Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Spokesperson for the Record setting 15 time Reno Air Race National Champion Jon Sharp and the Nemesis Air Racing Team, has announced that the Team will not be returning to the Reno Air Races in September 2010 to defend the Team’s record setting 2009 Super Sport title. The one year “Dream on Hold” is due to family health issues. Late in 2009 Pilot Jon Sharp and his beautiful Team Manager wife, Patricia, moved from their home of 20+ years in California to the Tucson Arizona area to take care of Patricia’s widowed mother “Mom” Haynes. Mom Haynes has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The disease also claimed the life of Patricia’s father Marion in March of 2007, during the time when Jon and Patricia were going through the “part swap” kidney transplant, where Patricia gave Jon a life saving kidney.

The Nemesis Team wishes to pass along its sincerest apologies to Air Racing fans and fans of Team Nemesis that they will not be seeing, and hearing the screaming sound of the “Thunderbolt” powered “Hot Pink” speedster dusting the pylons at Reno this year.

The Team had its best year ever in the thirty plus years of racing at Reno in 2009 by setting a “record a day”. Records were broken each time the plane was on the course, with qualifying record of 412+ MPH. The Team followed up the Qualifying record with heat race records each day raising the bar form 393+ MPH, to 399+ Mph, to 406+ MPH in the final heat race. This only to be topped by the sizzling Super Sport Gold Gold Race Championship speed of 407+ MPH!

The Team wishes to Thank it’s “cast of thousands” team members and sponsors for the years of support.

Stay Tuned......

The Team would also like to encourage Air Racing fans to tune to the Documentary Channel for the television debut of the Christopher Webb Film, “ AIR RACER: CHASING THE DREAM”! There is a complete list of times on documentarychannel.com & on the right hand side of this website under Quick News. The Documentary Channel can be found on DirecTV 267, and Dish Network 197, check local listings for the channel and time in your area.

Source:  Team Nemesis Website

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