engines meant that aircraft costs ballooned, and  ...

Stickers and badges from The Original Rocket Dungeon

2010 AirPigz 'HOTY' - Algie Composite Aircraft LP1 from AirPigz
You might already know that the AirPigz Homebuilt Of The Year award is not a conventional accolade. The ...


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