Friday, July 23, 2010

Hyeres 2010

From our friend in France, Frederic Cottin:

1910-2010, a century of flight for french aeronavale. To celebrate this event, french navy has organised a meeting locating at BAN (french for naval air station) Hyeres.
Hyeres is a charming little town south of France near meditearean see, and one of the most ancient base of french aeronavale.
Saturday afternoon was reserved to spotters so it was impossible for me to miss such occasion to see aircrafts (and to have good time under sun)!
A real tragedy was near to occure when FW-190 replica crashed in Hyeres's bay. Fortunaly  his good fairy hasn't abandoned him, because stranded in his cockpit, he was released by a Jet ski pilot!

Sadly this is my very last pictures of this beautifull FW-190!

French aeronavale "flottilles" (squadrons), have commemorated event with specials markings on there aircrafts.
Very discreetly for this Falcon 10M, or for this Rafale M.

"Colorfully" - this Panther and this Super-Etendard

Foreign Naval Aviations came in force to join party.

Two very rare (in french sky at least) spanish AV-8B Harrier came from aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias.
Not so common to; two italian AV-8B+ from aircrfat carrier Giusepe Garibaldi.

Harrier again with two RAF Harrier GR7. 

Since Sea Harrier withdrawal, Royal Navy has RAF harrier based on there aircrafts carriers.

Last but not least US Navy came with four FA-18E/F , one Hawkeye, one C-2 Greyhound and one SH-60!

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